Prince Lukas woke to a sky in ice cream shades: vanilla, apricot and peach. A honey scented breeze drifted through the wide, open window. Lukas rolled off his large strawberry cloud bed and stretched his arms to the ceiling. A storm cloud of nervousness then darkened the bright morning. Today was the day he would set off on his search for his father's new Queen. Preparations had been going on for two days and everything was finally ready. Lukas was scheduled to leave after an elaborate, celebratory breakfast planned in his honour.

There was a knock on Lukas's door, probably a servant, so the Prince bid them to enter. The door burst open and framed in the doorway was a young woman, clad head to toe in the most blinding of colours. She wore a bright dress with a low necked blue bodice and off the shoulder sleeves and purple skirts that ended a little above her ankles, under which her pink petticoats were visible. Tied around her slim waist was a yellow apron decorated with multi-coloured gumdrops and on her feet were impossibly high heeled orange shoes and white stockings. Over her shoulders was a gauzy red shawl and around her neck was a lacy scarf tied into a bow. A green headscarf kept her masses of reddish blonde corkscrew curls away from a youthful heart shaped face that housed large, excitable blue eyes, a tiny, freckle-dusted nose and rosy bow shaped lips. She stood only a tiny bit taller than Lukas, even in her ridiculously tall heels. Her name was Rockabye; she had been Lukas's nanny when King Richard was too busy to take care of him, which was more often than not. Rockabye, or Rocky, as she preferred, was crazy, unpredictable and great fun, not unlike Pop Rocks. She rushed into the room and enveloped Lukas in a big bear hug.

"Hey, Rocky," he murmured, her wild hair tickling his nose,

"Good morning, sweetheart," she said, setting the Prince back down, "I heard you - " Rocky tapped Lukas on his chin, " - are going on a special quest. A Queen for Candyland!"

Rocky waltzed away from Lukas and spun around his room, wobbling slightly on her heels, "How beautiful!" she sighed, "that the King trusts his 16 year old son to find a Candy Queen! Such controversy! It shall be excellent fun watching this play out at Court!"

Lukas laughed. Sometimes he wondered if his beloved nanny was a few peanuts short of a cluster. But Rocky's insanity was the source of her charm and Lukas wouldn't have it any other way.

"A particular reason you've dropped by, Rocky?" he asked,

"Of course! I'm here to dress you!" she threw open the doors of Lukas's large wardrobe,

"I thought that's what the maid was for?" the Prince questioned,

"Oh, puh-lease," Rocky huffed, sending a stray curl up and away from her eyes, "that woman couldn't pick out a nice outfit if I hit her with the Fashion Sense Stick,"

"And why can't I choose my own clothes?" Lukas asked her as she riffled through his immense collection of jackets, capes and leggings.

At that, Rocky turned around and set her hands on Lukas's shoulders. She looked deeply into his eyes as she said, "Lukas, darling, you are a boy. If you can show me a boy who is able to dress himself in a socially acceptable ensemble, I will gladly let you choose your own clothes."

With nothing to say to that, Lukas sat back on his bed while Rocky smirked and returned to looking through his closet. After a few minutes a pile of clothes landed in Lukas's lap.

"There, go try those on," Rocky pushed him towards the dressing screen in the corner.

Lukas slipped out of his pyjamas and pulled on white trousers, a loose white shirt with peppermint leaves embroidered around the collar and a silver buttoned peppermint-green jacket that reached mid-thigh and had silver trim on the shoulders, cuffs and along the hem. He stepped out cautiously from behind the screen and faced Rocky. She gave a mock swoon and clasped her hands to her heart,

"Oh! My baby is all grown up!" she giggled, "before we know it, he'll be married with children!"

"Shut up," Lukas grumbled as his nanny navigated him in front of the full length mirror,

"There. Don't you look dashing?" she sung into his ear,

"I need shoes, Rocky," Lukas wiggled his bare toes,

"Fret not, dear child," she cried as she tossed him boots one by one. They were white with green insides that showed through when the tops turned down just below the knee.

Lukas dropped down on his bed and was about to pull on the boots when –

"NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Rocky shrieked,

"I-I'm putting on my shoes…" he trailed off,

"But you have no socks on! Do you have any idea how gross that is? Here, these are what you want," she handed him some balled up socks and the Prince sighed before tugging them onto his feet, followed by the boots.

"Perfect! Now gives me a twirl!" Rocky requested,

Lukas stood at twirled on his toes, giving Rocky a 360 degree view of his outfit.

"You're ready! Come now, it's time to go." She turned towards the door and gave him a pointed look, "Offer a lady your arm?"

Prince Lukas extended his arm towards Rocky and she pulled on short, silky violet gloves before looping her hand through the crook of his elbow.

Lukas descended the spiral staircase that lead to his turret bedroom with Rocky at his side. He knew there were exactly 108 steps from the many hours of boredom in his childhood. The Prince and his nanny were companionably silent through their walk and once they reached the Feasting Hall, they found its large toffee doors wide open and the noble people of Jellybean City filtering in.

The Lords and Ladies parted before Lukas and Rocky, forming a path bordered with people. Lukas led his nanny to the head of the long Feasting Table, where his father was already seated. The Prince took the seat to King Richard's right and Rocky the seat next to him.

