Chapter 1


It's not like I really hate the life I left back in Georgia. Trust me, really.

It's just that…I can't take the things that are happening to me. My parents had a divorce when I was in sophomore year at my old school. The happening forced me to stop studying for the next year and my little brother stopped going to school as well. He was just in 6th grade for goodness sake! They didn't even mind their children to become illiterate when growing up. Huh, adults and their problems. That happening left me really, really down. My dad left my mom and went with a skinny blonde bimbo and took a jet off to lala-land without leaving us anything behind.

I haven't heard from him since then.

My mother was really sad and upset it caused her to develop a chronic heart disease and die two short months ago. My father didn't want to take me in due to the wish of his beloved stupid bimbo. The girl hated me a lot. That's alright, I hate her too. And I dislike my father as well, for doing everything. He was responsible for the death of my mother, I can't just forget everything.

So I was left to my one hell of a witch of an aunt and my little brother on the custody of my grandparents back in Georgia and I was forced to stay with my aunt here in San Ricardo. A slightly warm place, if I were to say. She sent me back to school only complaining how I am being a pain in the arse for being such a person who adds to her load and etc. First of all, my aunt hates me. Well, practically everyone treats me like a misfortune. Mother once told me that when she was in one of her alcoholic state of mind. My aunt told me a week ago that I was such a black sheep and total bad luck to them and I now even doubt whoever I bring bad luck to. Good thing I was pretty close to her daughter back in childhood, we used to play together and I really adore her. Her name's Rica. Rica's a very good and nice girl, far from her wicked mother. Rica was there with me to offer me a shoulder. Gosh, she was my best friend. My only confidante from all of that happened to me these past months. Everything seemed like it was vowed to happen. From the words of Rica, she secretly dislikes her mother also. She says she's too loud for an individual with all of her yells here and there.

Rica's a blonde girl, far from the idiotic blondes. Her golden blonde her flows until her mid-back which is slightly wavy but shiny, her nose a cute little thing decorated on her face and the light freckles sprawling on her cheeks, her perfectly tanned skin, toned legs, curvy body, 5'7 height, her heart-shaped face and her big emerald eyes.

Too cute, I could say. She's actually a pretty popular nice girl back in Westwood High. I'm a loner; everyone's wondering why awkward girls like me even related to one of the school's "IT" student. She's pretty on her own good, very pretty.

And I am much too far from that.

I have a skin as pale as snow, a dark brown hair looking almost like black that grows until my butt (I know, it's long, but I love my hair!), boring dark blue eyes, awkward pink lips that I can't even force to form a perfect pout (I look gross whenever I do that), awful 5'5 height, stupid short legs, awkward nose, really? I can't even tell how much I don't trust my beauty at all.

I have no confidence to do a full make over.

In my 16 years of existence, I never had anyone to love in my life. I never experienced having a suitor or having a lover. Actually, I never fell in love in my whole life before. Based from my experience, I don't want to be hurt. I don't trust men. I don't like their arrogant guts, super huge egos and manic stares. I hate them, I don't like them, I don't even want to mingle with them. I can't stand being with them, I can't look straight at them with having any grudge on their race.

I know, I'm not a man-hater but I don't want to be associated with them either. I just…don't trust them.

Which has completely nothing to do with why I am standing in front of an All Boy's school right now, dressed-up as a boy who looked like going to puke any moment, fidgeting under the heat of the sun while being unable to force my legs to move and seemed to question as to why did I even do this in the first place.

I look like a geeky boy. No wait, far from being geeky, actually. Rica did a marvellous job on me and I even barely recognized myself when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Not too long ago also, I was accepted at the school I inquired into for a full scholarship and told me to come to the school right after I have the time to being my interview so I can start studying there immediately.

Actually it was an All Boy's boarding school namely, Notre Dame boarding school for Boys.

So okay, back to what I look.

My long dark brown hair was braided and was being hidden under a tight hold jet black hair wig fixed in a sexy 'just-got-out-of-bed' style (courtesy of Rica), my dark blue awkward eyes showing off their colour more and my face not really changing. I look far from being a boy. I have an awkward height to be called a man. I should just scamper and forget the scholarship and just start to work and forget my ambitions of being a successful interior designer when I finish in college.

Just taking into what I look…

Actually, I look like a sheep that had just been shaved.

I still look feminine and I look awful. Great, who am I going to fool with this appearance? I don't even know how to act like a boy, really. Just what am I going to do when I easily get intimidated by their presence? And I'm actually going inside the pit hole of my coming death.

