Greg turned the monitor off, yawning big enough to pop his ears. It was around four in the morning and he felt like he had been run over by a truck. Cramps had already claimed his thighs from where they pressed against his chair. He stood up from his computer desk, grimacing as blood flowed freely into his legs.

Stripping off his shirt, he stumbled to the bed.

Even now, he had trouble believing he had actually done it. With one click of a button he had made a fool of himself to a lot of people, maybe even hundreds. The thought scared him and thrilled him at the same time. He was frightened that everyone would think he was a dork but excited that he finally found enough balls to go through it.

Normally he would brush his teeth before bed but he was going to bypass that little hygienic chore today. He sat on the edge of the bed and set the alarm clock. Work was at eight, so he didn't have much time to sleep but a little nap was better than nothing. He clicked off the lamp and fell back in bed.

Barely a minute later he was asleep.

A thousand miles away, a stoned teenager was searching the web. Having jacked off four times already, he really wasn't interested in porn at the moment. Not really paying attention to what he was doing he clicked on a file. He cussed when he saw that it was going to take three minutes to download and he almost canceled the download but decided to see what it was.

Maybe he could squeeze in another session the teen thought as he felt something sir in his pants.

He logged unto his dad's account and scanned the hidden files of porn the old man kept. There was everything from tiny teens to fat chicks. He finally found something interesting and was in the middle of solving his problem with his right hand when something chimed.

A box appeared on screen saying that the download was complete. Cursing, he used his left hand to get the damn box out of the way. Two things were against him. The fact that he was right handed and that the mouse was a little greasy from the lubricant he was using, caused him to hit the open button instead of the cancel.

"What the fuck?" he hissed when a chubby boy who couldn't be a year older than himself popped on the screen. He wore a pair of glasses and had headphones on. As the stoned teenager watched, the boy's mouth opened…

Mary closed the front door behind her. She leaned against it for a second. After taking on a double shift, covering for Charmane, whom was on vacation, every muscle in her body was on the verge of cramping. It was good to finally be back in her own place.

She put her purse on the living room coffee table and shrugged out of her coat. The couch looked inviting, but she knew the second she sat down she wouldn't be able to get up. A night spent on that lumpy piece of furniture would not only be bad on her body, it almost insured cramps in the morning.

The thing she needed most was a hot shower and her own bed. She walked to her bedroom door. Right before stepping inside, she noticed that her sister's light was on. That was weird. Jane usually was asleep by now. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she went to the door and lightly knocked.

"Is that you sis?" her sister asked on the other side of the door. She had a song playing and Mary had trouble hearing her.


Jane laughed, turning the volume up. "Get your ass in here! You've gotta see this crazy dude."

Mary opened the door and joined her sister at the computer. They both watched a boy…

"Holy shit!"

Sarah jerked in surprise and looked up from Emily's hands, ignoring the other girls indignant cry when she got nail polish all over her knuckle. Becka was sitting at Sarah's desk laughing at something playing on the computer.

Becka turned to them. "Get your asses over here. This fat guy is fuckin' hilarious."

"What's got you so flippy?"

"A new video that was uploaded this morning. Already has two million hits."

Sarah and a still grumpy Emily, joined Becka. Pretty soon all three were giggling loudly. So loud, in fact, that the door opened.

"Keep it down girls! I have to get an early start in the morning," Sarah's mom scolded.

"Mom! Come watch this."

A couple of minutes later the woman hook her head. "I always knew something was wrong with your generation."

The three girls laughed harder as she left, still mumbling about crazy teenagers.

Becka turned to the computer. "I'm gonna send this to the rest of the guys. Too bad Tracey isn't here. I'd bet she'd fuckin' piss her pants again."

Sarah went back to work on Emily's fingernails, the memory of the fat boy floating in her head, making her giggle every now and then.


Charlie giggled, pointing at the screen. He looked over his shoulder at his dad, grinning. "He's dancing."

Paul was transfixed at the sight on his son's computer. The song was in a language he didn't recognize, well part of it anyway. There were some parts in English. But what really caught his attention was a teenager mouthing the words and dancing along to the tune.

Paul shook his head, smiling. "Just what in God's name is that called?"

Charlie's brow wrinkled. "I don't know. Hold on a second, let me check it out."

A few seconds later his son sank back into his seat grinning again. He pointed at the screen. When Paul saw the name of the video he wanted to laugh. It sounded like a name one of the teletubbies would have.

Parker checked his e-mail for the fifth time since sitting down ten minutes ago. Why wouldn't the damned file come? He was a busy man and didn't have the time for bullshit like this, but the way Mike insisted that he watch this one video had convinced him to stay.

When he saw that it was empty, he stood up and started to leave. It would have to wait until after work. After all it wasn't like it was a matter of life and death. He turned the lights out, not bothering to turn the computer off. After thirty minutes of no activity it would automatically switch itself to hibernation mode.

He grabbed the doorknob and was closing the door when he heard the robotic man's voice.

You've got mail.

Hesitating a second, he considered leaving. But then he would have to listen to Mike all day. Sighing, he turned the lights back on and settled in the chair behind the computer desk. He opened the mail and downloaded the file.

Let's see what's so damned funny, Parker thought as he opened the video. A minute later he was laughing. He had to admit Mike was right this time. This was a damned funny clip.

