Hey, my name is Vanessa but my brothers call me Ness for short. I Have snow white hair and red eyes, and cream colored skin. I'm the only daughter in the family of seven. There's my father and mother, my oldest brother named Angelo he was fifteen, second oldest is Kris he was twelve, then there is Syd and Sam the twins they were eight, then there is me I was five during this time in my story. We lived on a small farm on the outskirts of town. On the farm we raised cows and wheat, not to mention some pigs, chickens (they were responsible for the eggs.)

We were a poor family; we barely had any clothes to dress in. but mother always made it better. I remember every night before I went to bed mother would brush my shoulder length white hair before she sent me to bed, and I would ask her the same question before bed every night.

"Mommy… how come I look different from everyone else? Why am I the only one in the family that has white hair?" I would ask. But my mother would just answer me the same way every time, but it always made me feel better.

"Well that's a silly question… it's like asking why every butterfly doesn't look the same, if every butterfly looked the same it would be a dull world. You my dear are the most beautiful butterfly that has ever lived." She would say. My mother had chestnut brown hair, and Smokey green eyes, she was beautiful. But my dad on the other hand, he rarely ever talked to me…and when he did he never said anything nice to me.

"You are telling her does stupid stories again? That she is beautiful? Ha! That's a laugh…she's a curse!" he would say. My dad had a wire like beard, dark tan skin, and thinning hair on top of his hair. My mother would always defend me when dad said mean things.

"Dear! Please don't be that way to her…" she would say. But dad would never listen to her no matter how high she yelled.

"I can talk to her any way I want! She shouldn't even have been born! She's a monster! A curse! She should just die!" he yelled at mother. I would cover my ears so I wouldn't hear…but I couldn't stop the tears.

After a while I walked away from the fight between mommy and daddy, and I went to snuggle up into Angelo's chest and cried.

"Ness? What's wrong?" a sleepy Angelo spoke softly to me. I couldn't answer the tears snuffled out my voice. I just cried; Angelo just softly caressed my hair until I fell asleep.

That was my family for a long time. I was happy with my brothers, but saddened that my father hated me for a reason I didn't understand. But no matter how my dad treated me, I always had my mother there for help and love. That is until a few months later.

I walked into my mom's room around five in the morning after having a bad dream. My mother was sleeping on the bed not even moving an inch. I felt something was wrong so I walked closer to her to get a better view when I realized, mother wasn't breathing. I let out a bone chilling scream that woke up my brothers and my father came rushing in from outside the house.

"Ness? What's the matter?" Kris asked. My back was facing my family and when I turned around to look at them. Tears were running down my face like a dam broke open. My brothers looked shocked at my expression of pain and sorrow. They came closer putting their hands on me trying to calm me down. I tried wiping the tears away but…to no avail. They just kept coming back no matter what I did.

"Ness…what's wrong?" the twins said in unison. I looked up at them and got enough room to breathe to tell them what happened, but before I could say anything my dad spoke up.

"Your mother…is dead…" my father said. My brothers stood there like statues unable to move. Unlike my father who walked over to me, furry in each step he took. He stood up above me and then with a raised fist he slapped me across my tiny face. I stumbled backwards onto my butt, he was about to strike again before my brothers grabbed his hands.

"Dad! What are you doing?" Angelo yelled.

"Shut up! Its this piece of trashes fault you mother is dead!" my father yelled back.

"No! I didn't do it!" I yelled clutching my scarlet cheek. It stung every time I opened my mouth.

"Don't lie to me! I know it was your fault! You're a demon! A monster that causes misfortune for those around you! You shouldn't have even been born!" he yelled. I remained silent my eyes wide with shock, at this point because his words just shocked me. A monster? Is that what I was to him?

After dad calmed down a bit, my brothers let go of his hands. Angelo picked me up and carried me back to our room. The other three fallowed after us. When we got there they put ice on my cheek and tried their best to comfort me. Telling me things like dad didn't mean it, or he's just in shock from mother's death. I tried to believe them, I really did. But something told me that my dad knew exactly what he was saying and didn't care if I was hurt by it. This was confirmed a few hours later.

I was outside doing my chores, or helping my brothers with theirs when I say a truck pull up to our house. The back of the truck looked like a prison cell, only cold steel bars. This sent chills up my spine. My dad called me over to him, I did as he said not wanting to get him mad again and slap me. The owner of the truck was a very creepy looking man with dark black skin, aged grey hair, and tired silver eyes with bags underneath. He scared me. He bent down to my lever and grabbed my cheek, really hard. Where dad hit me stung when he touched me, He turned my face side to side like he was examining my profile.

"Hmm, she's still a little young to become a hooker." He said. The word 'hooker' scared me even though at this time I had no idea what it meant, I only knew it wasn't a good thing.

"But…she may catch a good price over sea's… I'll give you forty silver pieces for her." He said smiling. Revealing like seven yellow teeth the rest was missing.

"Deal!" my father said. Wait what did he mean by deal? What's happening? I was so confused the older guy grabbed my shoulder and threw me into the back of his truck. I ran up to the bars grabbed them and yelled at my dad.

"Daddy! What's going on what's happening?" I said tears running down my face. My dad answered with cold eyes towards me as the man counted the silver pieces and gave them to my dad.

"You are now the properties of this slave trader…ill have nothing to do with a demon like you anymore. Now that your mom's gone I can do what I like with you." He answered in a cold voice. The tears started falling harder down my cream cheeks, I fell to my knees and looked up to the sky and let out an ear piercing cry. My brothers heard it and looked over to my direction with shocked expressions.

"Ness?" they all shouted at the same time. "Dad, what are you doing? Have you gone mad?" Kris said. The man got into the car and started the engine. He started driving away from my 'home.' Syd and Sam began to chase after me but to no avail, soon all I could see was their shadows then they disappeared completely. I was alone…no one to call to or to cry to. My mom was dead and I was taken away from my family. I sat in the middle of the truck and let out silent cries. I didn't know where i was going, but one thing was for sure...i was a caged butterfly now.

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