Ghosts- are they real

One definition for a ghost is that ghosts are the spirit or soul of a dead person which is believed to be able to show itself to the living. Many people believe in ghosts. There are mainly two beliefs. One is the bad and harmful ghost. The other is the good soul of a beloved person.

Ghosts have been described as white or solid black. They appear to hover in the air. When a ghost tries to show itself ectoplasm is left behind. Ectoplasm has been seen only on photographs.

Proof that ghosts exist are from eyewitness accounts. Accounts of interactions with ghosts are found in the following stories. My sister sees ghosts every single day. she sees them at least fifteen times a month. A story is, Strange Activities. Strange Activities is about a girl and her fiance who see weird stuff. They have three occurrences. The first is: They see a large dark shape quickly moving across a fast food lot in bounding leaps. It cleared at least ten feet in two leaps. It was too small to be an animal. It was solid black. She thought it might be an animal. The second occurrence is: She heard a moaning sound. She felt a cold wind rush over her face even though there was no open doors and the temperature outside was 70 degrees Fahrenheit. She said it was a male voice. the third is: there was a conversation between her and her fiance she saw a glowing white figure moving across living room.

another story is the Queen Mary ship there is lots of ghost sightings on the Queen Mary ship like wet footprints ,mysteriously appearing though there is no water in pool. another story is that my mom went into a bathroom and she saw someone sitting on a counter, eating a apple, and she smirked at my mom. when my mom came out she was gone and my mom didn't hear her come out. and my dad was waiting outside. and he said he didn't see her come out either.

so that's why i think ghosts are real. the end