Angela stretched out her hand and twisted her wrist. She waited for the popping sound and the temporary relief it would bring her. Upon hearing it, she twisted her wrist the other way. After a moment, she looked hopelessly over at the pile of documents stacked up on one end of the plastic table she sat at. Her eyes then landed on the completed pile, which happened to be only a fourth of the the pile waiting on her. She had been filling these things out for hours now by hand, her handwriting not exactly consistent per document. She leaned back.

"Aaahh!" She yelled, looking up at the sky. No one was around... not even Davy. Usually she would ask him for help on the maintenance of the Corner, but apparently something was important enough to keep him away, and there was no way she could just let their fate hang by a string. If these documents didn't get finished, the club's status would drop and they'd just be considered loitering. Unfortunately, their club status was the only legal safety net that they had for being on an unknown person's property. Before they could advertise, she had to get through this load of evilness. The squeaking of the gate made Angela jump. Recently, she'd been on high alert after certain actions on the part of another particular club. What met her eyes made her ditch her seat and run to the gate, a smile wide on her face.

"Blake!" She yelled as she attacked the person entering with a huge hug. The person's reaction was some strange mix of pretending to suffocate and a laugh. Angela looked up, continuing with her overly-happy reaction. The person being squeezed in her arms looked down with a relatively happy expression in return. "Where have you been?" She asked, finally letting him go.

"I've been really busy. I couldn't come out here and then my phone decided to up and die." Angela nodded and began shoving the papers in her bag. She figured that it wouldn't hurt to do those later.

As they sat and talked, mostly about what the other club had been up to recently, Angela began to have an unsettling feeling in her stomach. She watched, ever the more concerned as Blake looked off to the side. Every time there was a sound, his eyes scanned the street, almost hopefully. Angela reached out and grabbed his hand. "I've really missed you being around. I tried to get a hold of you and..." Angela stopped talking. Her lips froze, refusing to form another syllable. He wasn't even looking at her. He was watching someone walk up to the gate. He had an expression of pure joy. The expression that he withheld from her. She lifted her hand off of his quickly and watched as he stood up, a smile growing on his face.

"Rachel!" He said while waving. Angela composed herself and turned, seeing the girl with long brown hair and a wolf-covered bag. She smiled brightly and waved back. However, her attention turned to Angela.

"Hey Angela! Dina's not here, right?" After Rachel answered her own question by scanning the area, she took a seat close to Angela, leaning in. Blake sat himself down and stared at Rachel intently.

"I haven't seen her in awhile, actually. Like I haven't seen you. What have you been up to?" Angela asked, now ignoring her boyfriend who was sitting across from them practically drooling.

"Look, I don't know what I'm going to do anymore. That crazy girl over at the other club keeps on saying crap about me and Ryan won't even back me up. I think he likes her more than me." Angela winced. She had a feeling that Rachel would come in with something like this. The situation had been sticky recently. It seemed that Rachel didn't get along with hardly anyone since she always made the girls around her so angry. Angela began to wonder if she was one of the only girls her age that she actually wouldn't cuss out in a heartbeat. Angela sighed.

"I don't know what to tell you, really. If you guys can't talk about it and settle it, I don't know what you could possibly do. Getting angry and suspicious of people and complaining about it to others isn't really going to get you anywhere. I bet there's just a big misunderstanding going on. Have you talked?" Rachel made a face. Right as she opened her mouth to respond, Blake inserted himself into their conversation.

"I would always back you up, no matter what." Angela flinched. Rachel turned to him with a grin.

"Right? So why would Ryan side with her?" Angela stood up and decided it was about time for her to walk away from the conversation. Rachel wouldn't stop talking until she got what she wanted to hear, and Blake wouldn't stop until he had Rachel's complete attention.

