Skating Upon Love

Chapter One: "The Rink"

And it's alright; yeah I'll be fine,

Don't worry 'bout this heart of mine.

Just take your love and hit the road.

There's nothing you can do or say,

You're gonna break my heart anyway.

So just, leave the pieces when you go.

Leave The Pieces – The Wreckers


"No Taylor!" I screeched as my best friend tried to drag me to talk to my crush

"Why?" She whined

"Because I will make a fool of myself!" I exclaimed

"Fine," Taylor said knowing she had been defeated

Okay, let me start from the beginning.

I am Samantha Jones, I have short dark brown hair, greener than the grass eyes, tan skin, I am around 5'3, and I am seventeen. My best friend is Taylor Anderson; she is the complete opposite of me. Taylor has long blonde hair, brown eyes like the color of chestnuts, pale skin and she is around 4'9. She is also seventeen.

We are currently at "The Rink" the local roller skating rink, where I have been going every week since I was seven. Plus it's where my crush Nick volunteers.

Nick is around 6'2, he has short bed headed blonde hair like the color of sand at the beach and he has blue eyes that remind me of the ocean.

"I know what he looks like Sam," Taylor said

Did I just say that aloud?

"Yeah you did." Taylor replied

"I really need to stop that," I blushed

"At least he wasn't right next to you." Taylor laughed

"I see him," I pointed towards Nick showing off on the skating floor

"Show off!" Taylor exclaimed

"I know he is," A male voice said from behind us

Taylor and I spun around and saw Dean.

Dean is about 6'0; he has light brown hair and hazelnut eyes. I also happen to know that he's Nick's best friend.

"Hey Dean," I said cheerfully

"Hey Samantha." Dean replied

"Ugh. Why do you refuse to call me Sam?" I asked

"Because I know the usage of your first name drives you nuts." Dean laughed

Just then, a girl who looked like she was a hooker came up next to Dean.

"Hi Deany!" She squealed

"Hey Jessica," Dean said as a blush rose to his cheeks

"Jessica. This Samantha and Taylor, Nick and I know them from school," Dean explained

"It's so great to meet you," Jessica screeched

"Nice to meet you too!" I said as I faked a smile

"I am going to find Nick," Dean said as he skated off

I blushed at the word Nick.

"You like Nick don't you?" Jessica asked

"Is it that obvious?" I questioned

"He likes you too," Jessica stated

"Really?" I smiled

"Yeah." Jessica said

I was just about to ask her about how she knew but she skated off before I could say one word.

I squealed.

"I told you!" Taylor said

"Fast skate is coming up after this song." The D.J. announced

I then remembered I was wearing speed skates and that Nick wears in line skates.

My guess is that he will be in the fast skate.

"Okay all beginner skates off the floor it is time for the fast skate." The D.J. said

"Have fun with loverboy!" Taylor exclaimed as I skated onto the floor

I saw Nick come out onto the floor in his skating uniform.

God he looks so cute.


I changed into my skating uniform and made my way to the skating floor.

There stood Samantha.

She looks hot!

"All beginner skates off the floor please, it is time for the fast skate." The D.J. announced

I started skating around the floor while watching Samantha show off in the middle.

Dang she is good.

I was skating around the floor; I figured I would try to show off a little bit.

Man was that a bad idea.


I was skating around the floor; I turned my head for one minute when someone ran into me.



I decided I would spin around a couple times.

I ran into my crush.



Nick and I both fell to the floor.

"Ouch!" I screeched

Nick sat up and said,

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," I told him

Nick put his arm around my waist and helped me up.

We made our way off the floor and into the snack area.

I looked up at Nick as he removed his arm from my waist.

He looked almost pained to have to let me go.

"Would y-you like s-s-some uh i-ice?" Nick stuttered

"No I'm fine," I shrugged

"Okay g-good." Nick said

"Why are you stuttering?" I asked

"I um what I'm trying to ask i-is uh," Nick started

"Do you want to skate with me?" Nick finished

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I mean do you want to make this a date?" Nick asked

I raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I questioned

"I l-l-like y-you S-S-Sam." Nick stated as he stuttered

"You do?" I asked

Nick ran his hand through his bleach blonde hair.

"Yeah I really do." Nick said

Nick opened his mouth to say something.

I held up my index finger indicating one minute.

He closed his mouth.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this," I smiled

I skated up to him.

"Do what?" Nick asked

I put my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his.

"Good going Sam!" Taylor yelled

"That's my boy Nick!" Dean exclaimed

We pulled away, our hands intertwined.

"And you don't know how long I've wanted to do this!" Nick said

"What?" I asked

Nick grabbed my waist and dipped me as if we were dancing and kissed me passionately.

He brought me back up and we stopped kissing.

"I told you so!" Taylor exclaimed

"Yeah, yeah," I told her

"I have a question Sam." Nick stated

"What would that be?" I asked

"Will you be my Girlfriend?" Nick questioned

"Do you know how long I've wanted you to ask that?" I asked

"About as long as I've wanted to ask it I hope." Nick smiled

"Yes." I grinned

Nick leaned down and kissed me again.

If only he knew, how much I love him.


If only she knew, it was only a dare.

A/N: Okay, obviously I am not writing The Romance Continues at least not until I get inspiration. Until then The Romance Continues is on hiatus. I had an idea for this story so I started writing it and I started to like it so, I will NOT be putting this on hiatus I promise.

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