Baby, you a song.
You make me wanna role,
My windows down.
And Cruise.
Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

Chapter twelve: Jealousy And Rain.



When I saw Trevor lying on the floor, I sprang into action.

"Taylor back up!" I exclaimed, kneeling next to Trevor

Taylor back away in tears.

I put my ear to his chest.

He isn't breathing.

I placed my hands over one another on his chest.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten," I counted, pumping my hands repeatedly on his chest

I pinched his nose closed, put my mouth tightly over his, and started preforming CPR.

As I pulled away, Trevor sat up and began coughing.

"Deep breathes Trevor, deep breathes." I patted his back repeatedly

"Grab my hand, I'll help you up." I told him as I extended my hand

I helped Trevor up and over to the sidelines.

"Trevor!" Taylor yelled, hugging and nearly squeezing the life out of him

"What happened, Trevor?" I asked

"I was spinning around in the middle and I slipped on my skate lace and hit my head." Trevor explained

"I'll get you some ice," I smiled

I skated over to the snack bar area and waited at the back of the line.

"Hey Sammy," Nick skated up near me

"Hey," I giggled

"It was," Nick cleared his throat "Certainly something, how you saved Trevor."

"It was nothing," I shrugged, moving up in line

"Mhm," Nick hummed

I eyed him carefully.

"Are you telling me that you're jealous of me saving my best friends boyfriend?" I asked

"No, no, no, no!" Nick exclaimed nervously

"Nick, you can't seriously be jealous of me preforming CPR on Trevor." I stated

"What can I get ya Sam?" Ariel questioned

"Bag of ice please," I smiled

"It's on the house, here ya go." Ariel slid me the bag of ice

"Thanks Ariel," I winked, skating near the opening

"You're certainly the people person." Nick muttered unintelligently

"What?" I asked

"Nothing," Nick sulked

"Here ya go Trevor," I skated up near him, handing him the ice

"Thanks Sam," Trevor pressed the ice against his head

"No problem," I waved a hand

"Come on Sam," Nick rushed, grabbing my hand and leading me to the floor

"Careful Nick," I nearly squealed

"Sorry baby," Nick kissed my forehead

I intertwined my hand with Nick's.

"I wanna switch to the inline skates, will you help me?" I asked, ready to shock Nick

"Of course I will," Nick smiled

Nick and I skated into the main area; I sat down and took my skates off.

"Hey Kathy!" I exclaimed

"What's up Sam?" Kathy questioned, walking up behind the counter

"Can I trade these in for the inline skates?" I asked, sliding the speed skates

"Sure!" Kathy said perkily

She slid me a pair of inline skates.

"Thanks Kathy," I nodded

I sat down and strapped on my inline skates.

"Grab my hand," Nick extended his hand

I grabbed his hand and stood up on my skates.

"This feels weird." I admitted

"What game is next?" Kathy called

I looked at Nick and smiled who smiled back.

"Races!" Nick and I yelled in unison

Kathy gave the thumbs up.

"See ya!" I exclaimed, letting go of Nick's hand

I skated off onto the floor and started skating around the floor.

"We're gonna do racing after this song." Kathy announced

Oh hell yeah!




When Samantha told me she wanted to get on the inline skates, I expected to be helping her skate around the rink.

So, when she left me in the main area with a shocked look on my face, I was surprised.

"We're gonna do racing after this song." Kathy told us

Hell yeah!

I skated over to the sidelines and watched as Samantha skated around on the inline skates.

The lights came on and Kathy said,

"Alright, come on out and sit in the middle if you wanna play."

I skated out and sat next to Sam, who already has her seat.

"First, the slow roll ages eleven and under will be racing." Kathy announced

At least six kids lined up and got ready to go down to the end.

"Ready, set," John blew his whistle

The kids took off down to the end.

"Good job," Kathy congratulated over the microphone

"Slow roll ages twelve and up over to the starting line," Kathy said

About four kids lined up, getting ready to race.

"Ready, set," John blew his whistle again

The kids sped down to the end.

"Inline skates ages twelve and up over to the starting line." Kathy continued

Samantha, Taylor, and I lined up over near the starting line.

"One full lap all the way around." John told us

"Ready, set," John blew the whistle indicating 'go'

I took off with Samantha and Taylor right next to me.

"You're going down!" Samantha yelled out as she passed me

"Good luck with that!" I screamed back, picking up my speed

Samantha gave the rock and roll hand symbols as she passed the gigantic number five.

"Good job Samantha!" Kathy exclaimed

"Nice try Nick and Taylor." Kathy consoled

"Here ya go Sam; you're quite the winner tonight." John laughed

"Come on Sammy," I winked

"I'm coming," Samantha stuck her tongue out at me

Samantha and I skated up to the snack area; Samantha got in line.

