there are things in life that surpass
the normal realm of beauty;
in the meticulous wash of stars,
the feeling of early dawn sunlight
bathing your skin in delicate warmth
and the moment right before our lips
touch, when your eyes shut
and your breath

but i didn't pray for love
when i was a child.
i yearned
for another sunny hour
a perfect beach day
and for the gentle trill of summer
to spill into
the rest of the year.
i didn't wish for you
right before i closed my eyes
but i am now ever hunting
for that feeling.
you see, my sweetheart,
i have always been wanting
simply, you were known
by a different name.

the adjustment
to a love of something farther
than the air just outside my window
is heavier -
your name a weight upon my lips.
the distance
between us is unfamiliar
and you haunt me when the cord
stretches too thin.
are not devoted like summer
you won't come round with time
nor with the vibrating patience
with which i wait.
are more lonesome than fall
braver than winter
and louder than spring.
are a million miles away
with your arms
still round my waist.