Rica was really ecstatic about this and told me to beep her the time I get into the dorms and also told me to introduce her to any hot catch I am going to meet. Great, how am I supposed to be friends with all of the rich boys in here when I practically don't have any money with me? Ugh, this is one of the dumbest decisions of all.

And so I found myself again staring into the wide black stainless steel gate with a small security room on the far right side and a small doorbell on the bricked wall. Is this really a school? It seemed like it was a giant mansion or something. I heaved a long deep sigh as I walked lazily towards where the guard house was and clicked the doorbell thing. After a few minutes, the door from the guard house opened and revealed a tiny fat man in his late forties with a kind expression on his face. He was smiling friendlily and I was a little suspicious about that. My eyes drifted from his figure to the golden etched words on top of the black gate. Then there were the words NOTRE DAME BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS etched on it in shiny gold letters. I heard that those were real gold bars. The school's kind of rich. I didn't even know it existed in San Ricardo not until I saw a brochure of it when I was at the principal's office of my old school.

"Ey kid, what do you want?" The guard asked with a tone of curiosity as he narrowed his eyes to my direction.

I was taken aback by his sudden speech and started shuffling on my feet. I brought my eyes to meet his but I seemed failed to do so, afraid of being caught in the biggest lie that I am going to make.

"Uhm…hi?" I squeaked, gulping a little as I curled a small smile on my lips, refusing to meet the old security guard's gates. I cleared my throat and looked down while saying, "I would be here for an interview about the scholarship."

"Oh, you must be that new kid! Come on in, lad! The principal's been expecting you!" The guard said with a merry sing-song voice as he opened a tiny small gate near the guard house and motioned me to enter. I didn't hesitate and immediately entered the grounds knowing that this would change my life for all eternity.

It's just only 2 years more. I can endure this, I can do this. I'll finish high school, avoid to being caught and getting into trouble and finish everything. I told myself as I let go of the breath that I have been holding on for a while.

The guard was phoning someone and after a few minutes which seemed forever, the guard smiled at me and patted my back friendlily and told me the directions to the principal's office. Weird, why was he happy about a certain unknown scholarship transfer student?

I silently followed his directions and immediately found myself standing in a grand big hallway with lots of male students glancing at me curiously. Some were not minding and some were eyeing me as if I was about to enter the den of the lion. I tried my best to ignore them and hid my nervous antics as I slowly made my way inside the hall. Why were they looking at me? Is it because of the clothes or have they noticed that I was a female in disguise?

I was actually wearing a large white button-up that was obviously big for my non-curvy frame, topped with a grey vest and baggy jeans. I was wearing a big and round nerdy glass that was too big for my face just to hide my all-too feminine face at the very least. I think it didn't help me at all. I look like a small loser geeky boy with no backbone. Actually, I have no doubts about my knowledge but I'm not that overly smart also. I just know things that other people don't know.

I was silently trailing my way to the principal's office when I softly arranged the bangs of the wig that was falling on my eyes and fixed it in a swift manner. I am earning looks from the guys that were standing among their lockers and also the guys that were sitting and holding various objects on their hands. Their looks were of that curious and surprise. Is it really surprising to see a transfer student here that was a scholar?

I took in full view of their uniform. The boys were wearing a plain navy blue pants, white button-up shirts, navy blue vest and navy blue neckties and a school seal on the right chest part of the button-up shirt as a uniform. Well maybe, I am wearing a similar thing to them except that I have an old vest with me and old baggy jeans that I borrowed from Rica's friend.

Then all of a sudden, a bell rang all across the halls that seemed to signal that their classes were about to start. The crowd broke into immediate chaos and the boys scampered their ways through the rooms. I silently laughed to myself seeing that they care about their education so much they were all afraid of being late. Or were they afraid of detentions?

I shook my head and continued on my way when I suddenly bumped into a tall guy with cool vanilla scent, a toned muscular and not too bulky figure with sharp blue eyes glaring directly at me and a scowl on his beautiful face.

The boy was handsome, his black hair looked like he was trying hard to fix it, his beautiful blue eyes narrowed and glaring at me as his beautifully carved nose was flaring with annoyance and his full pink lips twisted into a scowl. Alright, he was not friendly at all. And I have to admit it, he was hot.

But I don't like his guts at all. He should say sorry at least!

But I found myself saying that instead of him.

