Chapter fourteen: A Shiner The Size Of Texas.

Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong.
Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay.
It's Independence Day.

-Martina McBride – Independence Day.


Four months later….

Saturday, May twenty-third.


So, maybe Samantha was more than a little mad.

She hasn't talked to me in four months.

I know a way to get her to talk to me.

It won't be pleasant words, but still, she'll be talking to me.

I walked into Samantha's room, fully prepared to dump cold water on her, when she started talking in her sleep.

"I'm sorry Dylan,"

I set the glass of water down on her dresser and walked over to her bed.

"I miss you Dylan,"

I shook her lightly and said,

"Sammy, wake up."

"Five more minutes Jason," She grumbled

"I know it's been four months since we talked, but I thought you would remember your twin." I told her

Her eyes shot open.


"Yeah," I backed up a little bit

Her eyes are red.

"Why are your eyes red?" I asked

"Don't worry about it," She glared at me, getting out of bed

"You were with Nick last night," I stated

"Yeah, so?" She questioned

"What did you do?" I wondered

"None of your business," She grunted

I grabbed the glass of water off the dresser.

"What are you- Dang you Dylan!" She shrieked as I dumped the ice cold water on her

I ran into the game room where Jason and the twins are.

I might die now.




"Dang you Dylan!" Samantha shrieked

"Good God," I laughed "What did he do to her?" I asked Timmy

"I saw him going towards her room with a glass of water." Andrew explained

"He's a dead man," Timmy laughed

Dylan ran in and locked the door.

"What did you do to her?" I asked

"I might have dumped ice cold water on her," Dylan smirked, walking over and sitting down next to me

"You're a moron," Timmy and I laughed

"How late did she stay out last night?" He questioned

"Until two," I shrugged

"Why are her eyes red?" Dylan asked

"She was up until four crying and telling me that she missed you," I told him

"She was still crying when I checked on her around five thirty," Timmy added

"She was asleep when I checked on her around six; I figured she had just fallen asleep." Andrew said

Dylan frowned.

"I didn't know that." Dylan sighed, staring at the ceiling

"Open this dang door! Dylan's going to die!" Samantha yelled, banging on the door

"Just unlock it dummy!" I yelled back

Samantha unlocked and opened the door.

"You are going to die." Samantha said evilly

"Okay," Dylan stared up at the ceiling

"You're not going to run?" Samantha asked

"Nope," Dylan popped the 'p'

Samantha grunted and walked back to her room.

"Go apologize to her," Timmy and I commanded in unison

"For everything," Timmy added

"Y'all are right," Dylan nodded, standing up

"We know we are," Timmy and I said

Dylan walked into Samantha's room.

"Do you think she'll kill him?" I asked

"Maybe," Timmy shrugged

Has that kid's voice gotten deeper?




I'm such a moron.

Up until six in the morning, crying.

She was up until six in the dang morning crying.

I'm such an idiot!

"Go apologize to her," Timmy and Jason ordered in unison

"For everything," Timmy added

"Y'all are right," I stated, standing up

"We know we are," They said cockily

I walked over to Samantha's room and opened the door slightly.

She's lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling.

Mental note: Tell her how much we are alike later.

When she's not ticked off at me.


"Samantha?" I questioned, walking in her room

"What?" She asked, not bothering to look over at me

"I'm sorry sis," I told her as I laid next to her

"For making Nick break up with you, for being so over-protective, for dumping ice cold water on you, for everything." I explained

"It's okay; you just didn't want me getting hurt," Samantha said

"But, wanting you to not get hurt got in the way of seeing you happy. I can see now that you really love Nick." I frowned

"I'm sorry for ignoring you Dyl," Samantha looked over at me

"You had a good reason to," I nodded

"What time is it?" Samantha yawned

"Five thirty," I stated

"Dangit!" Samantha yelled, jumping up

"What?" I asked, getting up

"I have to meet Nick at the skating rink in thirty minutes!" Samantha exclaimed

"Get dressed and I'll drive you." I told her

"Thank you Dylan, are you going to skate?" Samantha asked

"Definitely," I smiled

"Inline?" Samantha questioned

"You know it!" I gave rock and roll symbols as I walked out

I walked over to my room and got on my shirt that says 'TROUBLE', grabbed about twenty bucks, and I slipped on my camouflage hoodie.

I walked out just as Samantha did.

She's wearing her shirt that matches mine. It says 'DOUBLE'.

Get it? When we're next to each other it says 'DOUBLE TROUBLE'.

"Coincidence?" Samantha laughed

"Totally," I smirked

"Double trouble," Samantha and I said in unison

"How much time do we have?" Samantha asked

"We have," I started, looking at my watch "Ten minutes." I finished

"Let's go!" Samantha rushed, walking down the stairs

We got into the car and I drove to the skating rink.

We got out and went inside.

This should be fun.




Dylan and I got out and walked into the skating rink.

"Hey kids!" John exclaimed

"Hey John," Dylan and I smiled

"I'm gonna go get my skates, I'll be back." Dylan announced, walking off

I felt a pair of hands go around my waist from behind.