"What do you say we tell Kathy the next game and we leave and go somewhere?" I asked

"Sure," Samantha smiled

"Heya Sam, what can I get ya?" Ariel questioned

"Gatorade please," Samantha said

Ariel slid a small Gatorade over the counter.

"Thanks Ariel," Samantha replied, skating over near me

"Where are we going?" Samantha asked

"It's a surprise," I told her

"This won't end with you getting beat up by my brother will it?" Samantha questioned

I shook my head 'no'.

"Good," Samantha looked relieved

We skated into the main area and saw Kathy and John yelling at each other in the back.

"Ah hell," Samantha and I muttered




Nick and I skated up into the snack area; I got in the line.

"What do you say we tell Kathy the next game and we leave and go somewhere?" Nick asked

"Sure," I smiled

"Heya Sam, what can I get ya?" Ariel questioned

"Gatorade please," I said

Ariel slid a small Gatorade over the counter.

"Thanks Ariel," I replied, skating over near Nick

"Where are we going?" I asked

"It's a surprise," Nick told me

Oh God, the last time he said that it was a surprise he got beat up by Dylan.

"This won't end with you getting beat up by my brother will it?" I questioned

He shook my head 'no'.

"Good," I blew out a breath

We skated into the main area and saw Kathy and John yelling at each other in the back.

"Ah hell," Nick and I muttered

I set my Gatorade down and quickly skated over to John and Kathy.

"Whoa what's going on here?" I asked

"He thinks I'm having an affair!" Kathy yelled

My eyes widened.

"John!" I exclaimed

"What's going on Sam?" Nick skated up

"John thinks I'm having an affair." Kathy started to cry

"John!" Nick yelled

"She had her arm around a guy's shoulder!" John waved his hands around

"He's my cousin!" Kathy cried

"Your 'cousin'," John used hand gestures "Kisses your cheek!"

"Yes I do," A guy came out from no where

"I wouldn't date her for three reasons. One I'm gay, two she is my cousin so that would be incest, and three I'm together with that little cutie over there." The guy pointed over near the lockers

I turn around, along with Nick and John.

"I think you're meaning someone else that is our friend Dean." I told him, turning around

"Nope, it surprised me when he asked me out, considering the word around school is that he's straight." The guy said

Wait a minute.

"Aaron?" I questioned

"I thought you'd never recognize me." Aaron laughed

"Aaron!" I laughed as I skated up to him and hugged him

"He's seventeen?" John asked as Aaron and I pulled away

"Yes, that is what I was trying to tell you." Kathy said through her tears

"Kat was just trying to help me with my relationship, and when she was done I thanked her." Aaron explained

"Kat?" John and I asked

"Short for Katherine," Aaron stated the obvious

"Oh," John stretched it

John frowned, knowing he had messed up.

"Oh Kathy, I'm so sorry." John hugged her

"I should've known that you would never cheat on me." John kissed her hair

Kathy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed John.

"Alright, you crazy kids, I think we shouldn't be teaching the little kids how to make out." Aaron said, gesturing to Nick and me

Kathy and John pulled away.

"Oh shut up Aaron, I walked in on you and Dean at least ten times." Kathy glared

"And that's just in the past year." She added

A blush arose to Aaron's cheeks.

"Hey Kathy, can Nick and I leave early, Nick wants to take me somewhere special." I explained

"Of course, just tell me what the last game is then you two crazy ones can go." Kathy smiled

I looked at Nick, who has a shocked look on his face.

"Nick, are you okay?" I asked

"Um, yeah," Nick nodded

"You tell them the last game, I'm gonna get my skates off." I winked

"Okay sexy," Nick growled as he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me

"Hold off on the kissing cutie," I kissed his cheek

"Okay," Nick looked like a little boy that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar

"Cheer up; we'll be able to kiss soon." I told him

"I'll be back," I said, skating over near the lockers near Dean

"Why did you never tell Nick and me you're gay?" I asked Dean

"What are you talking about Sam?" Dean questioned nervously

He only calls me Sam when he's lying.

"You only call me by my nickname when you're lying," I stated

Dean cringed.

"I've been pretend dating Jessica because I thought that people wouldn't look at me the same." Dean frowned

"Dean, you and Nick are the most popular guys in school. Everyone loves you, Aaron loves you I saw it in his eyes, Nick and I love you, no one is going to look at you differently." I explained

"Aaron loves me?" Dean asked, a smile appearing on his face

"Yes," I nodded

"Will you help me with something Samantha?" Dean questioned

"What would that be?" I asked

"Help me tell Aaron I love him," Dean smiled

"Definitely," I nodded

I looked around and found Aaron.

