it's hard to miss you.
you're not here and it slips my mind,
but if i dare to speak your name,
it reminds me where you are
and the floodgates open,
despite blinking away the burning
that always leads a waterfall.
it's hard to miss you,
because i can't just say it,
i can't just tell you.
i can't just call you up like anyone else i've lost.
you're more gone than any gone has ever been before
and it's so hard to miss you
when i can't hear you say
"i miss you too"
can't see you, can't hold you,
can't race to say "i love you"
and see who's the echo tonight.
it's so hard to miss you
when you're so gone,
but still so near.
it's so hard.

i miss you.