Ever notice how all the new pop songs are about partying? Being a non-partyer, I find this somewhat disturbing. To prove that it takes very little brainpower to write such a song, I have penned my own party-pop song.

How hard can it be?

Party, Dance, Party, Club

By Marina Richardson (a non-partyer)

Verse 1

We aren't teenagers anymore

But we don't care when we hit the floor

We gonna dance, dance, dance

And romance and prance, prance

When we hit the cluuuuuuub!


We gonna dance tonight

So turn down that light

We're gonna feel alright

When we paartyy!

Nobody stop us now

This party's startin' now

Let's get up and down

And paartyy!

Verse 2

We gonna drink till we can't spell I.Q.

'Cause it's fun when you can't think of nothin' else to do

But bounce, bounce and flounce, flounce

Spinnin' round and round and round

And get into that party fuuuuun!

Repeat Chorus


I don't care who you are

Tonight you're gonna be a star

Tonight's all about the fun

You got worries? We got none!

Verse 3

We're feelin' dizzy on the floor

But we don't care. We want more!

We got nothin' else to do

But partyin' here with you

Singin' and dancin' in the cluuuuuub!

Repeat Chorus until beaten into the brains through the ears