Somnium – The MMORPG
Chapter 11

"What's taking her so long? We were supposed to wait in the plaza!" Violet stared at the clock in her menu as she tapped her foot impatiently against the ground.

"She DID say she's bring presents right?" I said. "We should be able to see her on our map after accepting the guild request."

"Oooh look! Her spot appeared at the fountain!" Noticed Lorraine.

We looked towards the direction of the fountain. Apart from numerous players sprawling about, minding their own business; NPCs trying to sell their goods, shouting out promotions loud; there was a massive stuffed bag crawling towards our direction.

"It's her!" I exclaimed as we dashed to the bag.

As we approached the bag, Lunaria was leaning against it breathing heavily.

"*pant* Sorry... *pant* I'm late. *pant*" She said as tried to catch her breath.

"So you're?" Asked Lorraine.

"Lunaria. *pant* LunariaNightrose."

"I was kinda expecting a handsome macho guy in denim." Sighed Violet.

"Chirp." Chirped Freeze, an emperor penguin chick who still had his feathers on, gripping onto Alex's head.

"Come on, she's a good blacksmith. Besides, she's got presents for us!" I said.

"Greetings, fellow Undertakers! I am your blacksmith, Lunaria! I hope we get along well in the future!" She introduced.

"Undertakers?" Questioned Alex.

"That's our guild's name: 'The Undertakers'." I explained as helped Lunaria to carry her bag. "Anyways, we've got a place to bring you guys."

"Teleport to Passchendaele." Murmured Lunaria as a portal opened up before us. "It's quite a nice little place."

Alex, Lorraine and Violet stepped into the portal as Lunaria entered it.

Beyond the portal was a green field, with daisies and daffodils occasionally scattering around the soft grass I stepped on as I went through it. A little chapel along with little houses sat at the edge of the horizon. The sky was vibrant in a bright shade of azure, not a single cloud in it. A ray of sunlight shone upon us, warming us down to the core. Behind us was a stone pedestal of a shooting, parking the teleportation point of the region.

"Am… Am I dreaming?" Asked Violet.

"Don't state the obvious." I replied.

Freeze was running around in circles at Alex's feet, excited by the flowers and fresh air and sunlight and all of that sort.

"I like this place~" Lorraine gave a big smile after inhaling the crystal clean air deeply. She whispered some words after picking a daffodil and gave it a sniff. A fine layer of lattice immediately grew up to the step, encasing the flower with a pale pink 'glaze'. "This should keep it beautiful forever." She offered her crystallised flower to me. "Here take this!"

"Oh… Thanks… I… I will treasure it." I slipped the flower down my handkerchief pocket of my T-shirt as my face heated up.

Violet, in my front, turned around and gave me a mischievous grin. I'd just want to wipe that smile of her face sometimes.

"Our base is at the town up there!" Lunaria pointed. "Come on then!"

Not long, the town seemed to expand in size as we approached it. Cream clay tiles eventually replaced the glossy grass under our feet; some lighter in colour, some darker in shade, but not forming any pattern when looked as a whole. A little stone well stood near the middle of the town, under the shade of a two-storey high oak tree. The tree spread out its leaves above the town centre, the shade of chlorophyll could be seen projected from the leaves by the sun. The occasional lichen lingered around the tree trunk and branches, adding more colour and pattern to the dark brown bark.

A little path circled the town centre, splitting up to join the only five buildings of the town. Next to the path we came from sat two little cottages of a medieval English style, facing the opposite of each other. The cottages were something you would be likely to find in the shopping districts of Chester: black tiled roofs; white exterior walls and wooden seams to support the house with some windows and doors on each side of the house.

Opposite the houses, on the other side of the ring road was a little church: Passchendaele Chapel, a sign said in front of the building. The chapel basically composed of bricks and bricks of clay, stacking up to form gothic spires at the corners of the church. Above the double wooden doors in front of the ring road laid several stained windows picturing beings I presumed people worshipped here.

Between the church and one of the houses was a little hut. A little board indicating what was for sale was hanging by the door. The local general store might seem quite small and pathetic, but Lunaria ensured us that it was better than its looks.

Directly across the town centre from the general store was another house. Unlike the first two houses we saw, this one had a little garden by the entrance with a wooden fence by kneecap-height surrounding it. A little 'SOLD' wooden sign was stuck next to a flowerbed in it. Another sign was stuck in front of the lawn, what seemed to be the house name was etched on the metal plate, A little path, consisting of large slabs of clay tiles the size of an A4 sheet, connected the main door of the house to the ring road though the garden.

The house's architecture was relatively similar to the ones before, however slightly bigger. A room, around the size of a quarter of the average classroom, with the shape of a semi-circle was sticking out of the left of the building, as if a circular room had fused into the main rectangular-based building, presumably around the double the size of a normal living room. A massive curved glass plane stretched from the floor up to the ceiling in that semi-circle room. From the outside, I could see long wooden planks for flooring; a comfy-looking sofa facing towards the window with a small wooden coffee table at the right of it.

Above the semi-circle room situated a semi-circle balcony, with wooden fences surrounding it. A wooden picnic table with a red parasol sticking in the middle of it, sat quite happily in the middle of the balcony. Behind it was a door leading to a room on the second floor. The third floor, the highest floor was the roof, probably just the attic.

"Funeral Parlour. Seriously?" Commented Violet.

"As Undertakers, I don't see a problem. But to be fair, you're quite obsessed with this sort of stuff, Lunaria." Said Lorraine.

Lunaria took out a key from her inventory.

"Welcome, to our base, fellow Undertakers." She said as she unlocked the main door, revealing what was behind it.

To be Continued…