reality check

we all love to love

and sometimes we

may love a little too

much. In all fairness

I think our nation

doesn't love quite

enough to move on

in life with a perfectly

clear conscious, free

of the horrible thoughts

that so freely haunt us

awake or asleep

i feel that our world is devoid

of the love it so rightfully deserves.

our people do not live up to their

full potential and therefore

waste such a precious gift that

nobody may ever know the source of.

we should dream bigger and

live our lives,each and every one

of us, like we know that we'll

never get another chance.

no redos in reality and it

seems that the world has

not yet come to that conclusion

and what their about to find out

,really fast ,is that this life and the

world is not going to last forever.

what i wish is that i was not the only

one with the knowledge of this reality check.