Coin Toss

Escapade was a rager tonight, a typical occurrence for the Miami club on a Saturday. People were packed within the building, lining the bar and filling the dance floor. It was mid July, making the air thick and hot in Florida, forcing the partiers to wear the least amount of clothing that was sociably acceptable. Not that anyone would be complaining, of course.

Jenna was dressed in a tight black skirt that came just above her belly button and stopped mid thigh. She paired it with a cropped white sequin top that was strapless, which showed a sliver of skin above her skirt. The heart-shaped top accented her chest perfectly. Despite the heat, she wore a leather coat on top, which she knew would have its purpose later on in the night. Her tan legs were lengthened with the help of her black heels, and her light brown hair was beautifully waved and rested over her left shoulder. She was ready to play to say the least.

She scanned Escapade in hopes of finding her friend, however the girl was nowhere in sight. Typical of her raven-haired coworker to be late…

Jenna pushed her way through the crowd and over to the bar. She found a seat on an open stool and allowed her eyes to wander a little more. The possibilities tonight would be endless and she saw a few good prospects, but needed to wait for her friend. Killing a little time, she decided to order a drink.

Spotting a bartender bending over for more glasses, she called for her attention.

"Hey! Excuse me!" Jenna raised her voice over the loud music.

She was ignored.

Annoyed, Jenna leaned over the counter and poked the woman in the back, "Hey! Can I order a drink?"

The black-hair beauty straightened and turned around, ready to give the woman that rudely demanded her attention a little piece of her mind. Her anger immediately subsided when she saw it was Jenna. She grinned when Jenna looked at her, confused.

"Oh, what the hell? Madison, what are you doing behind the bar?" Jenna asked, happy she finally found her dark-hair friend.

"I got tired of waiting for a drink, so I decided to make it myself…" Madison snatched the shaker off the shelf and began mixing a martini for herself. "What do you want to drink?"

"I'll get it," Jenna ducked under the counter and immediately reached for the large bottle of Grey Goose. She poured the clear alcohol into a glass over some ice. She'd be able to nurse this for a while until she and Madison got to play their game.

They linked arms and left the bar with their drinks in hand. Jenna and Madison had been waitresses at Escapade for almost a year now and the club's biggest costumers. Saturday nights were always their night off together, so they always celebrated it right, playing their favorite game with a few partiers that always brought in some cash. Their boss loved them for it, as usually their guests had a tendency to buy many drinks after spending some time with the two girls.

"So," Madison took a sip of her martini, "Any boys catch your eye yet?"

"Nope," Jenna pouted.

Madison's light grey eyes met Jenna's brown ones, "So let's have some fun while we look, eh?"

"Oh, absolutely."

Everything about Escapade was a big comfort zone for the two, especially the dance floor. The two moved easily to the beat, the music flowing through them. Jenna couldn't help but laugh as she and her best friend danced together. They were inseparable.

They had ignored a few male suitors and continued dancing until they worked up a sweat. When the fifth song finished, Madison grabbed Jenna's hand and led her off the dance floor. They headed over to the VIP section of the club, where maroon curtains closed off private booths. Madison slid into the booth on the left side, leaving enough room for her friend. Before Jenna could sit, however, Madison nodded to something behind her.

"Check those two out…"

Jenna turned and took notice of the two guys chatting up two other girls. One guy was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt with a white button down shirt left open over it. His hair was black and shaggy, his smile extremely charming as he flashed it at the blonde to his left. The other stood a little taller than his friend and had chestnut hair that curled up at the ends. He looked adorable in his plain navy shirt and dark jeans. His hands were tucked into his pockets and smirked when the other blonde girl cracked a joke at the group.

The two were positively delicious.

Jenna's eyes swept the two up and down, "Good eyes, Madison…"

Madison stood and grinned at her friend.

"I so have this one…"

Madison left her friend and walked over to the two boys, her hips swaying. Her high-waisted black shorts hugged her perfectly and her baby blue tube top showed off her tan shoulders. Her black hair was curled beautifully, reaching down to her waist.

She reached the four and smiled confidently, "Hi."

The two blondes immediately frowned as the two men's attention was easily drawn to the new girl.

"Mmm, well hello there, beautiful," the chestnut haired guy murmured, his dark brown eyes taking her in.

The dark haired one remained silent, but intrigued, as he took a sip of his Heineken. Damn.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation with these two ladies, but I was wondering if you'd two would like to share a drink with me and my friend?" Madison motioned over to Jenna, who was sitting in the booth.

