Chapter 14


We all stared in horror at the body covered with blood just outside the window. It can be clearly seen that the gun used was left lying just beside the dead body of a young maid.

We were all silent.

"I…I can't believe this…" I heard Alex murmur from behind. "I-I… I just can't believe this…"

I turned around to face her. There was this look of utter surprise and disbelief at what she saw. I can see from her shoulders that she was shivering not only because of surprise but also because she was scared. Even Greg, the twins and Bridget were dead silent. I don't even know what to do myself. The whole dining area turned silent…too silent for my own good and it's as if the huge pendulum clock was playing a trick on us because I swear, its ticking is the only sound we all could hear as of the moment.

I saw Vince backing up unsteadily until he found a seat to sit on. His gaze was unfocused while both of his hands were curled into fists. Greg's mouth was slightly hanging open, Landon and Lawrence were holding each other's shoulders as though they will never let go. Bridget, on the other hand, was suspiciously calm.

I closed my eyes and rubbed the back of my neck, making myself forget the bloody image I just saw. I'm too stressed and this happening is just too much. Just as I was about to lose it, Alex suddenly screamed in full horror while dashing closer to the window.

"LISA! OH MY GOD! LISA! THAT'S LISA!" She cried out while pounding the glass windows, trying to look for the lock so she could open it and jump out. "LISA! LISA! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! LISA!"

"ALEXANDRA!" I yelled with frustration and worry. "Don't you dare go out with a killer on the loose!" The moment I yelled her name with those emotions, a series of events flashed my inside mind all of a sudden. It was like a memory that I don't remember having. It came rushing to me that it surprised the hell out of me.

It was a flashback of an event. There was a garden. Two children playing. A boy and a girl. The little girl's hair looked short…she was a brunette. There was another one and it was a boy. The two boys were playing and the little girl was sitting, watching and laughing at the two boys. The other boy picked up a flower and gave it to the girl. The girl sniffed the flower, smiled to the boy and thanked him.

The flashback ended there. W-what…what the hell was that?

And one thing that surprised me the most was that the setting of the memory flashback was in here, in the Garden of Vows. But who could be those three children? Their faces were blurry.

I became slightly dizzy but thankfully recovered after a few seconds. It was Alexandra's crying voice that broke me out of my little reverie.

"But that's Lisa! That's Lisa there!" She continued to cry out, searching for a lock that might open the window. When she found it and started unlocking the window, I muttered "Shit," and ran towards her. Not that she was far though. I grabbed her in the waist and carried her away from the window.

"No! Let go of me! Lucas, let go of me!" She tried fighting back against my grip on her body but to no avail on her part. She continuously screamed, "No! No! LET GO OF ME, YOU JERK! LET GO! I SAID LET GO!"

"Bloody hell, Spade! Stop it! You think I'm going to allow you to go out with such danger lingering around? Fuck no! I'm not going to let you!" I burst out angrily. "Can you even think more to yourself than to others? Are you fucking insane? Going out there is a suicide, you hear me?"

"Alex…" Bridget said calmly. "Calm down." I gazed at the red-head who was actually very suspiciously calm the entire time this happened. Something's up here. I just know it.

"No!" Alex screamed stubbornly while punching my chest with full force.

"Ugh…Alex! Stop it!" I grunted in pain because, bloody hell, this girl punches hard. "You're going to knock the wind out of my system!"

"Put me down, then!" She spat viciously. "If not, I'm really going to knock the wind out of your windpipes!"

I laughed humourlessly at her. "You think you can? What are you, a macho girl? And if in case you still didn't know, I'm larger and stronger than you are."

Alex was silent for a moment. She looked at me, her dark blue irises' gaze colliding with mine. It was so dark that the colour of her eyes turned from dark blue to pure black. There was this soft, pleading and sad look on her eyes that looked so familiar it literally scared the shit out of me. Then, her voice that is loud enough that everyone could hear, pleadingly said, "LET GO OF ME, LUKE…Please?"

Everyone's attention was gathered towards us.


"I—I'm sorry, I…—" I have put Alex back down in a hurry that I almost made her land straight to the ground with her butt. I heard her squeak in surprise from what I did. I couldn't do anything but just to stand and look at her helplessly as if I have gone immobile all of a sudden.

"Lucas," I heard Vincent say in an alarmed tone.

"Hey," a soft voice greeted. It was a voice. A soft voice of a child.

I widened my eyes and started to look around me in a hurry. "What was that?"