"I-I…I'm sorry, I wasn't, uh-" I stammered nervously but he cut me off by brushing past me and never glancing back. I was annoyed but I don't need to lose my patience here and I don't want to die yet. I didn't stand a chance against him, alright.

Before I shuffled back to my feet and continued on my way, I heard a loud 'HEY!' on his direction and found myself turning around to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't you dare to bump into me again, got it? Or you'll have one hell of a semester here!" with a smirk and a very annoying smuggish face, the guy turned around on his heels and stomped on his way and disappeared when he turned to a cubicle. See why I hate boys?

I was gaping; my mouth falling close then opening while looking for an answer for his arrogance. I breathed in and breathed out, my nostrils flaring with annoyance as I shook my head and stomped on my way. Either way, that guy surely is someone that I need to watch out for if I don't want to be kicked out here and revealing my real gender. Anyway, for him, I am just a geeky nerdy boy more like a freshman that was not worth his time. In fact, I am going to study here and resume my remaining semester as a junior student; and as a male, of course.

I sighed again and resumed on my way oblivious to a pair of forest green eyes looking at me knowingly.

20 minutes later after getting lost and asking help for the janitors, I found myself seated in front of Principal Adams' desk with a soft smile on his handsome face. The guy was nice, actually. I find him soothing and really favourable. He was actually ecstatic of me getting into scholarship into this school and he was really surprised to see how high my grades are. He was looking at me as though I was some kind of a genius lab scientist that discovered how to make humans become like spiderman.

"Well, Mr. Spade, I am looking forward with working with you. You're a brilliant student and I hope you'll be having fun in this school." Principal Adams said as he stuck out his arm to my way, waiting for me to have a business-like shake with him.

"I'm looking forward also and thank you, Principal Adams." I said meekly as I took in his hand and did a brief handshake with him. It's like I closed a deal with the devil.

"Your uniform, dorm room number and class schedule and requirements as well with the books you need will be also there in a list. Just ask my secretary before going out. Oh, right, you don't need to attend the classes for the rest of the day today, just have a good rest in your dorm and start the day tomorrow. Just buy the things you need in order for you to catch up in the lessons. There will be eating breakfast and dinner together with everyone in the royal dining room on the second floor of your dorm buildings and lunches will be at the cafeterias. You're not allowed to go out the school grounds unless you're on vacation or something important happened to your family." He said as he motioned me towards the door, dismissing me with a smile. "I hope I won't see you quite often here. And also, you will be rooming with Mr. Matthews. I hope you two will get along well."

I don't quite get what his last sentence meant.

With a curtly nod and a weak smile, I rushed to his secretary, gathered all the things he told me to get and smiled politely at her which she gladly returned.

As for the rest of the day, I was relieved that Principal Adams didn't notice that I was a girl after all. Everything's going just fine in the façade that I was putting up. I scurried my way towards the next large mansion-like building and entered it. The place took my breath away. It was like a live fairytale castle live in action. It was beautiful, splendid and breath-taking. It was marvellous. I was like in a castle of royal courts and royal bloody people. I felt rich when actually; I am far from being rich.

I can't believe it, me, Alexandra Reese Spade is actually enrolled and is going to live in one of the prestigious all boys' school in my place which I never knew of that it was actually existing.

Wait, I am Alex Spade here, not to forget.

I strode on the grand staircase and took a few turns here and there when I finally arrived to room number 306 on the third floor of the building. The room had a fancy antique designed wooden door with a black steel handle on it. I inserted the key into the keyhole on top of the handle, took a deep breath and carefully twisted it until the door made an unlocking sound. I pushed it gently and opened the door slightly while I took a small peek inside only to find it unusually dark because of the dark maroon curtains being closed and was blocking rays of sun to enter. I opened it slightly just enough for my small frame to enter and leaving behind the door slightly ajar and taking few small steps to view the room fully. My soon to be room, actually! The room was quite large actually with two master beds on the opposite sides of each room, the one of the right was quite used and was not neatly arranged (which I frowned at) and the one on the left which was arranged neatly and looking like it was never used. There was a small coffee table in the center isle, a flat-screen TV ahead of it, hanging on the wall with two opposite large couch on each side of the table, a white Sony Vaio laptop placed on top of the bed on the right, a medium size closet also on the right and one on the left, the room had only one door which I presume to be the bathroom and the walls were decorated with old Victorian style wallpaper covering the aging walls and also the floor was carpeted.

