Previously, Darkheart began his most evil plan yet. Sending out all of his minions to attack the city at once, the Guardians all responded to stop the threat, not realizing that Darkheart was merely trying to tire them out. When Jesse and Matt arrived to stop Kartheiser, Darkheart took the opportunity to capture them and sent both brothers to the Dark Dimension.

"All Fall Down, Part Two"

Jesse opened his eyes and looked up into the sky above. It was blood red, and there were two moons. He sat up and looked around and sat Matt sitting against a tree, sleeping.

"Matt?" Jesse asked as he went over to Matt, smacking his face to wake him up. "Wake up, little brother."

"What's going on?" Matt asked as he looked around. "Where are we?"

"If I'm guessing right... the Dark Dimension," Jesse told him as he helped Matt up. "It looks like Darkheart tossed us here when we got knocked out. We need to find a way home."

"If we're in the Dark Dimension, why don't we try to find Darkheart's castle?" Matt asked. "Maybe he's got a way home."

"We have to find it first," Jesse told him as he looked into the forest. "But I have no idea which way to go, or even what's out here with us."

Jesse and Matt listened to several noises coming from the creatures in the forest ahead of them.

Darkheart and Kartheiser were celebrating their first victory over the Guardians, having just banished Jesse and Matt to the Dark Dimension. They were sitting in the mayor's office, where Darkheart had been using the guise of Mayor Drake Hartley to lull the town into a false sense of security for the last few years.

"Two Guardians down, eight to go," Darkheart said with an evil laugh. "Without their leader to guide them, the Guardians will fall like dominoes."

"But how will we get Andy? He'll fight us," Kartheiser told him. "He's grown to be quite powerful."

"When we're done, all the fight will be taken out of him," Darkheart assured him. "We just have to get him away from the rest of his friends."

"Master," Jerrica replied as a viewscreen lit up. "It's done. Carol and Victoria emerged victorious, as you commanded."

"Same here," Triple Trouble reported as they were thawing out. "Ace and those pint sized brats were allowed to win."

"As was Sam," Automaton said as he oiled his rusted parts. "I allowed him to defeat me, although I could have easily destroyed him."

"And did I," Maietta added as he held a cold comprass to his head. "This plan of yours had better work, Darkheart."

"Excellent. The plan will work, we have the Guardians right where we want them" Darkheart replied as he looked at Prometheus at the bottom of the screen. "Do it. But leave Andy unharmed. Use your powers if neccesary, but the boy is be brought to me without a scratch. Soon the entire city will fall, and each of you will be rewarded."

"Yes, master," Prometheus replied as the screen went blank as the rest of the villains went back to their assigned tasks.

"Soon," Darkheart said. "The world will be mine."

Scotty was at the airport, waiting for Sam to arrive. He looked at his watch, wondering what was keeping his boyfriend. He looked at the plane ticket in his hand and sighed. He couldn't wait anymore, as his flight was getting ready to leave. He headed inside to board his flight, wondering if Sam was even serious about being with him.

Meanwhile, at the Mall of Justice

Walker was soaking his feet in a pan of hot water, while Ace was sleeping on top of the meeting table. Leo was sleeping with his arm draped around Mark as the wolf slept under his arm. The girls and Sam were wiped out as well as the alarms went off.

"Now what?" Ace asked in a tired voice as he turned on the monitor and saw an army of super powered students, led by Prometheus marching down the street. "Oh, man. Tell me this is some kind of bad dream."

"That's why Darkheart split up his forces," Sam realized. "He was tiring us out, and it worked. I can barely move."

"Hey, weren't you supposed to meet Scotty somewhere?" Ace asked with opening his eyes. Sam looked at his watch and started to panic.

"His flight left forty five minutes ago!" Sam shouted as he tried to get up, but was in too much pain. "I have to call him! No, I have to teleport and meet him in Texas! I have to tell him I didn't stand him up!"

"Sam, relax, he'll understand we were curbstomping Darkheart's goons all night," Walker told him.

"And Jesse still hasn't come back yet," Carol realized. "I just remembered that I haven't seen him or Matt since we split up earlier."

"The mayor called," Ace told her. "He's running errands with Matt and should be back soon. But in the meantime, we have to go out there before the reach the mall."

"Won't the security shield hold them off?" Walker asked as he tried to stand up, but found that his legs were asleep.

"It won't hold up against an army of superpowered zombies," Sam replied as he pulled out his bo staff, feeling a pain in his shoulder as he did. "It looks like it's just the five of us."

"The six of us," Andy told them as he walked in.

"No," Ace replied as he froze Andy's feet in place. Andy used a small burst of electricity to crack the ice so he could get out."You're not going anywhere."