She waggled her fingers at the two men when they looked her way and winked.

The dark haired one looked to the two blondes standing next to them, "Thanks, but we were just talking to –"

The other guy clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder, cutting him off, "What Sam meant to say is that we'd love to. I'm Ethan, by the way…"

"Madison," she returned, grinning at Ethan.

She turned and walked back to her waiting friend, fully knowing that two sets of eyes were trained on her backside. Somehow she knew these two would be their most interesting players yet.

Ethan turned his eyes on Sam and motioned to the retreating black haired beauty, "What's wrong with you, dude? Do you have eyes?"

"Shut up, man, I'm coming…" He mumbled a quick apology to the gaping blondes before following Ethan over to the private booth.

"This is Jenna," Madison introduced her friend.

"Nice to meet you," Sam greeted back, his smirk forming. "I'm Sam and this is Ethan…"

"So!" Ethan draped his arm around Madison's shoulders, pulling her close to him. "How are we doing this fine night, ladies?"

Jenna laughed. This guy was too much. Her chin rested in her hand, propped up by her elbow, "How about a little drinking game? Might help us get to know each other a little better…"

Sam could have sworn he saw Ethan's eyes gleam. He met Jenna's eyes, "Sure. What do you have in mind?"

"A friendly game of Coin Toss," Jenna replied, holding Sam's gaze.

Ethan raised a brow, "Seems a little too simple. How do you play?"

"Well, me and Jen put a little spin on the game…" Madison trailed off, sliding into one side of the booth after removing herself from Ethan's hold.

"Each of us will take turns flipping a coin. You have to call the side it will land on. If you're right, you pass the coin to the right. If you're wrong, you have to take a shot or remove a piece of clothing. The catch, however, is if you took a shot, you have to take a piece of clothing off the next time. Then you slide the coin back to the left. The first person to either be way too intoxicated to keep playing or run out of clothing is the loser," Jenna explained, smirking at the two boys faces.

"Oh, baby!" Ethan grinned. "I am so game!"

Sam couldn't help, but grin as well, "Count me in…"

"Great. I'll be right back. We need to buy a round of shots…" Jenna went to walk away, but felt one of the guys grab her wrist. She raised a brow at Sam.

"Here," He handed her his credit card. "It's on me."

Jenna smiled prettily at him and accepted the card. She disappeared into the crowd once more to find her way to the bar. Sliding up to the side, she called for one of the bartenders.

"Liam!" She waved her hand to catch his attention.

Liam turned around, his red hair standing out. He smiled upon seeing her, his lightly freckled nose wrinkling. He met her on the edge of the bar and took the credit card when she handed it to him. He leaned over the counter and kissed her cheek.

"Hi, doll. Samuel Rowe's credit card, hmm? Looks like you and Maddy have found some takers tonight," He laughed.

"Yup. They're so good looking too…" She licked her lips. "Can I have the usual, please?"

"Anything for you," He smiled.

Putting a tray on the counter, Liam lined it with thirty shots of Absolut vodka. He pushed the tray over to her, which she gladly took and balanced expertly on one hand.

"Come back if you need more."

Jenna was back at the private booth before the other three knew it and slid in next to Madison, leaving the two boys sitting opposite of them. She reached into her pocket and took out a quarter.

"Who would like to start?"

"Ladies first," Sam mumbled, brown eyes staring at her intently.

Madison bit her lip to hold down her grin. This was Jenna and her favorite game. They discovered it a few months ago and had been playing it ever since. After a few horrifying and embarrassing losses, the two had trained their eyes quite well to figure out the chances of a side landing up. They hadn't lost in weeks, watching men grow red as they lost more and more clothing in front of the attractive girls. She couldn't wait for these two to lose, especially Ethan. With faces like that, they had to have amazingly matching bodies. She'd be lying if she denied wanting to take that boy back to her apartment tonight.

"Excellent," Jenna said as she tossed the coin. "Tails."

Sure enough, it landed tails up.

She smiled mischievously, sliding the coin across the table to Sam.

He tossed it immediately, calling heads. Luck was in his favor.

Now the coin was in Ethan's hands. He rubbed it in between his hands.

"Let's see some skin tonight," He winked.

The coin was in the air as he called tails. It landed and heads was staring right back at him.

"Alright. Time to get this started," Ethan took off his shirt.

Madison let out a wolf whistle.

Sam received the coin and was safe once more. Ethan was the same.

Madison took the quarter from his hand.

"Tails!" She called.

Tails it was and the coin was once again in Jenna's hands.