He glanced at the guy's name before closing the video. He was back at the door but this time he was smiling. As he turned the lights off he muttered to himself. "You're a funny guy Greg."

"Jack! Come here for a second," Nancy called to her husband. He was probably in the kitchen fixing himself something to eat. It seemed like he was always in that room of their house.

A second later he confirmed her suspicions as he came through the door with a sandwich in his hand. He took a bite, swallowed it and stepped up behind her. "What did you want?"

Trying to ignore the smell of tuna, Nancy moved the mouse over the file. Before she clicked on it she turned and watched Jack's face. She opened the file and giggled as his eyes widened.

"Is that who I think it is?"

Still laughing, Nancy turned back to the computer screen. She nodded. It was Greg alright. There was no mistaking his chubby face. After all she had been there beside him for the first twelve years of his life.

"What in hell is your brother doing?" Jack asked a funny quiver in his voice. Sure enough, when Nancy looked, he was smiling.

It was hard not to. The catchy song playing made her want to join in the dancing. She didn't recognize any of the words but she loved them.

When the file stopped, Jack started eating again. "Your brother's got a lot of free time on his hands. Are you going to show it to the deadly duo?"

Nancy considered it. The duo Jack was talking about was her and Greg's parents. A couple of weeks ago they had mentioned that Greg was spending most of his time in his room on his computer. Her mother had been certain that he was sinning before the devil by visiting dirty sites while her dad had just passed it off not really caring one way or the other. Showing them the video of Greg dancing and singing along would show their mother that he didn't spend all his time masturbating but then again it would probably embarrass the shit out of her brother..

"I don't know. You think I should?" she asked Jack.

Taking the last bite of his sandwich Jack nodded. "Hell yeah. The little dude has got a big pair to put that on the web. It'll crack them up."

Not knowing if she completely agreed with him, Nancy did what he said anyway. She typed in her mothers e-mail address and attached the file. When she came to the subject line she paused. What was the name of the file? It was something strange. Minimizing the e-mail she scanned the desktop until she found it.

"What does that mean anyway?" Jack asked. From somewhere he had gotten a snack size bag of chips and he was currently devouring them even faster than the tuna salad. "It's not even English."

Nancy shrugged. "I have no idea. Maybe Greg knows. I'll call him later and ask."

She clicked on the send button, never knowing just how much she would come to regret that one little action.

"Anything new for next week's show Alice?"

A tall woman wearing a pair of wire rimmed glasses leaned against the door jamb. In her hands were everything that would happen that night. The look on her face was convincing enough for the gray haired man sitting on the couch.

"In matter of fact, there is." Alice said grabbing a laptop computer from the tote bag hanging at her side. She sat down next to the man. After rapidly clicking on the small keyboard, she turned the screen so he could see. "Jerry sent this to me last night."

The man rolled his eyes. "So the two of you are back together?"

Alice smiled, blushing a little but not much.

"So what does that make this? Round fifty three?"

Alice reached out and pushed the man away . "None of your business."

The man raised back up laughing. "Okay, okay. Didn't know the little fact that you are trying to break the world record for breaking up and getting back with the same man would get on your nerves." The man's eyebrows raised slightly. "Hey maybe I should have you on the show tonight."

"Don't push your luck buster. Just because your face is seen all over the country doesn't make you immune to my wrath."

Chuckling, the man pointed to the computer. "Anyway what did you want to show me?"

"Well, this is just a short little clip but you wouldn't believe how fast it's spreading on the web. On one sight alone, the number of views is reaching ten million."

"Really? What is it, our wonderful president admitting he was wrong?"

Alice shook her head. "I wish. However it is someone that would be a big guest for one of the shows next week."

His eyebrows raised again, this time in surprise. "Is he really that popular?"

Instead of saying anything, Alice clicked on the file and played it for him. In seconds the man responsible for making millions of viewers laugh was chuckling himself. When the video was over, he turned to Alice, a big grin on his face.

"We have to have him on."

Greg slumped in his chair staring at the machine on his desk. Taking a deep breath he hit save on the document he just finished writing. Then he shut the computer down, vaguely thinking that it would be the last time he ever did so.

Why? Why did I do it?

The question wasn't new. He had been asking himself the same damn thing for the past three weeks. Everytime he heard someone laugh, every time he had to see the disappointment in his father's eyes and, most of all, every time he saw himself on the tv or someone's phone.

But no matter how hard he searched for an answer to the question, he couldn't find one. If such a thing as a time machine existed he would have given every single penny he owned to go back and stop himself from making the damn video. But there wasn't and he couldn't change it.

So there was only one thing he could do now.

To his surprise, it was easier than he thought it would be. Too easy in fact. He always thought it would be hard, that he would second guess himself when the time came.

Yet there was no hesitation once the moment of truth appeared. No wondering if it was the right thing. No more praying to God that it would all die down and everyone would just forget. No more dreading leaving the house, hell leaving his room. No more embarrassment and ridicule.

So when his finger flipped the safety off his dad's gun, it didn't shake. His hand never once wavered as he lifted it up to the side of his head. As he squeezed the trigger, Greg, for the last time in his short life, cussed the day he ever heard of the foreign pop group that inspired him to make a video.

Why? Why did I

A/N- The idea for this story popped into my head after watching an old viral video. Can you guess which one it's based on?