"You look beautiful," Nick whispered

I turned around and put my arms around his neck.

"I love you," I told him

Nick leaned his head down to mine and kissed my lips.

"No P.D.A.!" Dylan exclaimed through a megaphone

Nick and I pulled away smirking.

"Sorry Dyl," I looked down, biting my lip

"Hey Sam! Do you want inline skates?" Kathy asked

"Yeah, I'm gonna show the boys how it's done." I laughed

"Good luck with that," Nick chuckled, skating off

"Here ya go kid," Kathy handed me my skates

"Thank you," I smiled

I sat down and put my skates on.

"Two minutes!" Kathy yelled

I skated over to Kathy and asked,

"What's on the agenda for tonight?"

"Hmm," Kathy hummed, looking through a spiral notebook frantically

"What's the date?" Kathy questioned

"May twenty-third," I stated

Kathy smiled when she found the page she was looking for.

"Tonight around seven thirty we'll have a fast skate, then around eight we'll have a couples skate," Kathy smirked nudging her head towards Nick and John. "Then around eight thirty we'll have limbo, then around nine we'll have races and finally we'll have a backwards skate." Kathy explained

Kathy looked at her watch and yelled,

"Thirty seconds!"

I laughed at how frantic she is.

I leaned my elbow on the counter and asked,

"Why are you so frantic today Kathy? It's not like today is any different from all the other Saturday's we've worked."

"Today is mine and John's anniversary; he told me he had a surprise for me." Kathy told me as she started allowing people in the skating rink

"Here?" I asked

"Yeah," Kathy nodded

"I'm gonna go see what Nick's up to," I told her

"See ya later! By the way, you and Nick are referees tonight." Kathy yelled

I gave her the thumbs up as I skated over to Nick.

"So, what does John have planned?" I questioned

"What do you mean?" Nick asked, his face turning white as if he'd just seen a ghost

"It's his and Kathy's anniversary tonight. Kathy told me he has a surprise for her." I smirked, looking into his eyes

"I don't know what you're talking about Samantha," Nick said nervously

"You only call me by my real name when you're lying." I pointed out

"Dang," He muttered

"Just be on the sidelines around seven fifteen," Nick smiled

"Okay," I smirked, skating off onto the floor

"Hello I'm John and I will be your D.J. tonight. No playing tag on or off the floor. Do not go too fast on the skating floor, if you are passing more people than they are passing you. You need to slow down. Enjoy yourselves." John announced

The song She's Everything by Brad Paisley came on.

"Hey sexy," Nick greeted, intertwining his hand with mine

"Hey," I looked up at him dreamily

"Did you?" I started

Nick nodded, smiling.

"I love you so much," I kissed his cheek

"Come with me," Nick smiled

I followed Nick to the middle of the floor.

"Follow my lead," Nick said

Nick spun me around to where I'm facing away from him, and then he spun me back to face him.

"Keep going," Nick nodded

We spun around, dancing to the soft country music.

As the song ended, Nick and I started to skate again.

I looked at my watch.

Ten after seven.

Five minutes.

We skated around to a few more songs.

As the second song ended, John came on the microphone and the disco lights went off.

"I would like to take a moment to ask everyone to go to the sidelines."

Everyone, including me, excluding Nick, exited to the sidelines.

"Kathy, please go to the middle of the floor where Nick is." John said

Kathy skated onto the floor.

John skated onto the floor with a microphone in his hand.

John took Kathy's hand in his.

"Kathy, my beautiful wife, today we have been married twenty one years." John said into the microphone

Nick put a picture of Kathy and John as teenagers on the wall.

"I was thinking for months on how to surprise you, and then it hit me." John smiled

Nick put a picture of Kathy and John at their graduation, where John proposed, on the wall.

"Where have we spent most of our life? Here, at the skating rink." John stated

Nick put a picture of Kathy and John at their wedding on the wall.

"So, with a little help from Nick and a lot of planning, we finally had it set up." John explained

Nick put a picture of Kathy and John at the opening of the skating rink on the wall.

"Kathy, my wonderful wife, I love you so much." John looked into Kathy's eyes

Nick put a picture of Kathy and John that was taken about a week ago at the skating rink.

John knelt down on one knee, Kathy's hand firmly in his grip, and said,

"Katherine Abigail Thompson, will you be mine for all eternity?"

Nick put up a picture of Kathy, John, him, and me.

Kathy covered her mouth with her hand as tears fell from her eyes.

"Yes, of course I will!" Kathy squealed

John got off of his knee and quickly kissed Kathy.

"I love you so much," They said in unison

Everyone cheered.

John handed Kathy the microphone.

"Now, before anyone comes back out on the floor. I want to have Samantha Jones out on the skate floor." Kathy announced


I skated out onto the floor next to Kathy.

Kathy handed Nick the microphone.

Kathy and John skated to the first picture.

"Samantha, my darling, I want to start this out by telling you that I love you with all my heart." Nick told me

Kathy and John flipped over the first picture to reveal my name on the back of it.