"Hey Aaron, get over here!" I yelled

Aaron skated up with a worried look on his face.

"I'm sorry Dean," Aaron said immediately

"What are you sorry for Aaron?" I questioned

"I told them Dean," Aaron started to cry

"Oh sweetie," Dean consoled, hugging Aaron tightly

"I'm glad you told them," Dean told Aaron

"You are?" Aaron sniffed

"Yes I am," Dean said, pulling away

"Aaron, sweetie, there is something I need to tell you." Dean smiled

"What would that be?" Aaron asked wiping away tears

"Aaron, I love you," Dean told him

Aaron wrapped his arms around Dean's neck and kissed him.

"See ya," I laughed as I skated off

I skated over to the sidelines and saw kids playing 'The Dice Game'.

"Hey sexy," Nick wrapped his arms around my waist from behind

"You chose 'The Dice Game'?" I asked

"Yeah," Nick smiled

"Come on, get your skates off and let's go." Nick rushed playfully

"Okay I'm coming," I laughed

Nick and I skated over to the main area and started taking our skates off.

After we took our skates off we got on our shoes and I got my stuff from my locker.

We said our goodbyes to John and Kathy and went out to the car.

"Please tell me where we're going." I pleaded as we got into the car

"It's a surprise." Nick sang

We drove for about five minutes when Nick said,

"So, it was really something how you saved Trevor."

"Nick, please don't be jealous. I saved my best friends boyfriend, there is so many reasons why I wouldn't go out with him. The top one being I love you," I explained

"I just don't wanna lose you, and seeing you putting your mouth on his, its just I hated it." Nick frowned

"I was performing CPR!" I exclaimed

"Well it looked like you were making out!" Nick yelled

"Don't yell at me!" I screamed

"Stop the car." I ordered

"No," Nick shook his head

"Stop the damn car!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face

Nick pulled over and stopped the car.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car, slamming the door as I did so.

"I hate you!" I yelled

I looked around and saw that I was about a mile from home.

I started walking towards the house, tears flowing like rain.

"Stupid boys!" I screamed

Speaking of rain.




I looked out the window and saw that the rest of the neighborhoods power was out too.

"Sorry about the power." I told Jenny as I sat down next to her at the table

"It's okay, I just like being with you Dylan." Jenny smiled

"The night wasn't supposed to go like this." I blushed slightly

"Dylan, I love being with you it doesn't matter if we don't have power." Jenny giggled

I guess now is good a time as any.

"Jenny," I started nervously

"Are you okay Dyl?" Jenny asked

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to ask you something." I told her

"What is it Dylan? You look nervous." Jenny questioned

I grabbed the box with a diamond ring in it from my back pocket, and got down on one knee.

I held Jenny's hand tightly with mine.

"Jenny, even before this happened I had fallen in love with you. I know we haven't known each other that long, but I don't want this baby to grow up without a Dad, God that didn't come out right. What I mean is I love you Jenny, and I want to spend the rest of all eternity with you." I took a deep breath "Jennifer Lynn Miller, will you marry me?" I asked, opening the box revealing a ring

Jenny had tears falling from her eyes as she said,

"Yes, of course I'll marry you!"

Right as the power came back on; I slid the diamond ring on her finger and kissed her.

I heard a door slam.

I pulled away from Jenny and said,

"I'll be right back my love,"

I walked into the living room to see Samantha; she's sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest, she has on soaking wet clothes and she's crying.

"Samantha," I mumbled, kneeling next to her

"What happened, Sammy?" I asked

Samantha's voice quivered as she said,

"N-N-Nick y-y-yelled at m-m-m-me,"

"Why are you wet?" I questioned

"W-We were g-g-going somewhere a-and I t-t-told him t-t-to st-st-stop the car." Samantha shivered

"You walked home, in the rain?" I asked

Samantha nodded.

I took a deep breath.

"Come on let's get you into some dry clothes." I told her

I helped Samantha up and started walking with her up to her room.

"You go take a quick-"I started to talk but got cut off by yelling



"Go get in the shower, I'll leave some dry clothes on your dresser." I finished

"Thank you Dylan," Samantha sniffed

"No problem girly," I kissed her forehead

Samantha went into the bathroom and turned on the water.

I left some pajamas on her dresser and went downstairs.

When I got downstairs, I found Nick pacing back and forth in the living room.

"You!" I exclaimed, pointing at Nick "Sit." I ordered

Nick sat down on the couch.

