Somnium –The MMORPG-

Chapter 18

At least we didn't get electrocuted on our way out…

After diving into the mob of monsters surrounding the Parlor, we immediately lost our sense of direction due to the town being too overcrowded, it took me minutes to realise what was where.

The good thing was the monsters never noticed us or were even alarmed by our presence.

And the bad thing was that Alex and I got separated as soon as we got out.

I'd better hurry to the General Store. I hope Alex could make it… No, he would make it. I was sure he would.

Going though all the trouble of not being trampled and navigate around the town with thousands and thousands of monsters pushing against me, I guessed it probably took me around ten or more minutes to get to the General Store. Sweating in fatigue, I entered the store, trying not to get other monsters in.

No sign of Alex here…

The NPC shopkeeper gave a warm smile, "Good night, how may I he-"

"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" I growled in desperation as I threw a huge bag of gold at the poor NPC whom I had scared the skin out of and stuffed every thing I could find into my inventory. "GIMME EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!" I roared. "AND KEEP THE CHANGE!"

"T... Thank you… Hope to see y… you again…"The poor shopkeeper retreated into a corner of the room trembling in horror with the bag of gold I threw at him as he watched me leaving his store.

Good, time to head back… Alex should get the message with every single thing sold out at the GS.

Suddenly, I feel my energy wilting like a rose, deteriorating, lost. I fell to my knees as my weight was crushing my bones to an extent that they might fracture. Some monsters stopped by, staring at me; probably wondering what was wrong with me.

Being in such a pathetic position, I stared down into my hands, wondering what had gone wrong with me. Strands and strands of hair started flaking off my hands, leaving them bare with pale skin. My sharp claws collapsed into fine dust, leaving me with puny human nails. The effects of the potion had worn off. I guessed I'd become a half naked teenager.

Still looking down, thinking that I was done for, a pair of shiny leather shoes walked into my sight. Alex! It must be Alex!

Eh? I didn't recall his trousers to be black; they were supposed to be grayish blue…

"Missed me?" A somehow familiar yet minacious voice reached my ears, chilling every bone of mine to the core. Oil black liquid dripped before my knees.

As I raised my head, I noticed how the person was dressed: a black suit, white shirt and a red tie. As an instinct, I turned around, prepared to run for my electronically simulated life.

*crackle* *boom*

I found my escape route to be blocked by pillars of spikes fissuring out of the earth I was about to step onto.

"No one EVER runs away from me." These words came out of the massive gash on its face, stretching from the left of his countenance to the right. Black liquid seeped between the razor sharp teeth behind the gash, dripping down its chin, forming a puddle of murkiness by his feet. "No one. I repeat: NO ONE ESCAPES FROM THE SLENDERMAN." A serpentine tongue licked around the tear, covering it with black liquid as it took a step forward.

"I…I thought I killed you…" My teeth chattered.

"You might have surprised me back then… I might have let my guard down." A tentacle rose behind from his back, striking into the ground between my legs, directly beneath my crutch. "THE SLENDERMAN CAN NEVER BE KILLED!" Slendy howled as all the monsters cheered by bellowed.

"Why must you do this to me?" I questioned. "This getting insane!"

"Why? That's a good question." An agonizing pain pierced though my palms, before I knew it, Slendy's tentacles had gone though them. "As the servant of the Skeleton King, it is reasonable to offer living sacrifices for his majesty's contentment… or entertainment." Another two tentacles shot into my knees before I could even react. "The Eve of Halloween has befallen. It is time to start the ceremony."

The tentacles started maneuvering my limbs to a position I assume Slendy wanted me to be in: I was upside-down, my head pointing towards the ground, I felt unwell as blood accumulated down my brain and dripping down from my palms and knees; my hands were stretched out straight, perpendicular to my torso; my legs were left standing straight pointing towards the tenebrous sky. The moon, which I didn't pay much attention to, radiated an unusual tint of vermilion. I didn't feel quite comfortable being bathed in the lunar rays. My top hat fell off due to the simulated gravity, luckily my monocle still managed to cling on.