"Dude, you okay?" I heard Greg ask in a worried tone. "You look like you have seen a shitting ghost."

"What a great way to phrase an exceptional observation," Vincent commented dryly. I felt Vincent walk towards me because of the change of the weight on the floor. He shifted on his feet and kneeled down beside me. "Hey, man, you okay?"

"Yeah, man, I'm okay. Thanks," I answered him tiredly. I really wanted to go back to my room because I'm starting to feel really tired. All of a sudden, a cold chill ran down my spine that made my body go weak that I couldn't even feel my knees anymore. My head started hurting all of a sudden causing me to lose my balance. I stumbled, almost falling down to the ground. I felt the wind being knocked out of my system causing my breathing to go uneven. I touched the side of my head, trying to relieve the pain I am feeling as of the moment.

"Hey," a soft voice greeted. "Heeeey~"

I blinked. There was that voice again. Surely, there were no children with us at the moment.

The young boy turned around prior to the call. He was greeted by a large smile from a little girl.

"What are you doing?" Inquired the girl.

"Nothing. I am just looking for my treasure which I hid in here." The boy answered carefully. He was concentrating on finding this 'treasure' that he hid.

"Oh. Do you want any help?" The girl offered, sitting beside the young boy.

"Nope. I can do this." The boy countered confidently. Along with these lines, he finally and successfully dug up something from the ground.

"Oooh~ what's that?" The girl cooed out of pure curiosity.

What the boy had dug up was a box locked by a little lock. Then, as though he was trying to impress the girl, he flashed a small key to her that will fit perfectly with the lock on the box.

"It's something that I hid in here! Let's open it!" The boy invited.

"Yeah, let's!" The little girl agreed with pure enthusiasm.

When the both of them finally opened the box, it revealed a piece of perfectly broken into half locket jewellery that would fit each other when it's combined.

"Here," the little boy handed the girl the other piece with a huge, innocent grin. "I give this to you!"

"Heeh~ really? You will?" The little girl's eyes twinkled with happiness while receiving the gift from the little boy. "I will treasure this with my life!"

"You promise?" The boy inquired shyly.

"Of course!" The little girl nodded and giggled. "You gave this to me, I will treasure this dearly!"

"Then…" The boy blushed and continued, "Will you marry me?" the question came out quietly.

The girl was surprised at first. "Marry? Does that mean we'll be together forever?"

The boy nodded shyly. "Yeah… Will you be with me forever?"

The girl was silent at first that the boy was really close to disappointment. After a few moments of silence, the little girl laughed gently and exclaimed, "Yeah! I will marry you!"

"Then it's a promise!" The boy's spirits were lifted up, up and high up in the clouds.

"We will be together forever, okay?" The girl held the little boy's hand and smiled widely. "I will be together with you forever, Luke!"

"What the hell…" I muttered breathlessly to myself. Why am I seeing memories I have never seen before? And the little girl said 'Luke'. Then does that mean that…the little boy is me?

"Lucas?" Alex's voice inquired worriedly. "Are you alright? You have…such an odd expression on your face just a few minutes ago."

"I'm fi—" when I raised my head to look up, I was greeted again by Alex's blue hues. I was silent for a few seconds while staring right back at her.

Alex has very beautiful eyes. She has a pair of very beautiful eyes that strongly reminds me of something I just saw. Then, the flashback entered my mind. I tried to replay the scene of the little girl and boy in mind while staring at her. I tried to remember even though only the colour of the eyes of the girl. If the boy was really me, then I will surely remember a tiny detail such as that. I tried hard in order for me to remember that tiny little detail.

"Lucas?" Alex inquired yet again but I didn't respond. Because from the moment I have laid my gaze on her eyes, it seems like I have seen them before and not at the same time. I just can't remember.

"Are you sure you're alright? You've been spacing out—" what she was about to say was cut short because all of a sudden, we heard a couple claps just outside and several footsteps coming closer towards the door of the dining room where we currently are.

"Nice try, could've fooled me." The voice stated bemusedly. From the depth of the voice, it sounded like it belonged to a male. "A fake murder scene with red paint as blood? Huh, what grade are you in? Four?"

"Ah~ this joke is too much, Brij! You really gave them a heart attack." A gentle yet perky voice of a female followed up the male's voice.

This is a seriously weird turn of events.

"And here comes the hero that saves the day." Bridget muttered with sarcasm dripping in her tone. "Hello, dear brother."

"Yo!" At that exact moment, Brandon Creston entered the room with Rica Adams in tow.

