This is something I wrote for class, an essay on why Nuclear weapons shouldn't be allowed. I got an A on it, but wanted to post it.

Death is an deafening smell for the few survivors who tread the bits of civilazation left. Smokey watseland that rises up, blocking the sun; scienctists had called it a nuclear winter before they were also killed. The cold is unbarable and those who have survived cling to the clothes they have fought for, maybe even to the death. Those who haven't enough food, water and shelter perish, only to have their bodies robbed of any nessicery items for survival; sometimes having their corpses ridden of fleash and meat. Dirt covers the faces of both adults and children, giving off a gray colour to the skin. Monotone looks of misery leave a feeling of pity to the few better off. Gangs have been formed and territories fashioned, you must stay close to those you can depend on and fully trust. But, even trust is hard to find in a world scarred by nuclear weaponry.

Nuclear weapons is something that most of the world's superpowers have ready to fire at a moment's notice. If the world was put into a nuclear war, what would happen? In a couple words? Mass destruction. So, why shouldn't we use nuclear weapons? The list could go on and on, but let us only take a minute to name three reasons; One, for a better tomorrow. Two, for safety. Three, for less chances of a single rise to power.

Nuclear weapons shouldn't be allowed because of the hope of a better tomorrow. Growing up in this type of world, the poetic words of John Lennon and others of world peace, seem far off. How are words spoken in the nineteen-sixties and seventies suppose to help in a world like today in which your country must be equipped to defend their country with a weapon that could very well ruin this world? But, if you were to take away all of the nuclear weaponry, all of the fear fades away. There's no reason for people to question when death will arrive through a terrifying blast or radioactivity or heat. The neighbours of superpowers like Russia and America won't have to worry about certain enemies that were once a satifisying lead to demise.

The safety of the world has always been in question since early times. Global warming, freak storms or nuclear weapons; what will stop this world from seeing the next day of sunshine? I can't quite speak for the other two, but with what we have learnt in class for the past couple days, I realise that nuclear warfare is indeed very real and something that puts the world in jepordy. There is always the question of when the world will truly die. Nuclear weaponry when it impacts the ground hard enough could possibly give the earth a deep cut. If the same spot is hit repeatively, the ground will crack deeper. The crust of the earth is only two miles deep, do we really want to take the risk of breaking the crust of the earth?

Power over the human race has been a fantasy through the ages. Slavery of the lesser classes, racial descrimiantion, and in the end, world domination. Many people have attempted, well known names such as Adolf Hitler who used armies and death camps to control his neared empire. The lesser known names, like most of American socity until the 1970's (and even until today) as cauasians attacked those of darker skin. With better materials, nuclear weapons would work as the perfect way to blackmail others into different situations. Governments from other countries can threaten their enemies with the lives of their people, following through with their plans in under two minutes.

Imagine the screams of those dying from burns and the blast... Or even the darker thoughts of the silence... Nothing making noise except for the bombs falling in the distance and rubble collecting in piles on the ground... Why would we want that fate to happen to anybody?