She was right again and passed the coin again. She stuck her tongue out when Sam pouted at her.

He wasn't so lucky this time and reached for a shot.

"Shit," He cursed and tossed the vodka back. He slid it back to Jenna.

She decided to play a little fairer, calling the coin toss wrong.

"Oops," She eyed the shots, but decided to shimmy out of her leather coat.

Madison took the coin from her friend and also called it wrong. She decided on a shot as her fate. Jenna's turn was safe once more as was Sam's.

Ethan reached for the coin eagerly and looked at Madison, "What do you think I should call, babe?"

"Heads," She purred back.

Heads it was and she took the coin.

With the coin mid-air, she watched it carefully. It reflected all of the lights flashing in the club and began to descend to the table's surface. She was about to call it when she felt Ethan's shoe graze sensually up her leg. Distracted, the coin hit before she could guess.

"Sorry, babe. You gotta strip," Jenna laughed. She high fived Ethan.

"Dammit!" Madison pouted, taking off her heels. "Two can play at that game, Ethan!"

"Bring it on, love," Ethan purred.

He tossed the coin, but immediately lost his place when Madison began twirling her hair around her finger and licking her lips at him. He suddenly remembered the coin and called the wrong side. He growled and took a shot.


Madison giggled.

Sam took the coin from Ethan, his couple of drinks from before the girls inviting them over were beginning to catch up with him. The quarter was up in the air and landed on heads, opposite of what he called. He slipped off his white button up.

His smoldering look caught Jenna's, "Don't get too excited."

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't," She replied, looking him up and down.

But his look was too much, causing her to mess up and taking a shot that burned on the way down.

Fifteen minutes later of cheating, both teams were suffering. The girls had not planned for this to happen.

Ethan was in nothing, but his boxers. Dangling on his shoulder was Madison's lacy bra, which she had shimmied off a few turns ago. He claimed it was a trophy and he deserved it. That and it was a huge tease as she left her tube top on, leaving Ethan with the knowledge that there was nothing stopping him from seeing her topless once the shirt was gone. All she had left on besides that shirt was her black thong. Basically, she had four more times to miss and Ethan had two.

Jenna was not much better. The shots had gone straight to her head and she was a losing the coin toss a little too quickly for her liking. Dressed only in matching red lace lingerie, she prayed for her call to be right as the coin hit the table. Luck was in her favor as she passed the coin to Sam. Her next miss would be an article of clothing.

Sam, on the other hand, was doing decently as compared to the others. He still had jeans and boxers on, but had lost his shirt, shoes, and socks. Clothes were the only things in his favor, as he was just as drunk as his companions. His cocky behavior only grew as he stroked Jenna's thigh under the table, grinning as she flushed. She slid the coin across the table, not allowing him to touch her any further.

Vision spinning, his missed the coin as it shot off the table and landed on the seat. He grabbed it and went to toss it. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't take his eyes off Jenna as she was purposely pushing her boobs together with her arms.

The coin clattered on the table and Sam accepted the shot as Jenna handed it to him. He tipped his head back and drank it, the alcohol burning less and less as he got more intoxicated.

Now it was her turn. She prayed for a correct call as the coin went into the air.

Jenna gasped as Sam's hand dipped down and stroked her inner thigh, completely messing up her throw, "No!"

Sam grinned, "Sorry, baby, but that's what you get for cheating…"

Madison covered her mouth to hold back her laughter, "Oh my god, Jen…"

Jenna reached behind her back and fumbled for the clasp of her bra with a defeated sigh. She unhooked it and took it off. Fortunately, her hair was long enough to hang over her shoulders to keep her decent. Sam groaned and mumbled something along the lines of her hair not being fair.

Jenna slid the coin with purpose to Madison, determined to keep the game moving so she wouldn't lose.

"I like your bra and all as my make shift necklace, but what I really want is to make that tiny little thong of yours into a bracelet…"

Madison choked a little, completely missing her toss.

"W-What?" She sputtered.

"Yes! One step closer!" Ethan cheered, drunkenly.

She took her shot and handed the coin back to Ethan.

Drunk and not caring, Ethan missed and gladly took his shot. One more miss and he was done.

It seemed that everyone had mistakes in their future as the alcohol and continuous flirting made the four quite distracted. Sam had lost his pants and Jenna took another shot of Absolut.

Madison broke the chain, completely ignoring Ethan's attempts to distract her. She bumped fists with Jenna in victory and gave the coin back to her friend.

