Chapter 1


"Hey mister, are you planning to stare at it the whole day? Are you buying it or not? Your expressions are scaring away my customers!" shouted the shopkeeper.

I turned my head and stared at him, maintaining my facial expression, "How much is this again?"

He stepped back as if I had startled him and said, "That will be $1300."

$1300 eh? That was WAY too expensive, but the game itself seemed to be worth it, I couldn't make up my mind…

*An hour later...*

"Thank you for purchasing this product, have a nice day!"

Yup, I finally got it. Time to head home... Oh crap, it's six already! Better hurry home!

Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Jaycee, Jaycee Lockheart. I have a twin sister, Violet. We both study in the same school, an ordinary secondary school. Since my parents work overseas, Violet was put in charge of the house (which I don't really agree since I'm older than her). But anyway, at least she does all the housework. Violet can be quite frightening; there was this time when I accidentally stepped on her favourite plushie, she zipped me in her human-sized plushie, which was her last birthday present, for the next twenty-four hours.

*RING*, as I pressed the doorbell.

The door opened and revealed a teenage girl in an apron.

"You're late, what have you got to say for your... Hey, wuzzat?" said Violet.

"... Are you seeing things? You must be out of your... Oye, give it back!"

Violet tore open the bag, revealing a game console.

"What's the meaning of this? Mom and Dad are out there working for our fees and yet you waste money on this piece of junk?"

"Wait... Calm down, trust me, it's worth the price."

"Calm down?! How can I possibly calm down? Just you wait when I tell Mom about this."

"Wait, WAIT! Let me explain after dinner, okay?"

"No. Let's hear about it and I'll decide if you're worth your dinner. Get in."

"You study Latin right?" I asked. "Tell me what 'somnium' means." I asked as we walked towards the living room.

"Dream? Sleep?"

"Precisely. This machine over here exchanges electrical impulses, this connects you to the MMORPG world, which means you can play the game in your sleep!" I showed her the box.

"But wouldn't you need to stick wires on to play it? Brain waves are pretty weak you know..."

"True, but scientists nowadays have already made this breakthrough." I smiled as I patted on the console box. "It is quite sensitive to electromagnetic waves and is able to filter out which ones are your brain waves."

"So it's wireless?"

"Considering you can now charge your electronics wirelessly, I don't see why it isn't." I looked at Violet, her eyes seemed to be filled with joy and enthusiasm, I'd never seen her like this since dad and mum were away from work. It was funny although she was using a grin to cover her expressions, her eyes gave away everything. "Playing tonight?" I suggested

"I don't see why not!"

To be Continued…