"Adalbern Ahav" by Olaf Olaffson, May 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: There are one billion nm's to a meter. Each nm is only three to five atoms wide.

Adalbern Ahav

Matt and Donatella were examining some photographs of their bio-tech samples. They were sitting in a park and pigeons were taking poop once in a while, missing them by an inch.

"Adrenaline?" Matt smiled at Donatella wishing to squeeze her breasts and suck the juice out of them as soon as he drugs her in his apartment.

"Well … the initial stages of falling for someone activates your stress response, increasing your blood levels of adrenalin and … cortisol." Donatella wondered if she could seduce Matt by her breasts and then, once he is in her apartment, put a sleeping pill in his drink and enjoy sadistically molesting his limp body.

"What do you mean?"

"This has the charming effect that when you unexpectedly bump into your new love, you start to sweat …", she greeted professor, remembering how she had to spread her legs for a passing grade, "… your heart races and …", she realized Matt grit his teeth wishing to become professor one day, "… your mouth goes … dry."

"Dry like … Martini?" Matt laughed and Donatella realized that her part of seducing may not be so difficult after all …

"What about dopamine?"

"Dopamine … love birds have high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This chemical stimulates 'desire and reward' by triggering an intense rush of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine!" Matt laughed, wishing to kiss Donatella right there on the bench. "Professor Pilfer suggests that 'couples often show the signs of surging dopamine …'"

"What do you mean?"

"Like … increased energy …", he carelessly followed two blondes jogging and Donatella continued faster, not wishing to lose his stud, "… less need for sleep or food, … focused attention and exquisite delight in smallest details of this novel relationship …"

"Novel relationship?" Matt smiled in peculiar way, brining himself even closer to Donatella, peeking in secret to check if he could see her nipples. Some stern professors passed by and he withdrew, composing himself.

"What about … serotonin?"

"Serotonin is perhaps one of the most important chemicals that may explain why when you're falling in love, your new lover keeps popping into your … thoughts." Matt realized his open mouth was now dribbling some saliva and he closed his gaping hole, grinning apologetically at his University colleague.

They listened to the birds above them for a while, matt trying to hide his erection, feeling vulnerable on the open space.

"Do you think we could devise some chemical that could change the way you … think perhaps?"

"I believe NATO used such chemicals during their engagement in Bosnia. That's why people make jokes about Bosnians being so … dumb."

"Really?" Matt made a face and they laughed. He waited for a while, noticing other girls that could fondle his buttocks anytime they desired so.

"You mean like … you decide which thoughts you allow to enter your mind?"

"U-huh." He glanced Donatella in some special way, wondering if she cared about him at all.

"Well … most people think it's the other way around …"

"What-ya mean, baby?" Matt tested his degree of freedom. Dona laughed in a coquette way and he straightened up, realizing she was definitely one "goer" according to his standards.

"That human emotion just happen … by accident? She paused, still rocking her body, ankles one against the other. "Negative emotions become their … master." Matt pretended he was a monkey and Dona realized that he was probably just out of the puberty. "They never realize that they're deciding to experience these … miserable feelings ..." She suddenly remembered that horrible feeling when she realized she's been drugged and made to prostitute herself in order to pay for the drugs she badly needed. She exhaled, some ominous stare looking towards some more mature students that were probably of different type.

"When you experience negative human emotions like guilt, …", she shuddered watching Matt's clean and perhaps even naive face, wishing she could bring back old days when she was innocent and young, "… fear or anger, it creates a toxic response in your body." She wondered while biting her nail if one day she would use and overdose. Either on herself or on those unsuspecting males she brought to her dormitory. "Many health issues are caused by thinking up negative emotions." Matt noticed some shade over her face and wished he could condole her immediately by sticking his protrusion into her natural hole. "This toxic response can manifest in … ulcers, … rashes …", she remembered the first time she slept with the University professor, "… high blood pressure …

"… nail biting …?" Matt offered, smiling. She hit him lightly on his muscular shoulder and he made some "wow" sounds. "Or … vague stomach pain …?"

She suddenly got serious, staring with some hate at him and he got scared. "Look … I didn't mean to …"

"It's all right!" She immediately corrected herself remembering what her macro will do if she didn't bring enough money to him. "I guess we all experience bad situations in life." She dangled with her feet freely, looking at the wet ground. "Stressful situations are just a normal part of being here on earth." She gave him a side look and he got aroused again. "While you can't control all the stuff that happens 'out there' …", she noticed that some girls were gathering around a rich student while some poor students had to frown and make sorrowful glances towards them, "… you absolutely can and … do control what happens in your mind." She looked at him as if wishing to become pregnant.