"Good morning, Father," Lukas smiled,

"Good morning, Lukas, Lady Rockabye," the King nodded in Rocky's direction, who giggled as a light blush seeped over her cheeks.

The rest of the guests took this as an indication to take their places and after a few moment of shuffling everyone was settled comfortably. The King rose to his feet and said a few words in a voice as rich as a chocolate mudcake:

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Jellybean City, we are here this morning to honour Prince Lukas, my beloved son who has graciously accepted my request to find a new Queen for Candyland, and not just any Queen, a Candy Queen!"

The people at the table clapped and cheered.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this morning is a chance for us to say good bye to the Prince and to wish him luck on his quest. Now, I'm sure we'd all like to eat,"

The King motioned to one of the servants standing by the wall and as if by magic, more servants carrying large platters of food appeared from hidden doors. They set the platters down and retreated to their doors. For breakfast, Prince Lukas was certainly spoilt for choice. There were assorted gummy fruits, probably grown in an orchard in the Lollipop Land, crème egg omelettes and racks of toast made from sweetdough bread, as well as jugs of filtered milk harvested from the Milky River. When all the food had arrived, King Richard resumed in seat helped himself to an omelette. This was the queue for everyone else to begin eating and so plates and goblets were filled.

All that could be heard for the next few minutes was with clinking of cutlery against plates before small conversations broke out. Lukas engaged in friendly chatter with some barons that were seated across from him and an odd discussion with Rocky about not wearing socks. Before long, the Lords and Ladies had finished their breakfast and were beginning to come up to Lukas and bid him good fortune in his search and even present him with small gifts. One girl with wavy brown hair and a gold dress around Lukas's age, perhaps the daughter of a Lord, went so far as to press a kiss to the Prince's cheek and whisper in his ear

"Best of luck to you, my Prince,"

Lukas could feel the heat rushing up his neck and to his cheeks, especially where the girl had kissed him. He buried his face in his hands as Rocky gave a large, exaggerated wink in his direction,

"Oh, come on, Lukas, you're adorable when you're all flustered," she teased,

Lukas hastened to take a swig of milk from his goblet, hoping it would at least cool him down. Fortunately there were only a few more guests to greet before it was time to get ready to set off.

Once the Hall had been vacated of the people, Lukas once again took Rocky on his arm and they ascended the twirling staircase to his room. Rocky quickly set out a new outfit for him, a simple chocolate brown outfit of long sleeved shirt, trousers and boots. Lukas changed quickly behind the screen and threw the peppermint clothes onto his bed when he emerged.

"I found this for you as well," Rocky held out a long brown cloak with a thick mantle of golden floss across the shoulders. She wrapped the Prince in it and it swirled around him like molten chocolate. Feeling a swell of sadness at leaving one of his best friends, Lukas turned around and gave Rocky a long hug.

"I'll miss you," he told her, his eyes threatening tears, "I wish you were coming with me,"

"I'll miss you too, darling, but can you imagine me out there, on the road? I'd be horrendous!" she gave a small laugh that proved infectious, as Lukas soon joined in.

"I suppose I'd better get down there," he said

"I suppose you had," Rocky agreed,

This time, instead of giving her his arm, Lukas clasped Rocky's hand in his. They walked that way down the stairs, through the Peppermint Palace, across the Grand Foyer, out the large peppermint double doors and into a courtyard cobbled with hundreds and thousands. Waiting there was the entire guest list from the morning's breakfast and more. Everyone cheered when the saw Lukas, who nervously raised his hand and waved. In the middle of the courtyard stood a horse. Horses were rare in Candyland, as the humans had brought only a few when the invaded Candyland and majority of them had died over time. Lukas knew there were only five horses in the Royal Stables and it was very likely that those five were the entire population of horses in the whole of Candyland. This one was the colour of honey and had saddlebags loaded with the few provisions deemed necessary.

Beside the new horse stood King Richard. Lukas approached his father, still holding Rocky's hand.

"Are you ready, my son?" the King smiled,

"As I'll ever be," the Prince replied,

He gave Rocky one last hug and then embraced his father. He then hooked his booted foot into the stirrup and swung himself onto the horse. Horses may be scarce but Lukas had still been taught to ride one. He waved good bye one last time to his father and Rocky,

"I'll be back soon," he promised, "with a Queen,"

Rocky laughed and blew him a kiss. The King of Candyland chuckled and waved back to his son. Lukas nudged the sides of the horse with his heels and it started off at a trot. The people of Jellybean City cheered and whistled even harder. Lukas led the horse out of the courtyard and into the streets of Jellybean City. The crowd followed him, though the Prince noticed his father and Rocky stayed behind and they were quickly blocked from view by the masses of people.

Lukas navigated the streets of the City and soon reached the massive Candy Cane Gates that led to the Candyland Territories. The Candy Cane Gates swung open, revealing the land outside. At the sight of the wide, open space Lukas urged the horse into a canter and sped out the gates, leaving the only place he knew to find a Queen, somewhere along the rainbow paved road.

Hahahahaha… Finally… Chapter Two… Since I never really imagined Lukas's story past the initial description of Candyland in the whole 5 years I've had this idea, it's been a bit difficult to write, but I rather like it :D And I've ended up just loving Rocky! She didn't exist until, like, 8 hours ago… I'd also like to extend my deepest apologies to my two lovely fans :P Sorry for the slow update! Anyway, hoped you liked it, review, all that ^_^