By: Colleen Tucker

You say you know me,

I'm your daughter of course you know me,

But you don't really know me,

You only see what you want to see,

When you look at me you see a face filled with hatred,

You don't take the time to look into my eyes,

Maybe if you looked there you'd see how wrong you truly are,

If you only took the time to look into my eyes you'd see the agony I feel every day,

But you won't,

Your eyes linger on the carefully built mask that protects my heart,

You don't care how you're hurting me,

The shattering of my heart is nothing to you,

You call me a liar,

He's done nothing to hurt me,

But you only see what he chooses to show you,

I can't make you believe me,

Not when he's behind you whispering lies into your ears,

He lets a few false tears fall from his blackened eyes and your resistance crumbles,

I try to plead with you,

Begging you to hear the truth in my voice but you refuse,

His words mean more to you than my pain now,

And I can't stop that,

I can't make you see how you're hurting me,

You tell me to leave this in the past,

He's sorry after all,

But I can't leave the present in the past,

He's not sorry,

He'll never be sorry for what he's done,

How can I leave this in the past when he's still there?

There's nothing left to say,

No pretty words that will make everything all right again,

But you don't realize that,

You think apologizing and begging will bring me to your side again,

That I'll want to look into your eyes again,

But I won't,

How could I ever look into your eyes again?

He's changed you,

Turned the mother I knew into a stranger with her face,

And that's tearing me apart,

One person has torn apart everything I loved and there's nothing I can do to save it,

I won't forget you,

I won't forget the good memories we shared before he ruined it,

But I'm moving on now,

I've got to leave you behind,

It hurts but I'm going to do it,

Just promise me you won't forget the way things used to be,