"C'mon, let's go for a drink …"

"Sure, … why not …?"

After they were sipping some pops, Matt continued, wondering if he managed to seduce her after all.

"Neither your situations …"

"You mean … environment?"

"That's right. Nor your body …"

"You mean … emotions?" Donatella offered, still smiling.

"You are reading my mind, baby! …" Matt slurped, staring at her tits. "I don't think either of these can rule your … mind."

"What about the reverse though?"

"Oh … the reverse could be true though." He smacked with his lips while Dona checked some cowboy at the bar, wondering how much money he brought from his … farm. Matt continued, oblivious of the way Donatella thought about their casual relation. "Your brain is just sitting there … nice and peaceful .." he started to sue his hands, "… waiting to be told whether it should remain calm and send peaceful signals to your body, or … if it should send out alarm signals." Matt finally realized she's been checking other males around.

"I think that negative thoughts are toxic …", she slurped through her straw, imitating Matt, looking at him, "… and lead to your emotions of … anxiety …", she licked her straw, eyeing Matt in some special way, "… guilt or … hopelessness." She twisted her plastic straw and Matt withdrew back unconsciously, gulping in secret. "However …", she emptied her glass by drinking from it, "… through 'observance', …", some burly men entered at the bartender checked them immediately since this was primarily student area, "… these thoughts can be told to …", she turned back after listening to a small quarrel at the bar, "… leave your mind."

"Is that so?" Matt was frightened a bit since one of those truck-drivers-types eyed him.

"Yes. By learning to become the observer of your mind, … you can watch your thoughts come in and …", burly men left with some unsavory comments, "… then decide which ones stay and …", one of them send Donatella a "flying kiss" and she imitated giggling, "… which ones must … go." Matt realized she's been watched and when he turned back to see those guys outside one of them threw his tongue out, making Dona laugh. She immediately stopped after Matt's darkened face warned her that it was him who was paying for the drink.
She looked at him, then started to play with a serviette.

"Try this next time one of your negative thoughts pops into your mind." She ignored his stare into her décolleté. "Catch it before it has a chance to turn into a negative human emotion that manifests in … your body." She was looking at him now. "Just … notice it." She exhaled in a sad way, looking towards an old man with a baseball cap that was either dead or napping so still that he resembled a wax statue. "Realize that you are its … master …", Matt giggled due to her strong Italian accent that suddenly resurfaced, "… and you can decide what to … do with it."

After he walked her to her dormitory, she smiled at him, wondering why she did not find it appropriate to call him in.

"About the previous …?" Matt was approaching her with his mouth half-open, but, for some reason she did not feel like it.

"Oh, yes." She kissed him lightly on his lips and he went berserk like a doggy, playing funny and making a fool of himself while other students wondered what was going on … "At the same time, … you can notice any positive thought that will fill your body with emotions such as …", she remembered on the drug she needed to take and wanted to weep hopelessly, "… peace, … compassion …"

"How about ... kindness and love …" Matt wrapped his arms around her, expecting it was all done, but she withdrew like an eel, making Matt confused.

"I meant contentment, joy, calmness or … forgiveness." She kissed him lightly again on his lips and avoided his French kiss attack, leaving him stranded on the street. Matt whistled, then waved at her as she was closing the door behind her.

That evening he was talking with Professor Arthur Harrong. Each was sipping a whiskey, their ice cubes tinkling soundly against the glass.

"Well …" Arthur scratched his beard. "Answers differ depending on who you ask …", he checked on Matt, "… and… their background." Matt made a slow nod, still furious for not bursting into Dona's vagina like a raging bull. "Broadly speaking however …", he got up, showing Matt some chart, "… nanotechnology is the act of purposefully manipulating matter at the atomic scale, otherwise known as the … 'nanoscale'." Matt reluctantly took the chart, examining its scale of proportion.

"Coined as 'nano-technology' in a 1974 paper by Norio Taniguchi at the University of Tokyo …", Professor Arthur took away the chart, Matt thanking him, "… and encompassing a multitude of rapidly emerging technologies …", he excused himself by answering his cell phone and for a moment Matt could even hear a faint girls' voice, Arthur smiling at him, "… based upon the scaling down of existing technologies …", he wrapped his cell phone, "… to the next level of precision and …", his telephone rang now and he got up, grinning apologetically, "… miniaturization. Yes? Hello?"

Matt watched some microscopic diagrams, gritting his teeth in secret, wondering if Donatella had a steady boyfriend she never told him of. Professor returned, apologizing for the nth time.