A red magic circle the size of a football field appeared a few storeys above me. It was as though the scarlet moon, the complex-looking pentagramic magic circle and I were aligned in purpose. Intense red light shined everything around it, partially lighting the sky up.

Every monster around me was not doing stuff they normally did: trying to raid the Parlor, trampling each other, moaning and groaning, etc. Each one of them was facing towards me, genuflecting towards me. Damn, this must be the ceremony. I could barely move from the agony. Perhaps we might not survive the event…

"HANG IN THERE!" A voice echoed from the Parlor.

A dozens of monsters suddenly froze in blades of crystal.


A ghastly ember ignited into existence out of nowhere, incinerating every monster in contact to ashes.

Pick crystals erupted from the ground beneath Slendy, skewering him in all sorts of places, as though it had fell into a spike pit. Slendy, itself, was motionless.

Its tentacles retreated as it slithered out of my gory palms and knees; I was thrown down onto the ground, squishing my top hat flat.

"All right, Jaycee?" asked Lorraine as she stepped behind the Slendy kebab, throwing my trusty scythe onto the ground before me. "HP Potion?" She offered.

"Cheers, mate." I chugged the potion down my throat as the flesh and bone grew back in my palms, covering the holes. I felt much better. I put on my top hat (still squished) and took the scythe.

"We've gotta hurry back to the Parlor, There ain't much time left." She encased a couple of zombies in crystal while warding ghosts off with a mini jack-o'-lantern.

"Isn't it half destroyed?" I swung my scythe to tear my path open in the crowd of zombies.

"We managed to do our best to fortify it with planks. Well it was Lunaria's idea!" She skewered a mutant who was grabbing her by the ankle. "Good! We're almost there!" The barricade of the Parlor came to sight.

"How are we supposed to get in? I don't wanna be electrocuted!" Lorraine and I dashed towards the light of our base (probably trampling loads of monsters in the process).

"Simple! I'll just elevate ourselves with crystal so we can get over it!" Lorraine raised her staff. Nothing happened. "Oh, I forgot I ran out of MP…" She stuck her tongue out and gave me her typical silly careless expression.


It seemed as though something managed to get though the barricade. The lights within the barricades seemed a bit dimmer, they might had crushed a few jack-o'-lanterns. Not good…

"You know what? Screw this…" I grabbed Lorraine by her hand, scaling over the barricade, ignoring the fact that the shock gave us quite a lot of damage and mini afros. We crashed into the soft grass.

The other Undertakers were busy dealing with the mobs pouring into the garden. They needed our help. Immediately, bracing myself with my scythe, I dashed into the chaos.

"Duck!" Alex yelled. As he casted an ice ball spell towards me, freezing a zombie that almost chomped me by the shoulder.

I swung my scythe into a mob of skeletons as they poured into the breached spot.

"Hurry UP! I can't hold on anymore!" shouted Violet by the front door as I watched her MP bar draining. My poor little sister had been setting up that Anti-spirit field, fending off ghosts who were sworn to kill every single one of us, for ten whole minutes.

"Let me just loot all this stuff! We've barely got anything left!" yelled Lorraine as she and Lunaria picked up stuff the mobs left after Alex and I killed them.

"NOOO!" exclaimed Violet as the field disappeared.

The fraid of ghosts who were dying to get through the field flew straight towards us, reaching their ghostly hands for our souls.

"Quick! The Jack-o'-lanterns!" reminded Violet threw handfuls of sweets into the air. "GET IN! NOW!"

We took out a mini Jack-o'-lantern from our inventory, immediately it showed effect: the ghosts would get near to us, they looked somehow… afraid.

Without turning around, we all rushed into the Parlor. With everyone in the base, Lunaria immediately locked the door.

Staring outside the window, the monsters have finished all the sweets; some didn't even bother to remove the plastic wrappings, just chucking it directly into their mouths. At least the distraction did buy us some time.

Even with the windows, we could still hear the monsters roaring and moaning.




It seemed that they were banging the doors.

"Quick! We need to barricade it!" shouted Alex.

A black spike shot though the door, barely missing Alex by a centimetre. Black liquid dripped onto the carpet as it oozed out from the tentacle.

"We're still not done yet, CommieCookie…"

To be Continued…