Dear Daddy
you hurt me today
even though your a thousand miles away
Have a good night Dad
Youv'e left me to be sad
but thats okay
cause I won't show it

Dear Daddy
I didn't show it
are you proud of me?
Course you are
perhaps I wonder if you cant see
Cause I have cried in front of you
but you didnt know what to do
so you didn't say anything
you left me with a bitter sting
I forgive you dad
my emotions may make you mad
so father, do not worry when I'm sad.

Dear Daddy
today I climbed a tree
just like what we did when it was you and me
I went as far as the branches could allow
to see what I couldn't see from the ground
I saw that you were not right
I saw that perhaps I had been wishing on a sattalite
Instead of a star
too bad daddy, cause I asked it to go far

Dear Daddy,
I stared at the phone today
rehearsing in my mind what to say
but no one called me
for there was no ring of the phone or a sighn for me to see
I guess I'll wait tomorrow for you daddy
or perhaps the next day
I dont mind daddy
this gives me another day to rehearse what I'm going to say

Dear Daddy
Its been awhile.
but even without you I have been able to smile
I found someone Daddy hes perfect
he holds me when I cry
And prays that our love will never die
hes perfect Daddy, but you wouldn't know
you think you are perfect
but no, i dont see it anymore
You see daddy, these notes are starting to be a bore
but still Daddy, I dont know why
but I want them to burn you to the core

Dear Daddy,
Im dressed in white
Its a little hard to breathe because I haven't seen him for awhile
we thought it would be bad luck
Im wearing something blue, something old, and something new
but where are you daddy?
I got your tux and I sent your invite
perhaps I was right...
Daddy are you going to call and say congrats?
not even a tip of the hat?
Thats okay Daddy
cause I can't even remember what you look like
what you sound like
you never call daddy
but thats okay I forgive you
I have another boy to love now
and soon I'll be his to worry about too
is it odd Daddy, how I have no one walking me down the isle?
I dont think it is...
cause no one deserves to walk down with me
I dont speak in so many rhymes now for you daddy
is that bad?
Well, there's my cue
he's waiting for me at the alter
..dont wait up for the " I do "

Dear Daddy,
Our first was born today
shes beutiful and wonderful
she lights up the stars
I wonder if thats what i did for you
I promise to never drop her
to never hurt her feelings
to cry for her so she wont cry
to make her smile when she is upset
did you make the same promises daddy?
Cause you didnt really follow up
but thats okay daddy
cause I have a family now
you are the least of my worries

Dear father-in-law,
I am sitting at her grave today
our daughter is off to college
I knew you were buried here too
and I knew she wouldnt want to be with you
so shes on the oppisite side of the grave yard now
underneath a tree
I set her favorite flower near her marker today
i didnt know what to say
I loved her you see
So I cant help but wonder when I will follow her
...I found some letters she wrote
their all adressed to you
I will set them on your grave
to see what you missed out on
to see that you missed out on watching the most wonderful girl...
..the most beutiful girl grow up
I learned from your mistakes though
My daughter and I are like best friends
I even take her to the mall, for the latest trends
I'd spend a million dollars for her
but you wouldnt have spent a penny on your daughter
on my wife
on my daughters mom...
No, not a single penny
for the most wonderful girl in the world