"Taniguchi approached nanotechnology from the 'top-down' standpoint, from the viewpoint of a … precision engineer."

"How about its rate though?"

"What do you mean …?"

"Expert systems … computer tech …", Matt wave with his hand in the air.

"Well … regardless of the diverse opinions on the rate at which nanotechnology will be implemented …", Arthur checked on his cell phone message, "… people who make it a habit of keeping up with technology advances agree on this …", he exhaled and grinned broadly at Matt, "... it is a technology in its infancy, and … it holds the potential to … change everything." Matt smelled his drink carefully wondering whether economic crisis affected even the intellectuals of this country.

They listened to some music, Matt feeling way to lazy to get up and leave.

"What is actually a nanoparticle?" Some lucid thoughts popped up on his mind.

"Well … an engineered nanoparticle may be defined as any intentionally produced particle that has a characteristic dimension from 1 to 100 nm and has properties that are not shared by non-nanoscale particles with the same chemical composition …"

"I know that over the past few decades, inorganic nanoparticles, whose structures exhibit significantly novel and improved physical, chemical, and … biological properties …", he smiled at the surprised Professor who was almost gaping at him now, "… phenomena, and functionality due to their nanoscale size …", Matt finished his whiskey and Professor poured him some more, adding two ice cubes as well, "… have elicited much interest, I think."

"That's right!" Arthur was pleased that at least someone was not paid by foreign companies and studying due to sheer need for it. "Nanophasic and nanostructured materials are attracting a great deal of attention because of their potential for achieving specific processes and selectivity, …", Arthur played with his glass and Matt wondered if he was going to spill some of that liquid on his carpet, "… especially in biological and … pharmaceutical applications …" That secretive smile made Matt wonder if he wasn't perhaps the first one to come to the similar idea … about controlling women.

"What about silver though?" Matt suddenly remembered something he read in the Library.

"Among inorganic antibacterial agents …", Arthur chuckled, realizing Matt was probably expecting from him some already pre-made tonic for "love success" or similar, "… silver has been employed most extensively since ancient times to fight infections and control … spoilage." Matt wondered whether Professor ha some less successful relationships with foreign students.

Professor Harrong smiled politely and Matt realized it was time to go.

Late that night, he read something about human trafficking. To his further shock, he noticed that one of those photographed girl had similar tattoo that Donatella had on her wrist.

"After a trafficking journey that typically involves deception, rape, beatings, and constant threats …", he stopped reading and answered his phone. Brad told him that the colloquium was postponed for the next Thursday due to medical reasons of their professor. He snorted and thanked him, continuing to read further. "Victims are often forced to live in confining and unsanitary conditions."

Telephone rang again and this time it was Dona. Matt immediately jumped from his slumber mood and cleared his thoughts.

"You can't sleep either? My God! …"

"I just called to tell you that I truly liked your jokes today …"

"Well … thank you." Matt still wished she could have given him at least a hand job.

"I am off to work tomorrow …"

"Oh. I didn't know you're working …" There was slight pause, vehicle passing by outside through some wet area.

"Just part-time." Pause. "Anyway … I wish you all the best on your exam!"

"Thank you, and …"


"Could we meet again … perhaps?"

"I … don't know …" Matt wasn't sure if she was calling him from the bed with some hairy plumber by her side and grit his teeth once more. "Perhaps …" There was a longer pause and he imagined she was either playing with that guy's penis or was playing with something else … "Good night, then …"

"Yes. You too …" She hung up slowly. Matt cursed and after beating his boxing mat, returned to read more on the Spoils of Earth.

"Once formally put to work …", Matt took a chewing gum, "… human trafficking victims can be forced to service from 40 to 110 customers in one day." Matt whistled wondering if he should aim for some younger girls perhaps … He leaned back, checking on his schedule. "Malnutrition, … sleep deprivation, … as well as emotional and physical abuse … become part of the day-to-day routine.

Someone rang at his door and Mark Knopfler's tune "American Hero" was heard. To his further disappointment it was his superintendent, reminding him to get rid of those smelly plants he kept in his apartment. He wished her a good night and almost slammed the door to her nose. After he sat back and exhaled, he suddenly remembered that Donatella had bags underneath her eyes. They were well masked, but nevertheless they were denoting something

"In addition to the abuse, forced abortions and the contraction of STI's, Hepatitis B and C, and AIDS are ever looming probabilities. Life for a victim of sex trafficking is hell on earth."

Matt switched the computer off and opened the window, listening to pit-a-pat sounds of the dripping leaves. Rain has stopped and the air was filled with ozone.