AN: So this story... is not of the professional sort in any way. If you don't know me, then this story may be strange, but feel free to enjoy it anyway. Logic isn't my aim.

After a long look in the mirror, the dark-haired girl sighed. Sometimes, the person in the mirror startled her. She wasn't sure if she always recognized her. Either way, it was time to get out the door, or else she'd spend the entire summer day staring in the mirror being somewhat bipolar. To encourage her further, her phone began to buzz, dancing its way towards the edge of the bathroom counter. She quickly reached for it and flipped it open.

"Hello?" She asked, turning around and walking into the hallway.

"Angela! At least you answered. I called everyone and no one will pick up. Are we still meeting up at the Corner?" The girl nodded, half forgetting that she was talking via the phone. She walked through the house, grabbing things she would need for her trip outside. "Hello?" Angela paused as she was putting on her flip flops.

"I said yes! Are you on your way or what?" Angela scooted her way over to the door, holding several random things in her arms as she opened the door and swung out, managing to aim the key into the keyhole to lock it behind her.

"You didn't say anything. I'll be on my way in a little bit, but I wasn't going to get ready for no good reason." Angela rolled her hazel eyes as she began stuffing the contents of her arms into her purse.

"You knew that we were meeting up today, Desdemona! We've been meeting every single day since last week. Why wouldn't we be doing the same today?" Now all the objects were safely enclosed by the purse which Angela hiked unto her shoulder. She never liked talking on the phone; she never had enough breath to talk and walk quickly at the same time.

"How should I know? I thought Lizzi said something about not being there today." Angela sighed.

"Does that mean everyone else has to decide not to come?"

Apparently, the answer to that would be found out the moment she rounded the corner. The Corner was almost on a corner and was the questionably legal hangout of a strange and definitely different group of teenagers. At first they had been a club for people who enjoyed Japanese animation, but after awhile they were more like a strange band of people who were sometimes friends and sometimes troublemakers. Angela looked around, searching for anyone living and breathing to talk to. Unfortunately, no one was there amidst the random furniture pieces they had brought, found, and sometimes even made. Angela opened the rusty gate and walked in, inspecting the place for anything that she would rather not see there.

Her eyes moved past a colorful list of rules and a few papers with explanations of the club on them. Suddenly, she jumped as she heard snoring. After a moment, she relaxed when she realized it was just Davy on the far couch. He was often there, but most of his time was spent silently working on technical things or sleeping. His presence was often overlooked because of his silence, but when he actually interacted with the rest of the group, he was practically the life of the party. On the nerdy side, at least.

Nothing in particular was out of order. She pulled out a drink from her oversized and overstuffed purse and sat down at one of the dying plastic tables. It was actually one of the most amazing places, considering Davy had somehow managed to get electrical outlets working via something she didn't quite understand and they had a huge space covered by a half-hearted roof. There was a little space of concrete in the middle of the Corner (which had no corners, this was a rule), where some of the important discussions took place, or just where people took refuge when the rain came pouring and the rest of the ground became mud.

Angela smiled to herself, quite happy with the complex organization of her club's hangout. She had a feeling that it used to be someone's backyard or something (this thought was due to the gate and the chain-link fence surrounding the area) but no one had claimed it. In fact, large wooden fences concealed whatever was beyond the Corner, but no one ever bothered them there, so they stayed for the mean time. It was a rather abandoned area, now that she came to think of it. The entire block was pretty desolate. No houses. No stores. No cars. No people, besides them. She suddenly remembered why she was hesitant to start things up there in the first place.

"Hey!" Angela jumped a little and turned in her chair. A girl with long, dark hair came running over to her in clothes that Angela personally thought were much too warm for any weather other than the dead of winter. Angela waved a little as the girl came through the gate. The newcomer immediately noticed the bright orange hair of the sleeping Davy in the shadiest non-corner of the Corner. "So he's here. Where's everyone else?" Desdemona proceeded to sit down across from Angela and pulled out her laptop to play games while she waited for something more interesting to happen. Angela couldn't help but notice the brick in her open bag.

"One of them might be hiding from the contents of your bag there…" Angela said, continuing to eye the object. Desdemona gave Angela a grin and covered the brick back up by closing the bag.