"Hi guys," greeted the blonde girl with a huge smile. "Hiiii, Alex! It's so nice to see my beautiful cousin again~!"

"Rica?" I heard Alex squeak beside me. "Is that really you? Is this all a dream again? What is happening here? Or am I just hallucinating…?"

"The one that was hallucinating was supposed to be me," I interjected. I didn't notice this one coming. Because Alex suddenly socked me hard on my side that I even coughed and lost the perfect harmony of my even breathing while asking, "Does it hurt?"

"Bloody hell! Flying arse of Merlin! Son of a gun!" I started yelling profanities while rubbing the sore spot on my side that she hit. "Of course it hurts! Shit! Why did you do that?!"

"I was just making sure I wasn't dreaming again! I'm so sorry!"

"I'm not so sure of what you mean but why me of all people?!"

"Because I thought you said you're larger and stronger," She mused. "And you're the nearest person to me."

"Bloody bitch," I murmured in pain, making sure that she doesn't hear it. She hits like a bloody buffoon!

"Ooh, that sure hurts. Need a hand, man?" Brandon Creston teased.

"One day, I am going to kill you, Creston." I hissed, rubbing the spot where Alex had hit me.

"It was a joke, calm yo tits, man." As if not buying my words, Brandon grinned brightly.

"I don't have tits, you dickhead." I replied hotly. "But anyway, care to explain what is happening here?"

"We'll get into that." Brandon let out a loud sigh while crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm really disappointed in you, Bridget." Brandon's tone immediately changed to that of an authoritative brother. "Doing things like this is really childish."

"And really, Brij?" in front of us, Rica Adams threw a bucket full of red paint. "Red paint? This is like, so elementary." The blonde girl rolled her eyes and tsked in pure disapproval while throwing other stuffs like a toy gun, a cassette and a pair of blood-red painted curtains.

I narrowed my eyes towards the items on the floor.

"So this was all of your doing?" I looked at her with complete disbelief. I tried to even my breathing because I know that if I didn't then I will really explode on her. After a few moments I calmly stated, "Brij, we've known each other for so long but this is really low even for you."

They all looked dumbly at Bridget except me. I really wanted to castrate her on the spot. My hands were itching to do so.

"Alright, alright, game over," With a clap of her hands, the whole house suddenly went busy. Even at the outside. We stared at horror when the corpse that was supposed to be dead suddenly rose up and started cleaning her clothes while the 'blood' on the ground was cleaned by the butler. Every helper that the house had started cleaning the whole place in a whim; heck, even the foods that we ate was swiped cleaned.

"Look, I'm sorry guys, okay? I'm really, really sorry. Especially you, Alex, I never intended to make you cry, trust me girl. I know I'm at fault and I'm really sorry. I just wanted to help someone by creating this scene. Ever since that accident 10 years ago, Lucas has been—" but before she could even continue, Vincent bolted up to her like a deer caught in red headlights, covered her mouth and dragged her out of our sight.

The whole room went silent after they left.

After a few minutes of silence, I blurted, "What was that all about?" as a result of my pure curiosity. "What accident of 10 years ago was Bridget talking about?"

Out of all the people from the room, it was Brandon who talked first. "Well, this is awkward… I guess I'm out then? Rica, the card's on you."

Rica Adams looked like she was going to have a massive headache by the way her face contorted into a problematic expression. She stayed silent for a couple of minutes, let out a loud sigh and saying, "We need to talk… But this is so not like the right place for us to talk. Alex and Lucas, follow me."


"Where are we going, Rica?" I found myself asking when we finally reached the second floor of the mansion. Lucas and I were aimlessly following Rica when she said that we need to talk.

When someone says, 'we need to talk', my heartbeat starts to race 700% than normal and it is not a nice feeling, I tell you.

We walked and passed a couple of rooms until we finally reached the last room of the hall to the right. It was a large one with wooden Victorian carvings and huge metal ring that seems like an odd doorknob. She pulled the ring and the huge door creaked open in a matter of short seconds.

"We're here." She stated calmly, though the look on her face states otherwise. "Please do enter."

But at the moment we entered the room, I could feel Lucas tensing beside me. When I looked up to him, I saw his face contort one of the scariest expressions I ever saw.

"What are we doing here?" he asked strongly, his fists curling into a ball. I can see that his expression turned really dark the moment we entered. "What the fuck are we doing here?"

"Lucas, you see—" but whatever Rica was going to say, it was cut off short by Lucas.

