The liquid crystal inside me is what keeps me going, what keeps me from falling, what keeps us from dying. It's the thermochromic element inside us that makes us, this, everything work.

Mood Ring


by XxmickeyTxX



And red,

And black.



And peaches,

And black.


The colors of my mood ring

when I talk to you

when I think of you

when I hear you through


I hate that I can't

be with you

all the time

have you near me

all the time


'Cuz if I do

the green ring around my finger

will grow and burn

so I'll have to take you off soon


Pink and Red

are the flush you bring to my skin

when you whisper those

itty bitty things


Purples and Peaches

are the happiness you give me

when we're taking and laughing

until only blissful silence fills the room


Black fills me with peace

because it helps me remember

that you're real and you feel

and are not just another one of my muses


But no matter what color you are

or whatever my finger will turn out to be

as long as you stay with me

you'll forever be my mood ring.

Come on people ; you and I both know you have a mood ring out there! Review for them!