"He better come today." Angela laughed nervously. She then looked around again, since she lacked anything better to do. The street was eerily silent. Desdemona was already caught up in her game. Davy was snoring. Angela sipped her drink and sat back.

"You think Ally will come today?" Angela looked over lazily. Desdemona's blue eyes had not left the screen in front of her. Angela thought for a moment.

"Probably… but she usually makes her way over at night. Are you sure Lizzi is going to be gone?" Desdemona shrugged. Angela sighed and looked over at the CD player sitting on a wooden crate. She debated blasting some J-pop music to cure some of her boredom. Suddenly, two figures appeared at the gate. A disturbing grin carved itself on Desdemona's face. "Ryan, Ally!" Angela said, smiling in a much less disturbing manner. Ryan smiled back and waved. Ally grinned and did some other strange things that Angela wasn't sure how to interpret. Somehow, Desdemona ended up in a yelling-of-names match. Ryan walked up to Angela, who now decided to get out of her chair.

"So how are you doing today?" She asked between "ALLY!" and "DESDEMONA!". He shrugged.

"I'm doing well, I guess. It's still the morning." Angela nodded. Finally, the yelling match had ended.

"Angie!" Angela was attacked with an overly tight hug from Ally. As that occurred, with no one to stop her, Desdemona attacked Ryan with her brick. Thankfully it was just a cardboard brick, but Angela had a sneaky suspicion that it was filled with something heavier. Ryan held the back of his head and threw some unpleasant looks at Desdemona.

Without too much fanfare awhile later, Dina made her way in and sat on the questionable swing. Her long blonde hair flowed softly when the wind came by. Angela figured that she looked like the very image of a poor, sad, lonely girl used for adoption agencies and the like. She muttered something about wishing someone would push her. Ryan came by and gave her a few gentle pushes.

Comments about milk came from another arrival, Amy. She was usually quiet until no one else spoke. Sometimes Angela would make her share some of her songs because of her beautiful voice. Somehow, Dina got on the topic of boys and someone started truth or dare, affectionately known as TURD. Angela decided to take a trip to the convenience store to bypass the slow-going game of meaningless "I love you"s.

On her way to the store, she called her missing-in-action boyfriend. The sounds of the phone ringing over and over made her heart sink. He had just up and left and she hadn't seen him for almost a month. The few times he had shown up before he simply spent a little bit of time with her and kept her waiting. The voicemail hadn't even been set up and in frustration she hung it up. "How am I not supposed to be upset about this?" She asked aloud to no one in particular. She tried one more time before almost throwing the object and letting it get crushed. Her desire to keep her phone intact won out in the end.

Soon, she began to enter into the populated area and made her way to the convenience store. After buying a snack for herself and some of the others, she walked slowly back. The quiet sounds of the street were pretty saddening, and now that she had returned, almost everyone had gone into a state of distracted boredom.

Even the snacks had little effect on the group, and Ryan left. Davy, who had come out of his hole somewhat had returned to it. Desdemona had disappeared somewhere. A sound at the gate made Angela look anxiously, hoping that it might just be the person who never answered their phone. Sadly, she realized it wasn't. But it wasn't anyone she had seen there before.

"Hi, welcome to the club. What's your name?" The person at the gate let themselves in slowly.

"Hi… are you Angela? I found this place from the map on Angela's website page for fan fictions." Angela's heart began to race with excitement. Someone who wrote fan fictions? Finally a person to talk to! A huge smile appeared on her face.

"Yes! I'm Angela!" He seemed mildly pleased by the response, perhaps relief in knowing he came to the right place and didn't just randomly walk into someone's back yard full of junk. She reached out her hand to shake his. He shook her hand.

"I'm Anthony." The grin on Angela's face grew bigger.

"Really?" She had read his story online only a few weeks ago and adored it. Her other friend had shown it to her and she had defended his writing against some random jerk on the comments. Now she got to meet the writer of one of the best stories she had read about the characters she liked. He seemed a lot less amused about their meeting, but at least he was someone new to talk to.

Her excitement would have never occurred had she known the consequences.