The room looked nice. Heck, it even smelled nice! It kind of smelled like Vanilla, a frosty vanilla scent that slowly grew familiar to my senses. The vanilla scent was kind of familiar like the scent of the-

"What the fucking hell are you doing here?" An incredulous yet pissed voice hissed dangerously low behind me, opening the door fully with a loud thud.

I yelped in shock as I caught myself in time and responded with a firm and grim feature as I turned to look to see who the intruder was. "Actually, if you didn't notice, I am starting to be rooming with you for the rest of the following years. Though I would like you to refrain from using such coarse language on me-" I stopped in great horror.

It was the guy from earlier! His blue eyes glaring straight at me, burning holes on my forehead!

My dark blue eyes stared at him incredulously as I was trying to find my voice at the moment. It's now useful for my part to use any kind of retort or an answer if he ever insult me or kill me! Or even worse, slug me then hide my body in the bathroom!

Ugh, help!

"Are you my new roommate?" He asked, slowly walking inside with his eyes never leaving my features. "I can't afford to be roomed with a geek like you."

(gasp!) Geek like me? (another gasp!) Is he seriously serious?

"Well, yeah…" I eyed him with annoyance as anger started to swell up my nerves. I gradually hid it and put on a straight face while searching for the right words. "I am. You've got problem with that, dude?"

"I can't believe this." He muttered under his breath as he stomped to the bathroom door and slammed it closed leaving behind a gaping me. Well, I can't be wrong can I? Is he the Matthews guy the principal was talking about?

Or is he not?

Well, this will seriously be one hell of a hot and fierce semester.


I strode off into the bathroom and slammed it shut in front of my new roommate's face. I had quite enough of a bad morning to even handle little revelations of having a geek as a roommate. I leaned against the bathroom sink and looked at my tired and exasperated expression in front of the mirror. I twisted the faucet on and let the water flow from it and down to the sink.

I formed my hand like a bowl and dipped it into the flowing water while I smashed the water trapped in my hands into my face to at least remove my stress for the day.

It didn't help.

I groaned as I clutched into the bathroom sink and grunted as I randomly kicked one of the bins that made it fall down and reveal lots of nosy trashes. Mostly aftershave cream packets, shampoos and box of soaps. I don't even want to clean it.

I had a bad morning.

I found out that my mother's going back from her trip to Scotland to pay a visit to me here in this school in the next two months.

Two months!

It's drawing near! I can't be ready with such a short span of time! And Vincent's not yet back from his school holiday of being suspended after breaking a nose of some random bulky guy in this school.

Great, I have no one to share my grievance.

And also, I woke late which meant detention, missed breakfast and had to use regular soap because I ran out of my usual one. I even had to knock into the other door to ask if the person there had something useful to use to for shaving. They didn't so I stomped back to my room angrily and kicked my bedside post out of frustration.

I didn't even expect that geek I bumped into the hallway to be my new roommate! I think karma bit my head off and pushed the gears of fate to make this wimp my new roommate for a back stab. It sure worked.

I opened the door open only to find him fixing his things up on his closet and sprawling some notes and clothes on his bed while tapping his chin in concentration. Not only this geek was a loser but also moves like a freaking fucking feminine. What is he? A cross-dresser or something? I stepped outside and sighed inwardly as I headed towards my bed and sat on the edge of it, grabbing the laptop and setting it on the floor so I could lay myself and at least have a good little sleep.

"You know," the geek began, raising his eyebrow at my laid back body and slowly forming a short grimace on his face while crossing his arms over his little frame. "The laptop would be accidentally stepped on if you put that there."

I ignored him and acted like he didn't exist. I twisted my body to the right so that my back was facing him and snorted inwardly at his fail attempt of making a conversation. What a lame geeky guy.

"Well, suit yourself." He finally said, fully ignoring me for the rest of the day.

The day flowed by slowly and I finally got irritated at the deafening silence of the room. I can't bear it, I can't stand it. I jerked up and looked at my new roommate only to find him without his dramatically huge nerdy glasses on.

It surprised me, really.

For the first time in my life, I've never seen such a beautiful shade of blue in eyes before with quite long lashes that brushes up his cheek whenever he blinks. I've never seen such cute and small nose and small full pink lips in a guy before. His body was so small I would actually think he was malnourished and never experienced going into the gym. The guy was so white I think he never goes out to experience the heat of the sun in San Ricardo. His hair was so black like it was as black as the ivory of a certain piece of art and sprawled perfectly across his forehead.

