Somnium – The MMORPG

Chapter 12

"Wow!" exclaimed Lorraine as her eyes sparkled in amazement. "It's… It's… Just… TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!" Then she kinda lost it (I'm just not gonna go there).

Freeze hopped down from Alex's head and started chirping and dashing around the living room while clapping his flippers together enthusiastically.

"Oh, it's bigger on the inside!" Alex looked around.

Beyond the front door was the living room. I reckoned it was around the size of a normal classroom? Probably slightly smaller. A long wooden dinning table sat in the middle of the room, two wooden chairs at each end, along with two chairs on each side facing each other; a standard set of silverware marked the seats; two glimmering silver candle holders stood at the ends of the table. . Above the table, there was even a golden chandelier with all sorts of precious stones crested into it, hanging at the ceiling with chains of gold and platinum. The jewels sparkled in elegance in the chandelier light.

I placed Lunaria's ridiculously massive backpack on the ground as my shoulders started to ache.

At the other side of the room, facing the door, installed a warm-looking fireplace, fused to the wall. Little blocks of clay seemed as though they were placed like in a Tetris round; might seem a bit chaotic, but still I could see a trace of order within it. A worn out air pump sat quite happily in the warmth of the fire, next to little metal guard that was stuck before the fire.

Freeze waddled over to the fireplace, staring at the embers, realising fire's destructive side the hard way.

"Shotgun being chief!" exclaimed Lunaria as she took sight of a little cupboard filled with an assortment of kitchen accessories with a pan and saucer rack above it. "You'll guy's WILL love my cooking!" she said as she equipped a chef's hat from her inventory.

I turned right to take a look the semi-circular side of the room.

"WOOHOO! YAAAY!" Lorraine was screaming in joy as she jumped up and down on the sofa at the semi-circle bit of the room.

A sturdy-looking wooden staircase by the right of the fireplace ascended to the first floor.

"Jaycee! Come up! There's more to see!" Shouted Alex, who was halfway on the stairs.

Being quite curious, I rushed upstairs.

"This is gonna be MY room!" shouted Violet as I saw her rushed into the room directly next to the stairs.

"Then this is gonna be mine!" Lorraine, whom I though was still jumping on the sofa downstairs, pointed at the room at the corner, next to Violet's room.

The corridors of the second floor were hanged with all sorts of painted canvases: one portraying a town next to a massive lake with forests and mountains surrounding the valley; another with tides clashing into a shore by the seaside with the sky tainted in shades of scarlet and orange; the next one I saw was a lonely boat drifting away to nowhere in the ocean. The whole corridor was hanged full of them.

"I drew them in my room while you were out EXP farming." She pointed to her room; a cute looking sign with her name painted on was hung on her door. It was next to Lorraine's and a room, which had a wooden board painted 'WC' on.

Opposite to the toilet was the bathroom, which reminded me of a typical Japanese public bath. The whole room was covered in clay tiles with drains at the sides of the room; to the right of the door situated a bathtub, which I preferred to call it a pool, around the size of two dinning tables, around a metre deep. At the other side of the room hanged a mirror half the size of the wall, before it were a couple of rubber stools, a shower and soaps before each of them. Couldn't wait to have a bath tonight…

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Lorraine's laughter echoed from the balcony.

"This is soooo awesome!" She exclaimed as she ran about in circles with Freeze doing the same thing at her feet.

Alex and I sat by the picnic bench we saw earlier before we entered out 'base'. Staring out into the sea of flowers that surrounded Passchendaele and into the transpicuous cerulean sky above just loosens my mind a bit.

"Quite a nice place, innit?" I asked.

"Indeed. Should we go on to the second floor?" Suggested Alex as he picked Freeze up from the floor.

We turned around to find a staircase just behind us next to the doors leading into the interior of the first floor, it was weird that we didn't notice it right away when we were down there… The staircase on the balcony lead up to a wooden door sticking out on the second floor directly above the door we just came out of.