"Today, we've been together for five months. Although, it feels like we've been together for years." Nick smiled

Kathy and John flipped over the second picture to reveal the word 'will' on the back of it.

"From the moment I saw you in freshman year up until now I've loved you." Nick looked into my eyes

Kathy and John flipped over the third picture to reveal the word 'you' on the back of it.

"I've gone through heck with you. That's not a bad thing either. I would walk a million miles if it meant I could spend one minute with you," Nick said, smiling

Kathy and John flipped over the fourth picture to reveal the word 'marry' on the back of it.

"I want us to be like John and Kathy. Married for over twenty years, and still like kids in high school," Nick nodded

Kathy and John flipped over the fifth picture to reveal the word 'me' on the back of it.

Nick knelt down, got a box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a diamond ring.

"Samantha Marie Jones, will you marry me?" Nick asked as John and Kathy flipped over the last picture revealing a question mark

Tears filled my eyes as I smiled at him.

"Yes, of course I will marry you!" I squealed

Nick got up off his knee and kissed me.

Nick and I pulled away and Nick slid the ring on my finger.

"Congratulations guys!" John and Kathy exclaimed

"Thanks you two," Nick nodded

Kathy and John gave the thumbs up.

"Now, ages eleven and under on the skate floor if you would like to participate in the fast skate." Kathy explained

Nick and I skated off the floor hand in hand.

"I'm gonna go and get us something to drink," Nick told me

"Okay sweetie," I kissed his cheek

"Hey Dyl, hey Taylor," I greeted, skating up to the table

"Hey Sam," Taylor smiled

Dylan has this shocked look on his face.

I sat down across from Dylan and tapped his hand.

"Huh?" Dylan asked, snapping back into reality

"Look," I stated, showing him my hand

"I saw," Dylan nodded

"You're engaged," Dylan looked like he'd seen a ghost

"Yeah," I squealed

"Hey sexy," Nick said, sitting next to me and sliding me my drink

"Ages twelve and up for the fast skate out on the floor." John announced

"Come on guys let's go!" I exclaimed

We all got up and went out on the skate floor.

Heavy metal blasted from the speakers as Nick, Dylan, Taylor and I along with about three other kids starting skating quickly around the skating floor.

I hope nothing goes wrong this time. 'Cause the last time we skated like this, Nick and I crashed and burned. Into each other.




My sister.

My twin sister.

Is engaged.

Nick just proposed. And she said yes.

She said yes.

She said yes!

What the heck!

I was so hoping she'd say no.


Someone tapped on my hand.

I snapped out of my trance and back into reality.

"Look," Samantha showed me her hand

"I saw," I nodded slowly

"You're engaged," I started to come face to face with my fears

"Yeah," She squeaked

Nick came up with two drinks and sat next to Samantha.

I kinda tuned them both out until I heard,

"Ages twelve and up for the fast skate out on the floor,"

"Come on guys let's go!" Samantha exclaimed

We got up and went out onto the skate floor.

Heavy metal started blasting from the speakers as Samantha, Nick, Taylor and I along with three other people started flying around the skating floor.

Nick is right in front of me.

Time to take my anger out on skating.

I sped up and flew around Nick, Samantha, and another person I didn't know.

I continued to skate faster than before, when I slammed straight into the wall.

I fell down but nothing is going to stop me this time, I got back up and started skating even faster than I was before I fell.

The music faded out and I started slowing down.

"Alright, let's slow it down and take this back to an all skate." John announced

I skated into the snack bar area and got at the back of the line.

I waited in line for about five minutes before I finally got up to the counter.

"Hello what can I- Whoa, dang Dylan what happened to your eye?" Ariel asked

"I slammed into a wall," I said slowly, anger still flowing through my veins

"'Cause you got a shiner the size of Texas," Ariel stated

"Bag of ice please," I told her

Ariel filled a plastic zip-lock bag with ice, zipped it up and slid it to me.

"Thanks Arie," I smiled and nodded slightly

I skated off, holding the ice bag on my eye.

I sat down at a table in the main lobby.

"I'm guessing you're not too happy about Samantha getting married," Kathy guessed, sliding into the seat across from me

"Is it that obvious?" I asked

"For two reasons, one, I know you. And two, when I was your age I did the same thing." Kathy nodded

"Did what?" I questioned

"Slam into a wall because I was going too fast and really mad at John." Kathy stated

"I despise him Kathy," I told her

"And Samantha is completely oblivious to the whole thing." Kathy nodded

"Mm hmm," I hummed

"Look Dylan, she loves him. And she loves you. Don't make her choose, because I know who she will choose." Kathy explained

"And before you say anything, she will choose you. She will want to make you happy, even if it means she has to suffer." Kathy patted my shoulder

"What do I do then?" I asked

"You suck it up and be a man." Kathy said boldly as she got up and walked off

"She will want to make you happy, even if it means she has to suffer."

Kathy's right.

"You suck it up and be a man."

And that's exactly what I plan on doing.

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