And not in my life have I seen such guy with so strong feminine features.

My heart thumped to wild inside my chest as hormones started to function and adrenaline started to pump in my body. I ignored it, I ignored the tingling sensation I am feeling.

Because I knew it was wrong. I knew it was something wrong.

I can't feel fucking giddy in front of a male!

Have the world turned upside down now? Or have I become Bi?

No, no, I can't be the latter! It still can't be. I never actually liked any guy or even appreciated their looks especially if they looked ugly. I am handsome, I am well aware of that. Girls I met always tell me I have SEXY BASTARD written across my forehead and I am so male I can't have a wild beating heart because of a certain feminine-like boy geek!

I cleared my throat as I cleared my trains of thought and looked pointedly at his direction.

"What's your name, geek?" I asked coolly as I swung my legs on the side of the bed, picking up my laptop and placing it on the bedside table carefully.

He stopped from what he was doing and dragged his head up to equally meet my gaze, his eyes concealing all emotions he was feeling. Well, I can give him applause for doing it so perfectly it confuses and interests the hell out of me. My blue eyes trained directly on his dark ones and quirking an eyebrow in the whole process. He remained silent for awhile while giving me dirty and suspicious looks.

"I'm Alex. Alex Spade. I guess you are the Matthews guy the principal told me." He said with an equally bored and cool tone.

"Yes, I am. My name's Lucas." I said casually as I slipped through the bed and ran a hand through my dark hair and crashed my butt into the couch in front of the coffee table. I laid my legs on top of the table and closed my lids temporarily while waiting for the answer of Alex. The geek actually had a name.

"Well then, nice to meet you, Lucas." Alex said dismissively as he slowly returned to what he was doing. I gaped in shock. That was it? No other questions? Has he not been interested to my life or to my status in this school?

I was taken aback. He actually never asked me questions or tried to get into my good side and pried into my life like every other person in this fucking school does. He was second along with my best friend to do that. He actually didn't care. It kinda hurt my ego and got me contented at the same time.


"Where are you living outside this school?" I asked, trying to attempt a conversation at the boy while I tried to hide my grimacing features. "I mean, do you at least have somewhere to go home to?"

He peeked from what he was reading this time and quirked another eyebrow at my way. What? Is it wrong to know the background of the person you are going to live with for the rest of your year?

"I'm from Georgia. I moved from there to here in San Ricardo." He finally said, going back to his material. I can actually tell because of the small accent that was left on his voice. "I'm living with my aunt."

"I see. I can hear it from your voice, a small accent trailing off." I said as I shifted on my position to find a comfortable one. "You're with your aunt? Why? Your parents?"

"Don't have any. Mother died, father left." He shrugged as he flipped his material to another page with the equally neutral expression on his face. Seriously, does this guy even know how to smile? Realizing I touched a delicate subject, I sighed and kept my mouth firmly shut as I peek at him through my eyelids. Actually, I didn't know the feeling of having lost my mother and my father leaving us. My sister and I are both being loved by our parents so I don't really know the feeling of being unloved and being rejected. I can't bear to be rejected by the female crowd. I have lots of friends and I get what I want. The power of money and the influence of it to people, I guess. It sure is a powerful tool to use.

"Sorry. Didn't know that." I said as I removed my legs on the table and decided to stand up and leave. It was kinda boring, really. I don't like talking to people who only knew a few syllables and can't even answer properly. Or maybe I just miss Vince's enthusiasm.

I shuddered at the thought of missing my best friend. I sound like a fucking pansy.

Vince and I had known each other since childhood. His mother and my mother were the best friends so I guess we both just became best friend's coz of that. Forced and pulled into meeting each other and playing with each other whenever our mothers decides to go and tag us along, we both grew into each other and had each other's back ever since.

The silver metal thing rang from inside my pocket as I fished it and tucked it under my ear while I barked into it with a "What do you want?" question. I was only greeted by a loud laughter of the familiar voice I had never heard of for weeks.

"Dude," the person on the other line said. "Being so angry this early, I see?"

"Vince?" I asked dumbly although I already knew who it was. I grinned broadly as I gripped the phone tightly and chuckled. "Vince man, fuck, where have you been?"

"You know places…" he trailed off. I could feel the smile on his face. "And oh, you might want to go down to meet me at the front door of the building."

I stood up with a huge grin on my face and left abruptly just like how swift I entered just a few hours ago.

Vincent just came back.


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