"You need all the help you can get," Andy said as tears came to his eyes. "I want to help. I'm just as much a part of this time as anyone, aren't I?"

"You can help by staying here," Ace said as he put his hands on the boy's shoulders. "You're the last line of defense for the Mall. Please, stay here and stay safe. If we fail... you need to get as far away as possible. Promise you'll do that."

Tears fell down Andy's face as Ace hugged him.

"I love you, little bro," Ace told him as he started crying as well. "Take care of yourself, you're all I have, and I won't lose you."

"Leo, I want you and Mark to stay here, too," Carol told her brothers. "You've already had too much happen to you."

"But you can't beat all those guys with just five of you," Leo told her as Mark growled in her direction. "We're going, even if you leave us behind. We're not letting you go out of there alone."

"You are the most hard headed kid I've ever known," Carol told him as she hugged Leo and Mark.

Ace, Walker, Carol, Sam, and Victoria walked past Andy headed toward the doors, side by side, as Leo and Mark followed behind.

"I'm proud of you guys," Walker said as he looked at his friends. "There's no one I'd rather fight beside."

"Same here," Carol added as she took Walker's hand and squeezed it. Walker just smiled as he held onto her hand, something he'd been wanting for a long time.

"Let's show Darkheart he's not welcome in this town," Victoria said.

"We're the defenders of this town, and no one's going to destroy it while we're around," Sam said as he pulled out his bo staff.

"Come on, Guardians, let's save the day," Ace said as they walked out the door.

"Good luck, guys," Andy said as he watched his friends head out the door.

The five teens headed up the street and stood together as Prometheus approached with the army of superpowered students. Both sides stopped and stared at each other.

"Kill them," Prometheus ordered as the students rushed forward. Hundreds of students, with powers rangers from superspeed to sonic screams to everything inbetween ran toward the heroes.

Ace instantly created an ice slide, shooting ice blasts, Walker sped through the crowd, punching everyone he could, Sam twirled his bo staff and leaped into the crowed, and Carol fired her light arrows to blind her opponets while Victoria knocked them out. Mark started pouncing on whoever he could land on, while Leo dived undergorund to take his opponets by surprise. Prometheus smiled under his red and black helmet as he watched.

Andy was watching from the monitor as his friends fought against the army. "Please, don't let them die."

Down the corridor, Kit was listening to an emergency radio broadcast, telling him about the situation that was happening Downtown.

"I need to get out of here," Kit said to himself.

"Hello, Victoria," Melissa said as she screamed at Victoria with a sonic scream, tearing up the street as Victoria jumped out of the way.

"I see you still have that shrill voice of yours," Victoria told her as she punched the ground to knock Melissa off balance.

Walker was punching everyone out when Jimmy tackled him and started punching him at superspeed.

"I told you you couldn't beat me, Walker!" Jimmy shouted as he continued punching.

Carol was firing her light arrows when April started tossing fireballs at her. Carol started running and aiming her light arrows to retaliate.

Ace and Sam continued fighting against the crowd, with Ace taking on a boy who could replicate himself. He threw twelve clones on top of Ace, who used a powerful ice blast to knock them off. Sam used his bo staff to leap over a Wolf Boy, knocking him out. Mark tackled the wolf boy as the two started fighting in the street.

"They can't last much longer, they've already been worn out enough," Darkheart said as he watched. "Prometheus, you're still missing one. Andy isn't with the Guardians, we can't make our move until he arrives."

"Understood, master," Prometheus said as he heard Darkheart's message. "He'll come out and play soon enough."

Victoria was trying to get close enough to Melissa to hit her, but a sonic scream hit the building behind her, burying her in debris. Carol tried to hit April with a light arrow, but a flame wall erupted up around Carol, trapping her with no way out.

Jimmy punched the already tired Walker, knocking him out against the wall, while a sleep inducihng girl touched Leo's shoulder, putting him to sleep for the next few hours. That's when they all turned their attention to Ace.

"No," Andy said as he watched the horror as everyone in the group unleashed their powers on Ace at once.

Ace tried to create an ice shiled, but April's fire power broke through, along with Jimmy's superspeed, punching him rapidly before tossing him to the ground, where Melissa's sonic scream pounded him into the pavement as everyone continued to attack.

Andy couldn't take anymore and ran out of the room, not wanting to see anymore.

Ace tried to run, but he was too beaten and worn out to get very far. Mark rushed up to him, and tried to nudge him awake when Jimmy rushed in and punched the wolf, who let out a yelp as he was knocked unconscious. Prometheus picked up a battered Ace, who was barely conscious.

"You lasted longer than your friends, you must be proud," Prometheus told him as he tossed Ace next to his friends. "Leave them alive long enough to draw our real target out. Then we can do with them what we like."