Still wondering where our rooms were, Alex and I scaled the stairs to the attics of the second floor. Beyond the door revealed another fireplace somewhat similar to the one on the ground floor, facing towards it was a room taking up half of the attic. The other half with the fireplace in was empty.

"This should be our room according to Lunaria…" muttered Alex as he blushed and opened the door to it.

The room turned out to be a two-man room as expected. There was a huge window that stretched from left side of the room to the right in the middle of the wall opposite to the wall with the door. A bed at each corner, with a little table next to it. A bookcase and wardrobe facing opposite to the bed and two desks in the middle with chairs facing each other. It was like a mirror being placed in the middle of a room making it double the size, the furniture and everything.

Freeze was hopping around on the bed on the left side of the room.

"If he likes it, I'd guess that'll be my side then." Said Alex.

"Guy! Lunaria says it's present time!" Lorraine stuck her head into our room. "Hurry to the living room now!" and she dashed out of sight.

By the stairs down to the living room, we could see Lunaria packing out parcels from her massive backpack I left there when I came into the Parlour. She wasn't in her outfit she was in just now though. Instead of her tight jeans and T-shirt with designs of a gothic dress, she was wearing a real one: shiny black schoolgirl shoes; white leggings and a frilled gothic dress with a tint of dark brown, like her hair. There was even a cute black little bow at her chest.

"What's with that outfit?" I asked.

"It's my uniform of the Undertakers!" She shoved us each a parcel. "Here you go! I designed them and made them myself!"

"Cheers mate." I took the parcel.

"T…Thank you…" Alex's face became somewhat similar to a tomato as he took his.

As I looked closely, there was a little tag attached to the parcel.

I ripped open the parcel. A little window appeared above the contents, listing the items' stats and descriptions.

"SWALLOW-TAIL COAT." Soft but durable, the windsor blue coat provides cold resistance and a moderately high defence and strength for a level 15 player like me. Classy. I liked it.

"WHITE SILK SHIRT." Enhances agility (I had no idea why), suits well with the overall outfit.

"BLOOD RED TIE." Increases health by 50% of the original amount, sharp and looked intimidating.

"CHIMERA-HIDE SHOES." Amplifies speed by 15 units, moving around in those would be less effortless. Wait… Was it made from that chimera I slayed yesterday in my EXP farming?

"HANKERCHIEF." Just a deco.

With my uniform equipped, I felt more powerful and like a sir. Lunaria's quite a fashion designer.

It seemed that the Undertakers had also changed into their uniforms too as I looked around the living room.

"As you can see: I've attached a nametag to all of your parcels and that would be your code name in the guild! Of course we can call each other by our names. Now we shall start the ceremony of establishing the guild." Announced Lunaria. "I am LunariaNightrose, The Assassin." She said as she drew out her one of her katanas from her back and raised it in the air.

"And I'm KittehsFTW! The Embalmer!" cheered Lorraine who was in black and white robe chic, probably the best one I had ever seen. She looked quite nice in it. A magenta staff of crystal formed in her hands, she had improved quite a lot. Lorraine raised her staff, touching Lunaria's katana.

"UltraViolet391, The Necromancer." Said Violet, who was in a dark purple robe with a witch's hat, as she summoned an ember spirit which was floating (or orbiting) around the katana and the lattice staff.

"I'm 9xcommander! I'm The Predator!" Alex, who was in a blue-grey suit similar to mine but with a navy blue tie, picked up Freeze who was waddling from the stairs. "And this is Freeze!" The penguin chirped in agreement as it crossed its flipper with the weapons.

"CommieCookie, The Reaper." I unsheathed my scythe and raised it, touching the katana, staff, Freeze's flippers (trying not to deal any damage) with the ember spirit orbiting around them.

With the weapons, summon and pet in contact, we said the oath out loud:

"From this day onward: for better, for worse, in low HP and in high HP, together we'll be we agree."

A window above us appeared out of nowhere.


To be Continued…