"Emily! We're going to be late if you don't hurry up and get your uniform on!" My Mom called up the stairs right before a Tuesday practice.

"I'm coming!" I shouted as I scrambled for my cleats, running for the door. I rushed into the van, the door slamming behind me, and I collapsed on the seat. Actually, this was pretty normal for soccer practice. Especially Tuesday practice, because on Tuesdays, soccer started a half an hour earlier. On Tuesdays, some members from the advanced soccer team come in and help us with practice. Earlier practice means more chaos, which means Tuesdays are pretty crazy in general here. It's okay though, because the members from the advanced team are all great. Sweet, funny, helpful, all of that. And now I sound all sappy. Great.

As we pull up to the practice field, I see my team already running laps. I was late, and I was going to have to hurry if I didn't want to do push-ups. I got there just in enough time, and started running laps with the rest of my team.

Practice was almost over; we were just casually doing a few drills, too exhausted to do anything else. I was talking to the advanced members that were there that day. Today, it was Leah, Ben, Laura, and Dylan. We had stopped talking about soccer entirely. It was that sort of talking about nothing that you just love to talk about. It was nice. Just as the coach blew the whistle, signaling that we could stop, another one of the advanced soccer players, Mariah, showed up, stopping by to get her younger brother who was on our team. She is so sweet, and I've known her forever, she used to be on our team, but she's a few years older than me, so she moved up. We got to say hi to her, but before we really got to talk, Dylan rushed over from half way across the field, just to say hi. He became very polite, and he's a nice guy normally, but when he saw her, he perked up tremendously. I've never noticed this with him before, but then again, I've never looked. This is pretty obvious.

Does he like her?

A.N. Hey! I hope you like it so far, this is just beginning. I'm usually on FanFiction as JaylaHeart, but now I'm here because I had a story idea based off of a real life story, but it isn't all true. All of the situations that Emily sees are true, but not the details of the entire scenario. I'm hoping that this can be a sweet little, lighthearted story for you to smile while reading. Thanks so much, please review!