Nathan lay on his bed, dressed only in a t shirt and boxers, the heat of the day, though nothing in comparison to hell, bearing down on the apartment, turning it to an oven. Sweat poured out from each pore, drenching the sheets underneath him. He was nauscious, dizzy, dehydrated. It had to have been the heat.

"Fuck." he heaved, trying to find the strength to move under the one hundred ten degree heat, having to be suffered through without an air conditioner, his being broken.

"NATHAN!" all too familiar voice screamed from the hall. Nathan groaned, too unmotivated to move.

"Door's open!" he called back, shiting in the slightest bit. A green eyes girl slipped through the doorway and immediately gasped.

"How the hell can you live like this?" she exclaimed. Sweat was already pouring from her forehead. She ran a hand through her short brown hair, wiping the sweat soaked appendeges against her jeans. She fumbled her way to Nathan's bed, collapsing next to him, the heat exhausting her by itself. "This makes me wish we were back in Lucifer's cell."

Nathan glared at her. How could she joke about such a thing as serious as the journey through hell. He soon returned to his state of solemn stillness, finding it too hot to be angry. It was too hot to feel anything. Lady tugged im by the arm, forcing him to his feet.

"It's too hot, Lady." he hissed.

"That's why we're going to my apartment, dummy," she giggled. This would be a new experience. He had been to hell and back twice, yet never made the venture into his girlfriend's apartment. Forgetting his attire completely, he ventured down the hallway, lead by the nineteen year old girl. Lady's apartment was neat, adorned with odd painting and sculptures that seemed to coordinate with each other perfectly. The cool rush of air from the air conditioner made him grin with ecstasy. Lady lead him to the bathroom, starting a cool bath for him before feeling his forehead, and with a frown, diagnosed him with a high fever. She let him to strip and slip into the tub, before intruding back in, carrying a bag of ice, dumping it into the tub with him. Nathan did not jump, nor did he shiver. He simply sank in, enjoying the icy water lapping at his heated skin, along with the constant attention from Lady, something he normally rejected. He forgot how enjoyable it was to be babied during sickness. Her icy fingers brushed through his short black hair, that was when he realized how badly he was shivering.

"I need to go home." he grumbled. Ignoring him, Lady slipped into the tub with him, completely clothed. She pulled his head to her chest and kissed his temple, toying with the small chain around his neck that held the ring that his mother had given him.

"I love you."

"I have to go home, now I need my clothes."

"I already brought your pajamas. You're sick though, and it's too hot at your apartment."

Nathan stared into Lady's eyes with his own steely blue. She was his guardian angel, there was no doubt about it. He leaned to kiss her, only to find he couldn't move.

"Lady-" he rasped, but stopped, unable to find the words to say. Lady knew what he wanted though. She always knew. She leaned in, kissing him gingerly. Her lips, as always were sweet like candy, and though Nathan didn't like sweets, he loved her taste more than anything else.

"I love you." he muttered, before drifting off into a deep sleep in the icy water.

He awoke late that night in an unfamiliar bed, an unfamiliar room. The room spun around him, and his nausea hit him harder than it ever had before. He swung over the large bed, pulling a conveniently placed wastebasket to his face, losing all that was in his stomach.

"Lady," he moaned. "Lady, I need you."

Lady was nowhere to be seen. Flashing sirens strobed outside, drawing Nathan to the window. He peered out to the sight of Lady being shoved brutally into the back of a police car.

"No! No God damn it!"

He stumbled to his apartment, dressing himself in the massive heat, before feeling his way outside of the spinning apartment building.

"W-What's going on?" he questioned s calmly as he could.

"Hello lieutena-" One officer started.

"You totally missed it man, we just caught the most infamous murderer this states ever seen!" another butted in, causing Nathan's headache to skyrocket.

"As I was saying, Mr. DeLacour, why just nabbed Lady Hill, an asylum escapee that's been on the run for a year an-"

"I know who she is, what are the charges against her?"