"If you don't have anything good to say, I'm getting the fuck out of here." With that venomous statement, Lucas marched out of the room, leaving Rica and I alone.

"Uhm…what just happened?" My voice came out as a tiny squeak and I didn't like the sound of it. Not at all.

"Oh my goodness!" I heard my cousin exclaimed exasperatedly. "That guy is like so hard to handle! How can you even last a day with him, Alex?"

"Well…" I began, choking out my words. "Lucas isn't really like that. He's, uhm, a really decent person, though he can be annoying, hot-headed, scary and loud, he still has his good points…"

Oh my goodness, what am I even saying? I have only known Lucas for a couple of months and…why am I saying these? I talk as if I have known him forever…

"It does make sense…" Rica silently stated.

"Makes sense? Sense of what?" I found myself asking dumbly. "Um, are we still talking about Lucas, Rica? Or…?"

"Yeah. We still are. But, you talk as if you know him well. Like, you've known each other for forever. And it does make sense." My cousin gazed at me with such a complicated expression. "You see, Alex…Lucas, that guy, he was in an accident when he was still a kid."

My eyes widened at this discovery.

"Accident?" I can't believe what I'm hearing. My palms turned sweaty all of a sudden as I felt my skin starting to crawl. My throat dried as I stated, "Lucas was in an accident?"

"Yeah. Actually, you might not like to hear this, Alex…" Rica hesitated. Her gaze was unfocused and she looked like she was going to puke. I held her hand and squeezed it lightly to encourage her of what she might want to say.

"That's alright, go on. I'd like to hear it." I said gently.

"Fine. You know Alex…the death of Lucas' grandfather was not simple. I'm sure you've heard about it, right? It was not cause by any sickness or accidents…" Rica swallowed hard before she continued. I stared at her intently, waiting for her to finish what she was saying.

"His grandfather was killed."

I choked on my own saliva when I heard this. His grandfather was killed? But who killed him? I've never heard about this! They didn't say anything…

"I've heard the killer was already apprehended…and the thing about the accident is that Lucas had amnesia, no recollection of anything from his childhood…everything that he knows was only told to him by his family and friends. I only met him during middle school and Vincent already told me about his best friend's condition. Apparently, Lucas continued living after the accident like he was an empty shell. It was hard for his family too because he had no memories or whatsoever. The Lucas now and the Lucas before is so like different! He was frail before and now he is, oh my gosh, just look at him, rude and hot-headed. And you see, Alex, I really want to tell you this too… Lucas wasn't alone on that accident because at that time, he was with—"


Our conversation was interrupted when we heard a crash just outside the door. The both of us immediately rushed towards the scene, hoping that it was not so serious.

When Rica and I opened the door, we heard several voices and some yells. After we were finally outside, I yelped in shock to what I saw.

Lucas was lying on the floor, spitting blood, his right cheek was bleeding while Vincent was standing in front of him, looking like he was about to attack someone and on their opposite was there, standing like a bull, was that guy Lucas punched before in the cafeteria of the school. It was also the guy who threw me over the cafeteria tables.

I just can't remember his name.

"Get the fuck out of here, Chase." Vincent hissed dangerously. "Or else, I'll castrate you and hang your body outside your own house. I'm not even joking."

"Ooh, what a threat that is, Knightley. The golden boy who is famous for being nice finally threatens the life of an innocent bystander!" 'Chase' mocked. "What you gonna do next? Call your mommy and tell her that I bullied your best friend?"

"Vince, just ignore him." We heard Lucas say while he was trying to stand up from his position. He was touching his bleeding cheek with a pained expression. The cut was something serious and the skin around it was starting to turn into purple.

I wanted to run into him and tend his wounds. I shivered. What am I actually thinking…?

"Ooh, so now, Matthews is the nice guy? What happened? Did grampy's ghost told you to be a good boy?" This 'Chase' guy was really going overboard with what he was saying. I even stared at him in horror. He actually dared to bring up Lucas' grandfather in this one!

And by the way, how did he even get inside the house?

"Fuck it, I'm not going to keep my cool anymore! You've already said more than enough of what you have to and now you're going to pay for every word you have uttered—!" Just as Vincent was about launch into Chase, he was abruptly stopped when Lucas pulled his arm to pull him back and used that impact to launch himself and plant a full forced kick into the stomach of the big guy Chase in front of them.

The guy went down on his knees while coughing really badly like he was about to die of air suffocation. Rica and I gasped at the extreme violence we just saw.

