Little Lost Bunny

By: Krissie Gault

There once was a cute little bunny. His name was Patchafire. Well Patchafire was a good bunny. He lived with his owner, Cleovim, and her parents. They were all a happy family, but then, Cleovim and her parents moved away. Leaving poor little Patchafire all alone. He was trapped in the castle with no way out. But Patchafire didn't scream in fear, nor did he hate his owner. "She'll be home soon." He said.

Well a day past, then a week, then a month, and before he knew it, a year had past, and still no sign of his owner. Patchafire began to cry for he was truly lonely, but then, as if a higher power had granted his wish, the door slowly creaked opened and in the living room they stepped through. Patchafire was so happy that he raced toward the door without looking at who had walked through the front door. He skidded to a stop and looked up.

"That's not Cleovim," he thought. "In fact she's a grown he!" Patchafire turned to run away from the stranger, but before he could do so the stranger scooped him up.

"We should take him to the vet." He said to his companion holding a box.

Well, they took the little lost bunny to the vet. Patchafire was not pleased, for they had placed him in a little plastic prison. He cried out, but they apparently didn't listen. Then the vet came in. He wore a creepy long white coat and beige latex gloves. He kindly opened Patchafire's prison door, but Patchafire was shivering in the back of the cage. The vet reached into the cage and drug the rabbit out.

He held Patchafire firmly and looked him over. He checked his eyes, ears, and teeth. The he checked for broken bones. All the while Patchafire was squirming. After the check up, Patchafire was again placed in the plastic prison. He was then taken to a room filled with other bunnies. The vet drug the terrified Patchafire out of the prison and said, "Here you go, little guy, you're sure to be adopted in a lovely home in a manner of minutes."

Patchafire freaked out at the sound of this. And said he already had an owner, but the vet didn't seem to understand. So he patted the bunny on its head. Patchafire tried to escape the awful adoption place, but they kept finding him and putting him back.

One day, a little girl came in the store and immediately pointed at Patchafire. "Daddy, I want this ONE!" She cried out.

"Okay honey." He agreed. Patchafire tried to flee but they had already swooped him up into another plastic prison.

"I'm going to call her Princess Cuddle-boo!" the girl exclaimed in the car and going on and on about stuff no one cared about. Patchafire was trying to figure a way out of this jam.

When they arrived home, the girl took him to her bed room to play. "You're going to love your room." She said opening her door. The room was painted pink, and everything was adorn in all shades of pink. Patchafire had never seen color pink before and there was a good reason why. He began shaking and growling, which the little girl though was excitement. So she gladly cleared an area on the floor for him to play. She unlocked his plastic prison.

"Come on out and play Princess Cuddle-boo!" She exclaimed. Well, Patchafire came out, growling and shaking, and when the girl went to pet him; everything turned sour.

He bit the little girl and made her bleed. She gave a high pitch squeal, but that didn't knock Patchafire out of his merciful-less actions. He continued to bite and draw blood, until the little girl fell down dead. When he was done with her, blood was now adorning the room. However, her father came into see how she was doing. He gasped in fear and yelled, "Margret call the co-" but before he could finish, Patchafire attacked! Bloodcurdling screams filled the room and Margret came up with a broom and hit the crazed animal. He then attacked her. By the time she fell dead, the little girl's room and the hallway was caked in blood.

He then scampered away from the scene. He found himself a little hole and slept there 'til he was no longer mad. When he awoke, he set forth to find his rightful owner.