Can I tell you something?

Before I met you I was fine.

I was alone and happy.

Suddenly things have changed. Dreams of you haunt me in my sleep.

Strange dreams. You are touching me. Laughing. I feel…

Something I've never felt before.

Each day I yearn for your look, your voice, your laugh.

I sit behind you in class and daydream, looking at the back of your head.

Your friends sit beside you. You favour them with your words, your smile, your laugh.

Not for me.

You ignore me.

Some days you look at me. Your eyebrows raised. A cheeky grin.

I smile back. A fire is lit inside my chest, burning inside my heart.

The rest of the day I am walking on air. Nothing can touch me. I am reborn in your beautiful eyes.

I don't feel cold, sadness, pain, hunger. Nothing can hurt me. Inside me I have a secret charm. Memory of you.

Some days you torture me. You don't look or speak to me at all!

I sit behind you in class, staring at the back of your head. Can't you hear the silent screaming of my heart?

Look at me! Look at me! Just once, and I'll be in heaven.

If you don't look at me, I'll spend the rest of the day hating myself.

He doesn't like me. What's wrong with me? I hate myself. I'm useless and ugly.

Misery leadness in my stomach.

You torture me, tease me. I wasn't weak like this before. I was independent.

Now I need you. I hunger for you. You are my drug. You control me.

Some days you speak to me. Brush your hand against mine. Grab me by the throat. Touch me…

I want you I want you I want you

Please please I'll never ask for anything else

I love

your smell

your touch

your laugh

your raised eyebrows

your voice

your cheeky grin

I want our bodies and souls to twine together

Like the sky and the Earth



You're leaving school?

I'll never see you again?

How could you do this to me?

I hate you.

My heart snapped in two.

Burning inside, burning everything.

Empty cold hollow inside.

Glass tearing at my guts.

Goodbye. I love you. I hate you.

Before I met you I was fine.

I was alone and happy.