It was dark and a stormy night, the rain danced against the windows….tip, tap, tip, and tap…..I sat on the floor…staring into space…deep in thought.

My Aunt Loran, sitting on the chair behind me, combing my hair slowly and softly. I closed my eyes loving the feeling. Ever since I turned 18, a few weeks ago, my Aunt is trying to find me a suitor, but I turned them all down.

I'm not that pretty I have chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes; I'm curvy and average weight.

My aunts fed up of me she gives me these lectures saying that if I don't find a husband, I'll grow old and no man would want me, she also says that women are supposed to do whatever their husbands want.

But I disagree, I want to fall in love myself, I want to find my own man, who'll love me and would love me for eternity, who would treat me as his equal.

I try not to go out much because of other males wanting to court me and watch me…I feel very uncomfortable, especially when they try to look into the house….for me.

My 18 year old cosine sister who's 6 months older than me was sitting on the sofa looking bored. She has blue eyes and blond hair and too big of a cleavage, which she shows off.

We both hate each other…well more like hate me ever since I moved in when I was younger….my parents had died in an accident…ever since I stayed here with my aunt…and my cosine Stella having a grudge on me. She either tries to be better than me or she tries to make my life hard….most of the time.

I looked at her across from where I am sitting and she gave me a hard and dirty look. I just rolled my eyes. My aunt humming her favourite tune, Stella looking bored and I well I'm deep in thought talking to myself.

I sat there listening to the rhythm of the rain tapping against the window…when a loud banging came at our front door.

We all jumped from where we were, I could actually hear all our hearts thumping in and out of our chests.

My aunt made a move to open the door…she looked through the peep hole first, looked at me and Stella and opened the door.

She stood there still; we both crept up slowly until we heard my aunt speak.

"Hello….can I help you" she said

"ma'am" he said his dark voice wrapping around me in a dark chill, his husky voice sent my heart racing through the storm.

"Yes" aunt loran said

"My names Bastian De Kool, I am a royal and I was in my car when it broke down in the storm, I was wondering around trying to find someone who could help me find my way" I heard, and I loved the sound of his voice, yet it scared me, right to my spine.

"Oh my, are you alright, please come in you might catch a cold"

I saw him nod and walk the back of his head towards me as he thanked aunt loran.

"Aya, Stella, come here and greet our guest, he will be staying here for a while, so I want you to do everything he says and treat him at home" she said

He turned and looked at me straight in the eye, my breathing had stopped, my heart in my chest thumped faster than ever. He was beautiful…he had a masculine jaw which showed me that he Knows how to demand, his ears small yet go with id face….and oh is eyes…his eyes were green and hazel both together, his lips soft yet rough and demanding.

His body was buff, hunky and big…..i could feel myself get hotter by the second. His dirty sandy blond hair looks black in the dark but in the light you could see his true features.

He smirked at me as if he knew what I was thinking, I looked down…I could feel my face heating up as I walked over to my aunt.

"Yes aunt" I said quietly as I kept my gaze at her.

"I want you to take Mr De Kool upstairs and show him his room and make sure he is comfortable"

"Yes Ma'am"

I was about to show him the way to his room until Stella came in flirting with him. She pushed me out of the way, I stumbled but I held myself up right giving her a glare which as usual she ignored.

"Hi I'm Stella Ayas cosine and daughter of loran" she, invading his personal space and I swear she was giving him a seductive look and she wanted him to look down her shirt.

"Pleasure to meet you Stella" he shook her hand before letting it drop.

My aunt nudged me giving me a glare, which shows that I have to introduce myself to him.

I walked up to him as he turned to face me…I swallowed the lump I my throat and introduced myself.

"Hello, m-my name is Aya Blackburn, nice to meet u sir"

"Pleasure to meet you too, such a young woman like you, well it would be a pleasure to meet my lady." He said shaking my hand and bringing it up to his lips leaving an electric shock shooting inside me. I pulled my hand away, keeping it close I gave him a small smile and nodded at me.

"Well Aya why don't you show Mr De Kool his room…!" said aunt loran annoyed.

I nodded at mentioned for him to follow me leaving a very angry Stella behind. We went up the stairs and walked into the guest room.

"This is your room sir" I showed him the room with a king size bed and a lock on the door with his own bathroom.

"I hope you like it sir and would you like anything else" I asked him quietly

His eyes roamed around the room and finally meeting mine…my heart beat increased a huge amount.

"It's perfect, couldn't have asked for anything better" he looked right at me and I had a feeling that he wasn't talking about the room he was staying in.

"Would you like anything else sir?" I repeated to him trying to ignore the look he was giving me.

"Please call me Bastian no need for that"

"Yes s-….I mean Bastian…I'll just leave you to freshen up"