"I don't care if you were invited by Brandon here for the entire winter break but I'm sure that I'm not going to let Vincent step down to your level. I don't care if it's just me who will be dragged down with you because between us, I already know where I stand. You're barely even my best friend's match. You're barely our match. Get the fuck out of my sight, Chase. NOW!" When Lucas roared, Chase only threw him a glare of pure hatred. Just as things were ending, it was when all of the other folks arrived at the scene. Greg and the twins with Bridget and Brandon in tow. After the commotion, Lucas fell down on his knees with a painful grunt.

"What happened here?" Brandon asked alarmingly. When he finally laid his eyes upon the three boys, he swore almost a hundred swears and rushed into Chase's side.

"You know him?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah. We were acquaintances in elementary school and he was my neighbour when we were in middle school." Brandon answered me quickly; like he was in such a hurry he couldn't even face me while answering my question. He helped Chase get up and made their way to their own rooms.

"You okay, man?" Vincent said with a small smile on his face. "You're as heroic as usual."

"Nah, I'm fine. It's only a scratch. It's not like this will kill me." Lucas answered with a chuckle. "Thanks for always having my back, Vince. I don't really want you to get into a pointless fight because of me."

"Don't mind that. We're best friends, dude. It's normal." With that, Vincent grinned brightly towards the raven-haired boy. "But I think you should also let me into some action."

"You will break his nose. You're famous for breaking people's noses." Lucas countered with a smile.

"Now, look at you. Ahh, the face of the pretty boy of Notre Dame is now ruined." Vincent said while ticking and shaking his head.

"It'll heal in a matter of days." Lucas let out a low chuckle while pulling himself up. "You make it sound like the only important thing to me is my face."

"I'm not saying that!" Vincent raised his hand in defence. "Though we must remove the pretty boy title from you for a matter of days then."

"Guys, this seriously is making me feel uncomfortable…" Lawrence said with a faked disgusted voice.

"…this Vincent – Lucas friendship makes me want to puke rainbows! Oh, Vince! Oh, Lucas! We're BFF, best friends forever!" Landon teased in a faked high-pitched voice.

"And they said I was the gay one." Greg muttered dryly. "Anyway, Landon, let's go get some broom downstairs. This broken vase will hurt anyone here if it's left here."

"Alright." Greg and Landon went downstairs to get some broom while Lawrence helped Vincent into making Lucas get up. Bridget looked briefly at the boys and when she spotted us, she quickly went to where we were.

"What happened?" She asked in a worrisome tone.

"I don't really know because we're like so late when we arrived. It seems like they got into a fight because that guy brought up Vincent's mother and Lucas' grandfather with an insult." Rica explained.

"Boys and their huge egotistical problems." Bridget rolled her eyes and shaking her head right after. The both of them started talking about some random things again but I was only barely listening.

My gaze was focused solely on the boy whose face was badly bleeding.



"Hey, are you even listening?" I heard Bridget called out to me. I immediately shifted my gaze back to the two girls beside me and offered and apologetic smile.

I only received a sigh from both of them as an answer.

"You better go and help Lucas. I think the guy needs you."

I nodded.

Even though I'm not so sure whether he needs me or not.

3 hours later, I found myself standing just in front of the room they say that Lucas was using. It's already this late and I haven't changed the clothes I am using because I spent most of my time pacing in my room and debating whether or not I should go and check up on Lucas or not.

I was about to knock on the door when it suddenly opened widely on me, revealing a grumpy Lucas whose face bandage wasn't even half done.

"Alex?" He asked incredulously like he saw a ghost or something. "What are you doing here?"

"W-well… You see, I was just wondering how you were doing and—" but I was cut short when he suddenly grabbed my hand, smiled widely and pulled me inside his room.

"Jeez, you could have told me or the others that you can't do this by yourself." I rolled my eyes as I continued nursing his cheek with a piece of cloth soaked in cold water. "You don't even like the ice so I'm just soaking this cloth with cold water. And why did you even fight? Did you take the opportunity to break people's faces because we're not on the school grounds?"

"Stop complaining, Spade. You're already here and take this as a compensation of your debt to me. If you complete this, I will cut your debt to me by half." Lucas bargained to me as I stared at him like he has grown a third head.

So, Lucas was sitting on his bed in s squat position while I sat down beside him, tending his wounded cheek. I tried not to gaze at his lower form because he was only wearing a white sleeveless undershirt and a pair of grey sweatpants.

