Somnium – The MMORPG

Chapter 9

Placing the lantern on the floor, just illuminating a small proportion of the whole chamber, I looked into the darkness around. My heart paced for the enemy might strike anytime. How knows what would lie beyond my lantern light?

I recalled what Lunaria said earlier: "Finish the King cave bat and your part is done." I had to say that it was easier said than done.

A gush of wind rained down on me.

I gripped hard on my scythe as I braced my stance.

I stared into the darkness above, waitin-

Just following my gut reaction, I swung the scythe across the air, probably just cutting through thin air. A deafening wail ringed my ears as the dreadful noise echoed and amplified across the chamber. Ouch.

I could imagine I was being quite an easy prey. Standing there in the light, unable to see what was beyond.

A sharp sensation clouted across my back. Before I knew it, it was soaked wet, probably with blood. My HP dropped and the bar turned orange. In panic, I gulped down a few vialfuls of HP potion from my inventory.

"Stick the basics. Don't panic and good luck." Her last words appeared in my mind before she left me.

Standing still, I tried to focus what Alex taught me as a child.

Rule number one: anticipate. Every boss must have a battle pattern. It might vary once its HP has been reduced to a certain amount.

A blunt force gripped my left shoulder, tearing through my flesh. I could feel a gush of blood pouring out. I drank another couple of potions.

Rule number two: dodge. Once you recognise the pattern, evade attacks to decrease as less damage received as possible.

As I felt a little breeze on my face, my body forced myself on my knees. A sharp scratch skimmed across my forehead. Droplets of blood trickled down my face. My HP bar went down by one unit.

Rule number three: analyse. There must be a weakness for every boss, using it would bring advantage.

I chanted a spell (the only spell) I remembered in the tutorial as I recovered my stance. I felt another breeze, but this time from my right. A revolting squeal shot into my ears.

The cave bat shot itself from the darkness straight into me, knocking my scythe out of my hands. The boss bounded me with its wings, immobilizing me as its muscular arms constricted my movement. Luckily with the lantern just next to my foot, I could vaguely make out what it looked like. The beast threw a chomp on me, revealing its pair of fangs that were a foot long. Still reciting the spell, I tilted my head left as far as I could; the bite barely missed my right ear as I felt it brushed against the monster's cheeks. The cave bat agilely recovered its position and threw another chomp into me.

"Зажгись." I closed my eyes.

A flash of light shone straight into the bat's eyes, probably frying some of its retina cells. Roaring in pain, the beast hurled me into the darkness (causing a bit of damage), rubbing its eyes with its clawed hands. That flash spell really did the trick.

Immediately, grabbing my scythe, which was lying on the cold rocky floor, I dashed towards the bat as I clenched it behind my head. Launching myself into the air around a metre or two from it, I hacked my blade straight into the bat's head. "CRITICAL HIT" appeared a window as my scythe sucked the HP out of the boss. "REWARD: 750 EXP, 500 GOLD. 1-HIT-K.O. BONUS: 200 EXP" Well, that was generous; I'd guess nearly having my head bitten off was worth it I guessed. "LEVEL UP! YOU ARE NOW LEVEL 7." Great, eight more levels to go.


The boulder that was blocking the was I came from just crumbled for no reason; a ray of light emitted from the torches shone onto the dark rocky floor of the chamber – that was a good thing. Unfortunately, there were three extra silhouettes projected.

To be Continued…