I went over to Jenny and grabbed her hands with mine.

"Jenny, my love, I need to handle some business with my sister's boyfriend. Wait in the bedroom for me okay?" I asked

"Okay Dylan," Jenny kissed my cheek as she walked to my bedroom

I walked over to Nick as calm as possible.

"Did you know what I saw when my twin sister came in this house?" I questioned

Nick avoided my eyes.

"She had her knees to her chest, crying, and she was soaking wet!" I yelled

"What the hell did you do to her?" I said, my voice dangerously low

"We were going somewhere after skating, she had performed CPR on Trevor earlier that night and I got jealous and mad. I kind of yelled at her," Nick frowned

"Kind of?" I questioned angrily

"Stand." I commanded

Nick stood up.

"If you ever come near my sister again, people won't be able to recognize you. Got it?" I asked

Nick nodded nervously.

"Now get out of here before I lose it." I demanded

Nick quickly left out the door.

I locked the door and went up to Samantha's room.

"Samantha," I said, opening the door

I looked around the room and saw Samantha lying in her bed.

Samantha yawned.

"You sleepy?" I asked

"Mhm," Samantha hummed

I kissed her forehead and said,

"Nighty night Sammy,"

I started to leave when I heard,


I turned around and smiled.

"Yeah?" I questioned

Samantha moved the covers over and said,

"Like old times?"

I nodded and smiled.

I climbed into the bed with Samantha and wrapped my arms around her.

"Thank you Dylan," Samantha yawned

"No problem Sammy, I love you." I told her

"I love you too Dyl," Samantha said



Eight hours later, and six o' clock am.


I got out of bed and looked at the clock.

Ugh, six am.

I walked over to Samantha and shook her slightly.

"Sammy, time to get up," I yawned

Samantha groaned.

"I don't wanna." Samantha pouted

"Don't make me take drastic measures." I told her

"I'm up!" Samantha exclaimed, getting out of bed

I chuckled.

"I'm gonna go wake Jenny up, you start getting ready." I smiled

I walked across the hall and knocked on the door lightly.

"Jenny, you awake?" I asked, opening the door slightly

I heard Jenny in the bathroom, puking.

The morning sickness begins.

I went into the bathroom, kneeled next to her and started rubbing her back.

After about ten minutes, Jenny stopped puking.

I grabbed a washrag and wiped her mouth off.

I helped Jenny up and walked with her downstairs.

"Hey Jenny, is that my football jersey?" I asked

"It was comfy." Jenny giggled

"You look good in my shirt." I smirked

"Thanks Dylan," Jenny smiled

"Breakfast!" Samantha yelled

Jenny and I walked into the kitchen and saw that Samantha had fixed us cereal.

"Thanks Sammy," I winked

"Thank you Samantha," Jenny said awkwardly

"Jenny, you're practically family, I know that Dylan proposed last night because of the ring on your finger. So, call me Sam or Sammy, like Dylan does." Samantha told her

"Okay, thanks Sam," Jenny smiled

After we ate, we went out to the car, and I started to drive us to school.

We got to school and got out of the car.

I started walking with Jenny.

"Hey Dyl, I'm gonna go catch up with Taylor." Samantha told me as she walked into school

"Okay, be safe!" I yelled

I turned to Jenny.

"We have," I looked at my watch "Twenty minutes until class, what do you wanna do?" I asked Jenny

"Come with me to the fields." Jenny grabbed my hand and started leading me to the field

"Ooh, I like the way you think." I growled




"Taylor!" I yelled, walking near her locker

Hmm, that's strange she's always the first one here in the morning.

I walked near the gym.

"Taylor!" I screamed

Nothing. Where is she?

I walked onto the fields and saw Trevor on top of Taylor.

"Help me!" Taylor yelled

"Shut the hell up!" Trevor hissed, hitting Taylor across the face

"Taylor!" I yelled in unison with someone else

I turned to see Dylan.

I gave the come on hand gesture.

Dylan and I ran over and pulled Trevor off of Taylor.

"Taylor! Are you okay?" I asked, frantically

Taylor started to cry hysterically.

I helped Taylor up and hugged her tightly.

I pulled away and held Taylor's hand tightly.

"Dylan," I started, glaring at Trevor

"I'm on it!" Dylan exclaimed

Dylan started punching Trevor.

"What's going on?" Someone asked from behind me

I turned around to see Nick.

"Nick," I breathed nervously

"Samantha," Nick said

I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry," Nick and I said in unison

"I still love you," I told him

"W-We c-can't be together." Nick stuttered, turning and walking away

I could literally feel my heart breaking into a million pieces.


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