I know why now

That I was so afraid

So uncertain

I did not understand


What I meant to you

I understand now

It hit me

When you held me

I realized

How much I meant to you

It was breathtaking

I knew

How much you meant to me

I dod not know however,

That I meant as much

If not more

To you

I could feel your raw soul

For a moment

It opened my eyes

To how

I have become

Your everything

To how

You must be with me

Even if it means death

The irrational



Where you

Need to be with me

For no other reason

Besides that

I am


You love me

For my soul

My self

Not just for my personality



But for my

Deepest self

Whom only you know

I love you too

Though my love is needier

More binding

But it is


Like yours

But never as great

As pure

As yours

I love you Billy