Jenna stared at the coin in horror. If she missed this, her underwear would be gone. Not only would she be the loser, but also she'd be completely naked in front of these two very attractive men. Her ability to call shots mid air was gone with her soberness so she had a fifty-fifty chance to remain slightly modest.

She tossed the coin and closed her eyes.


She opened her eyes to see the coin land tails side up. Her mouth dropped.

Ethan slammed his hands down on the table in victory, "YES! I WON!"

Madison covered her mouth to stifle her giggles and used her other hand to pat her friend on the back apologetically.

Sam whistled and made the motion of taking off her underwear. Jenna could feel the color rise in her face as she reached for the last bit of fabric covering her body.


An authorities' voice rang out throughout the club as the music was cut. Sam's brows furrowed in confusion as he peeked through the curtains.

Standing in the entrance of the club was about ten police officers that were walking around, checking identifications and cuffing under aged drinkers.

Madison cursed quietly and slurred, "I can't believe they're busting here again tonight. We gotta get some clothes on before they reach our table or they'll be arresting us for public indecency."

"Only if you dress me, baby…" Ethan trailed off and winked.

Madison laughed at threw his shirt at his face.

"I don't think so, bud. Gimme back my bra!"

The two continued to banter as Jenna began frantically looking around for her clothing, relieved at her amazing luck. The police could not have come at a better time. She looked up to see Sam looking at her in disappointment; the hungry look still lingering in his eyes.

"Sorry, Sam. Maybe next time…" She purred.

He confidence was immediately crushed, however, when she could not find her bra or top. Looking under the table and on the seat, the two items of clothing had mysteriously disappeared. She glanced through the curtain and saw the officers making their way to the private booths. Her eyes widened in horror as she went for her leather coat instead. Except, that was missing too.

"Shit!" She cursed, drunkenly. "It is definitely not on my bucket list to flash multiple cops and then be arrested for it!"

Sam pulled on his t-shirt and tossed her his white button down.

"Here. Put this on for now."

She did as she was told and quickly buttoned up the shirt. She glanced around the table to see the other three completely dressed, aside from the thong that somehow managed its way around Ethan's wrist. He looked very pleased with himself while Madison attempted to keep an innocent look on her face.

A cop opened the curtain then, glancing around the booth. He asked for their IDs before he moved on after seeing they were all at least twenty-one years of age. Jenna was about to offer getting the group a few beers when Madison crawled across the table and landed in Ethan's lap. She straddled him and crushed her mouth against his.

Well then…

Sam slid out of his seat, trying to escape the two going at it merely six inches from him. He offered his hand out and helped Jenna stand. They both swayed, their blood alcohol content way too high.

"I need to use the restroom…" Jenna slurred. A splash of cold water on her face would be nice. Really, really nice…

"I'll help you there," Sam offered.

The crowd was a bit smaller now, successfully thinned out by the police invasion. He found the bathrooms in the corner of the club and found an open one for her to use. He opened the door for her she walked inside.

"Thanks," She said, glancing at him through her lashes.

He nodded.

Jenna went to shut the door when his hand suddenly reached out and stopped the door from closing. Sam forced his way in with her, shutting the door, and locking it behind him. He sauntered up to her, pushing her against the sink. She didn't get a chance to get a word out before she felt his hot mouth against hers.

Hands were all over each other immediately, tongues clashed, and breaths were ragged. Jenna grabbed a fistful of Sam's hair, pulling him as close as possible to her body. He obliged, his hands traveling up the back of the shirt she was wearing, feeling her warm skin under his hands.

His mouth left hers, trailing kisses down her throat.

Sam nipped at the skin over her collarbone, "I'm going to need my shirt back."

"Now?" Jenna gasped in pleasure.

"Mmm hmm…" He murmured as his fingers began flicking each of the buttons of the shirt open. His mouth traveled down the opening of the shirt until he reached her navel. He moved back up and claimed her mouth once more.

Jenna moaned into his mouth and slipped her hands into his back pockets.

She froze.

"It was you?" She removed her mouth from his and pulled her balled up shirt and bra from his back pocket. "You stole my clothes so I couldn't get dressed?"

"Fair is fair seeing as you didn't follow the rules because the police rudely interrupted…" He grinned back at her, not caring that he had been caught.

"You sneaky bastard," She accused, lightly swatting his shoulder.

He reached under her and lifted her up onto the sink.

"Bite me."

He claimed her mouth once more, silencing her of any more accusations.

Here we are again with another one shot :) Hope you liked it and please excuse any mistakes!