"She killed a dude!" the younger officer piped.

"Quiet, Thomsan," the senior officer, Sergent Reuben, commanded. "Miss Hill is being charged with two counts of homicide."

"Two? I thought she only killed a nurse."

His nausea was coming back fast, and Nathan struggled not to vomit.

"Sirm are you alright? YOu look ill."

"Fine, sergeant. Please, continue, what was the second count?"

The sergeant cleared his throat.

"Well, you see, as she was escaping, a guard tackled her and she stabbed him with a scalpel she stole off the nurse."

"It sounds like self defense to me. And did you check to see why she would've killed the nurse?"

"Why do you care so much, Lieutenant?"

Nathan doubled over, vomiting. This was the perfect distraction from Reuben's question.

"You look terrible, Lieutenant!" Thomas exclaimed.

"You aren't really easy on the eyes either, pal," Nathan murmured between heaves. "C-Can I see her?" he asked. Reuben lead Nathan to the car where Lady thrased like a trapped rat.

"This isn't fair," she screamed, "you haven't read me my rights!"

Reuben opened the door whacking her upside the head with his nightstick.

"You got the right to remain silent," he beamed, proud of what little wit he had.

Nathan's eyes widened, and before he could think, the officer was under him, his hand cuffed behind his back, the muzzle of a gun pressed to the back of his head.

"That was uncalled for," he snarled. Lady stared at him.

"You're sick, mister," she said in nearly a whisper. "you need to go to bed."

Nathan shook his head.

"Cops need to know how to handle a situation without testing assault with a deadly weapon."

Thomas stared at Nathan, too terrified of the former lieutenant to make a move.

"I can make a citizens arrest, Lieutenant. I have the tools and the proof to justify it." He gestured to the dashboard camera.

Reuben was in a state of silent shock. The man who was puking moments before now had the police Sergeant on the ground and cuffed in a matter of seconds. Nathan dismounted the officer of the law before aiding Lady out of the car and inspecting the quickly forming bruise on her cheek.

"She needs a doctor. This could end up in a concussion."

Lady stared silently at Nathan, and Nathan glared back, shaking with rage and fever. His eyes were bloodshot, his skin pale, clammy. He was as strong as ever. Thomas yanked Reuben to his feet, uncuffing him, watching with suspiscious eyes as Nathan yanked a pen light from his back pocket, inspecting her eyes. Lady seemed to sway back and forth dizzily.

"M-My head," she groaned, "I'm getting really dizzy!"

The two officers jumped up, quickly ducking Lady back into the car.

"Er, , would you come with us?" Reuben requested. "We need an alibi."

Nathan snorted, swinging into the car next to Lady.

"You're going to get in a small space with a murderer?" Thomas asked.

"Somebody has to keep her awake without killing her in the process."

The officers could hear the pure ice in Nathan's voice, poorly hidden by the sick. Lady brushed a hand against his cheek.

"You're really, really sick, sir," she pleaded, "you don't have to worry about me."

"I'm not worried," Nathan replied, followed by a heavy cough. "I'm pissed off by the way our law enforcement gets off today."

Reuben glared into the backseat.

"You just watch your mouth there son," he warned.

Nathan glared daggers back at the officer, who looked to be in his early fifties. Reuben slowly turned, his stare turning into a look of intimidation. Nathan reclined against the plastic seats, his head spinning worse than ever. At one point he had to tell the cop to pull over and open the door, vomiting in the dirt.

Nathan could feel Lady's hand rubbing his back, and promptly ended in, pinning her against the opposite window with little force.

"Do. Not. Touch. Me." he commanded. He took a few steps out of the car, stumbling into the senior officer, gagging and heaving he turned to duck back into the car, Lady was nowhere to be seen. Thomas approached them quickly, his eyes wide.

"She's gone!" he exclaimed, grabbing Reuben by the arm. "She's gone damn it!"

Reuben looked to Nathan.

", did you-"

Natan emptied his stomach again, before collapsing into a pool of his own vomit.