It wasn't long after Angela had left the table that Blake and Rachel had gone off into a personal conversation booth. Angela sighed and picked up the documents and began filling them out again. She had felt it for awhile now. The impossibility of having a relationship with someone who constantly disappeared. She told herself sometimes that she would just break up with him when he came back, but whenever he did, the happiness that overwhelmed her was impenetrable. Today, she wondered if she would have the courage. He obviously was concerned with Rachel more than her. Or was she starting to act like Rachel and take everything over-dramatically? Flashes of the fight she had just a few days ago went through her head. Her hesitation to trust had caused every word the guy dressed in black to mess with her head. She knew he had done these things before. She knew he wasn't trustworthy. She knew a lot of people weren't trustworthy. But she couldn't help but try to trust the wrong people. Maybe she was just letting the situation get to her.

"What are you doing?" The voice brought an overwhelmingly happy feeling to come up inside of her. She looked up into the dark-colored eyes that watched her with curiosity. "Writing?" He asked, looking at the half-completed paper Angela had in front of her. She shook her head.

"No, I don't have time for that right now. I have to get these documents in to help keep the Corner an actual registered club." He nodded, but there was a hint in the manner in which he did it that he might have absolutely no idea what she was talking about. She smiled. "Have you written anything recently?"

"Nah, too uninspired to write anything. Life's been crazy recently." Angela nodded and waited for him to sit down. The moment he did, she jumped up from her seat and sat on him. "Again?" He asked, his voice slightly amused.

"Yep! You're my seat, after all." Angela immediately felt all the anxiety she had leave her. For some reason, she felt like she could trust her life to this person, although they'd only known each other for a week or so. "Tony! Make me a story! It has to be about my favorite character, but it should be happy."

"Hmm... happy? I don't think I'm really suited toward that..." Angela's grin grew wider.

"Isn't that the point? I have to help you become a better writer! So, writing exercise! Make me story." After a moment, a story began to be spun off of his lips. Angela listened, swinging her legs back and forth like a happy child. She loved listening to his stories. Even the most rushed ones sounded so beautifully made.

"Now your turn. I just made one, so you owe me one."

"What should it be about?" Angela began to think, hoping that something would trigger and allow her to begin spinning a story good enough to please him.

"Let's see..."

"I've never seen you before. What's your name?" Blake's shadow covered the two of them. Feeling a bit awkward, Angela stood up and moved over. Anthony stood and extended his hand.

"I'm Anthony. You are?" Blake took his hand and shook it lightly.

"I'm Blake, her boyfriend." Blake nodded his head in Angela's direction. His tone didn't sound that friendly. Anthony's expression didn't seem that pleased either. Anthony had already heard plenty about Blake from Angela, and his impression of him wasn't very positive. Rachel came up from behind Blake and spotted Angela.

"Hey, let's play a game of TURD!" In a matter of moments, the game began. Rachel and Anthony both text messaged some of the other members and soon they were there, joining in. Despite involving others, Anthony began to separate himself from the game and soon had disappeared. Angela noticed him missing and began to walk around, trying to see if he was still nearby. Fifteen minutes later, she determined that he was missing for good and would probably explain what happened whenever he visited next time. When she returned, Blake was waiting at the gate, a weird expression on his face.

"Let's talk." He said, his voice low. Fear twisted inside of Angela as they went into a private conversation booth.

"What is it?" She asked, concern etched on her face. He wouldn't look her in the eye.

"Rachel decided to break up with Ryan." Angela blinked. Why was he treating that as such a sobering occurrence?

"I see..." Angela responded, still suspicious of what this conversation was even about.

"So I started thinking... and we decided to do it together." Angela tipped her head to the side.

"What? Do what together?" His head snapped up and he shook his hands in front of her face as if to somehow wipe away the words that had left her mouth.

"Not like that! Not what you're thinking at all, I swear!" He looked down again, then back up. "I decided that I would break up with you." Angela froze. Somehow, she knew it was coming. But it just threw a wrench into her life's workings. A thousand thoughts and memories raced through her mind and could only help but land on I'm not wanted. He was saying something... something like sorry... or maybe it was about how he was gone all the time.. or how they weren't really meant to be... Angela didn't know. She couldn't hear him. She was lost in a whirlwind and she stood up while he was speaking and pushed open the booth's door. His face looked concerned, but she couldn't take it as sincere. Angela simply walked out and began walking home, completely lost in herself.

The road she began to turn onto contained a rather large truck, barreling down toward her. But she didn't see it.