Andy ran down Kit's corridor, with tears in his eyes.

"They're not dead," Kit told him as he heard Andy outside of his door. "They won't kill them until they have you."

"How did you-"

"I have a radio in here, they're doing a play by play," Kit told him. "Darkheart wants you, kid. That's what you told me, right?"

"If they want me," Andy said as he wiped the tears away. He held up his hand as electricity shot through his fingertips. "That's what they'll get."

"I can help," Kit told him.

"Why should I trust you?" Andy asked bitterly. "All you've ever done is try to lie to manipulate me. I can't trust you."

"Because you're dead, and the others are dead, without me," Kit replied truthfully. "And I've never lied to you, Andy. I told you the truth about how I ended up in here, you just don't think I can be a good guy after all that. I lost Chad because I wasn't responsible, I can't lose Ace, too. Now open the door."

"They're dead if I let you out," Andy told him.

"I promise I won't kill them, as long as you promise that I'm out of this cage for good," Kit replied. "I don't want to kill the Guardians, Andy. I just want to be free."

"You swear you won't hurt them?" Andy asked.

"Scout's honor," Kit told him as Andy put his hands on the door and began to undo all the locks that were bolting it shut, until the door was no longer protected and started to open it. A young man with reddish brown hair, blue eyes, dressed in a white tank top and pajama pants stepped out. "Thanks, kid. Just one more thing, though, before I go."

Kit picked Andy up and absorbed his powers as the boy screamed in pain. Kit carried the unconscious Andy to his room in the toystore and laid him down on the bed. Kit looked down at the boy and ran his hand through the boy's hair before looking at the Mall's exit.

"Took just enough of your power to give me the edge in this fight. You'll wake up in about an hour, feeling fine. Now, It's showtime."

Kit put on a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black boots before making sure Andy was still asleep before he headed out the door.

Ace, Victoria, Sam, Carol, and Walker were standing side by side, chained up with special chains that blocked their powers. Darkheart arrived through a portal and laughed. All of them were badly beaten and bruised. They were barely able to stand as all of their enemies stood there, taunting them as they stood helpless.

"You've caused me much trouble, brats," Darkheart said as he looked at his captives. "But this is the end for you."

"Jesse's coming," Ace weakly said.

Darkheart laughed. "He was the first one to fall. But you won't be sharing his fate. I owe my new general Prometheus a reward, and he's requested to destroy you personally. The rest of you, however..."

Six portals opened up in the ground in front of the others.

"You wouldn't dare," Ace said as Darkheart pushed Victoria in and laughed as the portal closed. A faint screaming was heard as she went in.

"All of you will be spending the rest of your worthless lives in the jungles of the Dark Dimension," Darkheart informed them as he pushed Leo into the portal, followed by Mark. "Where there is no escape, and no hope."

"Carol," Walker said as Darkhear pushed Sam into the portal before it closed."I know it's the wrong time, but I love you."

"I love you too," Carol said as she quickly kissed him as Darkheart pushed her in.

"No!" Walker shouted. "You sick freak, I'm going to get out of there, and I'm coming back to kick your butt!"

"Don't worry, you'll die along with her," Darkheart said as he pushed Walker in, leaving Ace alone. "We're just waiting for little Andy to show up now."

"No," Ace weakly said as Darkheart smacked Ace across the face with his power staff. "I won't let you."

"Stupid boy, you're all alone now, your friends are dead, and your brother is the last piece I need to complete my plans," Darkheart told him. "And every other super powered person in this is under my control. There's no one left to stop me."

A powerful blast of electricity hit Darkheart, sending him to the ground in a smoking heap. He looked up to see who would dare attack him.

"I'd like to test that theory," Kit said as everyone looked over toward the sound of his voice, where Kit was casually sitting on a bus bench. "Hey, Ace."

"You've got to be kidding," Ace and Darkheart said in a tired voice as Kit stood up and started walking towards where the action was.

"The famous Kit," Darkheart said with a loud laugh. "The one who betrayed his team. I love your work, I couldn't have done half the psychological damage you caused."

"I've had a lot of time to think about my situation," Kit told him as he stood up. "Now I'm going to kick your alien butt all the way back home."

Darkheart held up his staff and motioned the army forward. Kit cracked his knuckles in anticipation.

The self cloning boy was the first to lunge at Kit, who didn't bother to look, he just raised his hand trapped the clones in a solid block of ice as he waved his hand across the entire line of clones. He smiled as he motioned the next one forward.


Melissa opened her mouth for a sonic scream and found a snowball shot into it, followed by a powerful light blast to knock her out. Jimmy ran toward Kit, who just stepped aside and shot him with a blast of electricity. The rest of the army charged as Kit flew into the air, with Ace's ice powers in one hand and Jesse's fire powers in the other.

