A/N: This is based on an English project that i have to do (ok, it is my English project). the project is based on what we have learned about life, and what we want to share about it. we read a bunch of books on judging people, and i wrote some essays on it. i realized that it was somethig that i wanted to share. So please read and review, i would really appreciate it!

"Hi, I'm Macey," the new girl said. Courtney Mayllers smiled weakly.

She must think she's so great, Courtney thought to herself. Just look at the way she dresses.

"I'm Courtney," she said.

She must have no friends, Macey Waters thought. Just look at the way she barely said anything. Ally Lurthon walked over.

"Hi, I'm Ally. You must be Macey. Mrs. Morgan told us about you," Ally put out her hand. Macey shook it gracefully.

This girl must be over the top, she probably thinks she's so smart and better than everyone else. Macey thought.

This girl is so over the top self-absorbed. She hardly shook my hand, when I was trying to be nice! Ally thought to herself.

Parvati Andrews watched the girls get acquainted. Those girls all thought that they were so great. They wore designer clothes and walked the halls as if they owned the world. Parvati was disgusted by such girls, but knew that she wanted them to like her. She had two friends, all who were looked down as if they were odd, just like she was. She dearly wished that they would stop.

Macey saw Parvati watching her. She was instantly disgusted. Look how that girl dresses! She thought, alarmed. All black, her hair DYED, and those boots were huge! How can people be so odd?

Parvati saw Macey's disgusted face and internally groaned. First impressions were really important, and Macey was probably thinking how odd she was. She probably thought Parvati was a misfit, troublemaker, or freak. Parvati began to walk over there to introduce herself, because she figured that the way Macey saw her couldn't get any worse.

"Hi, I'm Parvati. Welcome to our school," Parvati gave her sweetest smile as she spoke to the new girl.

"Ummm…Thanks?" Macey said. EW! I can't believe someone like…HER would actually talk to me! She's probably someone who messes up in school, has no friends, and no real family. Macey thought, completely horrified and disgusted.

Courtney and Ally looked at each other. They had never been close friends but they both agreed. Parvati Andrews had always dressed weird, and had always seemed weird. Let's hope Macey the Perfect doesn't become friends with Parvati the Strange. Courtney thought.

Courtney the Shy is thinking the same thing. Ally guessed. Parvati the Strange is exactly that. Strange.

I hope that Ally the Know-it-all and Courtney the Shy aren't friends with Parvati the Strange. Macey thought. Macey then turned her back on Parvati as if to say, "We're done talking." Parvati internally sighed and walked away. Would no one realize that she wasn't all that bad? Sure, she dressed differently, but she was sweet and kind and simply wanted a few friends. Would no one look past her face and into her heart? At the moment the answer to that question was no. And Parvati figured the answer would remain that way for a while.