And it took me a lot of my effort to stay focused because I am too close for comfort, he is really distracting and I can smell his strong vanilla scent!

I do wonder though. I haven't felt anything like this when I am with Vincent. I am always comfortable when I am with him but when I'm with Lucas…I start to feel funny things and my heart won't stop beating fast like it was about to burst.


"You don't believe me? It's fine to me if you don't. Anyway, the upcoming school festival is near. I guess I'll just assign you to be my personal assistant…or my personal cheer leader?" Grinning like a little kid, he only looked at me with blue eyes that seemed like laughing and due to my patience that is unbelievably short for this moment, I tapped his wound in which he groaned in pain as an answer.

"Ow! Son of a gun!" he complained while shutting his eyes tightly due to the pain. "I was just trying to make you smile because you looked constipated right now!"

I felt my cheeks blushing so hard that I was trying to hide my face with my hair. "Y-you think that was funny?" I tried to not sound so nervous while speaking.

"Well…" He rubbed the back of his neck while saying, "I really thought it was. I was just trying to get a reaction from you anyway."

"Pfft. For a straight A student, your attempted jokes are too lame." I snorted and smiled. "Are you really sure you're a straight A one?"

"Our GPAs are almost the same. But I guess I'm smarter than you since you seemed to lack talents in the field of chemistry." He smirked.

"Seemed to lack talents?" I asked incredulously. After I few minutes, just as I was close to finishing dressing his wound, I answered, "My grade in Chemistry is okay to me! If you're so smart then, how can you make quick lime explode?"

"Are you seriously asking me that? That's an easy question! If I got this right, you'll sleep with me tonight. How about that?" When Lucas looked at me straight into the eye, it was the moment that I noticed how close we are right now. Also, it was the second time that I was able to stare directly at his blue eyes without anyone around but only the two of us.

It felt like time stopped between us.

"D-deal. Alright then! It's a deal!" I found myself agreeing to his proposal. When I gave him my answer, a wide, naughty yet small smile curled on his lips that seemed like an indicator that he really did know the answer.

Lucas finally began. "Quicklime, also known as calcium oxide (CaO), is a caustic alkaline substance. It has been used by humans for centuries for many things such as mortar, flux, treating corn, and in mixtures to waterproof boats. Today, quicklime is used in many industrial processes. When you mix Calcium Oxide with water, it becomes Calcium Hydroxide. Thus, if you put quick lime into a bottle and put water in it, in a matter of seconds, it will explode."

I gaped at him.

"Well?" He looked at me with confidence showing on his face. "It looks like you lost this one, Alex. Now, just as the deal says, you sleep here tonight. I'll just go and sleep in the sofa."

"B-but…! I still haven't changed my clothes!" I protested. I am desperate to worm my way out of this.

"You can borrow mine. The shirts are on the closet, the pants on the drawer. I'll just go to the bathroom for a moment. You can change here. Make yourself at home." With these instructions, Lucas went inside the bathroom, leaving me speechless.

"Jeez. All of his shirts are too big for me! I guess I'll have to settle with this blue shirt and black sweats." I sighed as I picked up the clothes that I think I will be decent enough to be wearing. I ransacked his closet, only to find nothing but boxers, undergarments and sleeveless shirts. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment. This guy seriously mixes his shirts with his undergarments.

I laid the clothes on his bed and started removing my own. I got off from my doll shoes and pulled my dress off, successfully removing it and laying it on the side of the bed. I reached for the sweats when I heard a click from the bathroom. In a matter of few seconds, I found myself in an extremely awkward position.

There he was, Lucas Matthews, just standing still outside the bathroom, looking straight at me. And me? Oh no, don't worry. I was just standing in front of him, only in my underwear and nothing else, while feeling completely numb.

It was completely silent until 3, 2, 1…

"OH MY GOD! CLOSE YOUR EYES! CLOSE YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW!" I screeched, reached for my shoe on the ground and threw it straight to his face.

"JESUS, FUCK! I'M SORRY! I SAW NOTHING, I SWEAR! AND WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WEREN'T DONE DRESSING UP?!" Lucas protested while shielding himself from the shoe that I threw. He immediately turned back on his steps and went inside the bathroom.

After 3 minutes, I heard him calling from the bathroom, "You done yet?"

"Yeah," I answered loud enough for him to hear.

"About time." When he finally stepped out of the bathroom, I couldn't even bring myself to look at him because of what happened. The room suddenly grew hot and small or is it just my imagination…?

This is going to be a very long night.

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