Prometheus stood in the back and watched as Kit fought his way through the army, waiting patiently.

"Impressive," Prometheus said to himself as he smiled under his helmet. "But wait'll he gets a load of me."

Kit switched from fire to electric, and ice to water as he continued to wade through the students. The Wolf boy lunged at Kit, who grabbed him with superstrength and tossed him into April, knocking them both across the street.

"Really, you guys are making this far too easy!" Kit shouted as he jumped right into the middle of the crowd to continue the fight.

Andy started to wake up, seeing he was in his bed. He turned on the radio, but found that there was nothing but static.

"Kit," Andy said as he got up. He stumbled toward the door to go outside. He rushed to the nearest t.v. and found nothing but static as well. Switching over to the emergency frequency, he realized that everyone who wasn't involved in the fight was evacuating the town. Andy headed back to his room to get ready to join the fight.

Kit was standing in a vast field of knocked out superpowered students. He sighed as he looked around.

"Oh, no more?" Kit asked. "And I was looking forward to kicking so much more butt. Darkheart, you're next!"

"There's still me," Prometheus said as he stepped up. "Think you have power? You haven't seen anything yet."

Kit laughed as he flew toward Prometheus, and hit the wall, finding it was just a mental image, as twenty more of the villain came from out of looked at all the mental images coming toward him and shot an ice blast to stop them, but they just walked right through it.

"None of them are real," Kit told himself as Prometheus grabbed him from behind.

"You can't drain my powers through this armor," Prometheus told him. "So I guess I have the advantage."

Kit kneed him in the grain as hard as he could, sending him to the ground. "That seemed to drain your powers pretty well."

"You're dead," Prometheus said as Kit punched him hard enough to knock his helmet off, revealing Jason's face.

"It can't be," Andy said as he recognized the young man as he ran up to Kit, ready to join the fight, although looking around, he was a little late.

"Who is he?" Kit asked as he picked Prometheus up and headbutted him to knock him out. "Some threat, all it took was a hit to the grapes to take him down."

"A pyschic," Andy told him. "He mind wiped the others to forget who he was, but he forget to do me. Oh yeah, by the way."

Andy punched Kit in the stomach as hard as he could. It was a hard enough hit to send Kit falling to his knees.

"I guess I deserved that," Kit said as he winced in pain.

"And you both deserve this," Darkheart said as he blasted them both to the ground. Kit tried to stand up as Darkheart opened a portal under him, dropping him into the Dark Dimension before he could react. He looked at Andy, who was trying to crawl away. Darkheart grabbed Andy by the leg and held him upside down. "Where do you think you're going? We have a family reunion to get to, and you're very late."

Darkheart slammed Andy into the wall by his leg to knock him out, then dragged the boy behind him, seeing Ace was struggling to get out of his chains.

"Oh, yes, you," Darkheart said with a smirk. "I guess Prometheus has missed his chance to collect his reward."

"That's good for me, right?" Ace asked as he tried to smile.

"Wrong. Goodbye, Guardian," Darkheart said as he aimed his staff and fired at Ace, just as everything went dark.

The last of the people evactuated the city, the last ones having watched the Guardians fall, and the rest of the super powered population take over. Now the city belonged to Darkheart, and soon, the rest of the world would too.

Hours later, Andy slowly opened his eyes and realized that was chained down to a table. He looked around and saw he in some kind of vault, not realizing it was the unactivated core of the power plant.

"Ace? Kit?" Andy asked weakly as he looked around.

Darkheart and Kartheiser were sitting over a control panel in another room, watching Andy through a two way mirror.

"17 years of waiting," Darkheart said as he looked at Andy strapped to the table. "And tonight all of our work pays off."

Darkheart pushed a button activating the core. Andy's powers kicked in as the boy screamed in pain, his entire body being overrun by energy.

"And now, ground zero," Darkheart said with an evil laugh as the energy levels on the meters started to rise. "The Mall of Justice. It's just too bad they weren't in there when this happened."

A satelite dish raised up from the roof of the plant, and fhe collected energy fired at the Mall of Justice. It began to crumble under the beam, destroying it as a large portal opened up underneath, as Dark Heart's castle began to rise.

"Yes," Darkheart said as he watched all of shadow demons emerge as the castle fully emerged from the portal. "YES!"

Loud claps of thunder were heard as the sky started to darken over the city.

"Finally, after thousands of years of waiting," Darkheart said as he looked out over his city. "Let the reign of Darkheart begin,"

Author's Note

And so ends Season 1 of Omega Guardians. I hope everyone's enjoying the story so far, because the tale is far from over. If you liked it, please let me know. If not, don't be shy and tell me what you felt could have used improving, and what you'd like to see happen in Season 2.

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