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The woman ascended the stairs to the penthouse of the skyscraper. This building belonged to many around the world. It was part of the Liney skyscrapers, a complex of towers that had been part of a craze started in 2017 for top-secret government meetings. However, the towers had proved easily bugged or infiltrated. Now they were used for parties.

The woman's name was Brightdale. She was 23 years old, attending one of the many parties she had been a part of in her lifetime. The year was 2023.

Brightdale lived in New York City, which in years past had become one of the largest cities in the world in terms of population, tourism, and industrialization. The party was widely known, for it had been advertised through posters spread through the 5 boroughs (all of which now hosted some pretty impressive skyscrapers.)

Now she was on the 51st floor, on her way to the 73rd. Unfortunately, the two elevators were still shut down due to recurring power outages throughout the week. Brightdale hoped that one would not happen tonight. It was likely, though, for even in the derelict stairwell she could hear the rain pounding on the building.

She at last reached the penthouse, gasping for air. From outside the door, she could hear music playing inside. Her hand froze on the cold, metal doorknob. She was almost afraid to venture inside. Most of the parties that she had attended had been hosted by her, so she always felt at home, welcomed. In fact, this was only the 4th or 5th party that she had not been the caretaker of. She took ten deep breaths, and slowly cracked open the door.

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