Chapter One: Whisper of the Past

Dennis was chasing after someone in the woods with his friends. Adrian Blade. The woods is close to the cemetery and Dennis can feel something is rushing inside of him, but he doesn't know yet, but soon he will find out. He was chasing his enemy, Adrian Blade. Adrian tries to take Dennis away with his minions, but Dennis destroyed them by adding his dark powers combine with Kyle's wind powers. At the end of the woods, Dennis and his friends surrounded Adrian and he smirked for victory.

Dennis grinned at him, "It's over Adrian, I won and you lost. Also, do you want me to do my last final blow?"

Adrian replied in his angry tone, "No and also, one day I will get you back for resisting me."

Clara joined in the chat and makes fun of him, "Yeah, yeah, yeah we get it and also," she shot a ghost beam at Adrian's hair and make him go bald, "GO BACK TO YOUR GHOST ZONE."

Laura joined and threatened, "Or else you will hear the song of crush."

Adrian giddly stood up and open the ghost portal and gave them his last words, "ONE DAY I WILL GET YOU," Laura threw a rock at Adrian's mouth and she blabbered at him directly, "YEAH, YEAH WE GET IT." Adrian grunted and he went back inside of the Ghost Zone and he's gone.

Dennis signed in relief, "Another day, another mission accomplished," he high fives with Kyle.

Kyle signed in relief at Dennis, "Yep and also what's next? School in two months?"

Dennis shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know yet and it's still June, well the last day of June."

Laura stretched her arms and yawned, "Great, I'm going to take a nap at the tree house. If you need me, I'll give you a rock," she flew away to take a nap.

Clara turned to Dennis and asked, "So, is there anything that you wanted to do for the rest of the whole summer?"

Dennis signed very depress tone, "I don't know, I feel likes there is something missing inside of me a long time ago like three years from now."

Kyle asked, "Is it the dead girl named Skyla?"

Dennis shook his head, "No, but it rhymes with that name, but who?"

Katelyn reminded him and she recalled, "It's Kayla Lim. Didn't you forget her?"

Dennis clicked his mind and smiled, "Yeah, that's her. Kayla. She's a wonderful old friend of mine."

Clara asked, "Can you tell her about me?"

Dennis shook his head a no, "No."

Clara was very eager to know and guessed with him, "Did she move away?" Dennis shook a no, "Was her parent got divorced?" again another no, "Did she got home abuse?" another no-no, "Did she died somehow in a car accident or fire?"

Dennis signed in sorrow and said, "Yes, she died in a fire," then he shook his head and walked away slowly with Katelyn, "I don't want to talk about it."

Katelyn turned to Clara, "Well, I can tell you how it happen later since it depresses Dennis more."

Clara nodded, "Okay, in the afternoon maybe?"

Katelyn nodded, "Yes."

Kyle floated up and turned to Clara, "Well, I never knew he had an old friend in the pass, it seems hard without her."

Clara said, "I know and I wonder if she's a ghost or not."

Kyle shrugged, "We don't know." Then Kyle and Clara left the woods together to find something else to do.

Meanwhile after everyone left, there is something at the cemetery. There is a mist coming inside of the wood and the sound of it is eerily and mourning. It sounds like a voice that is calling for someone faraway. The screen is coming at the close up of the mist and then a person's mask face appeared widely and glowed in red eyes.

At home in Dennis' room, Dennis was on his bed in his human form. He signed in grief and muttered some words about Kayla sadly. He stared at the ceiling and talked to her blankly at the ceiling, "Kayla, about the promise I made for you three years ago? I tried to make a visit for you at your grave, but my parent doesn't have the time to make up for it. Also, I have forgotten you over the years since I made new friends and I hope you're happy about it since you always wanted make me happy. But still, Zack in school is being a jerk to me. I hope you hear my words and I wish you were here with me," he signed at the end and takes a nap after saying his speech to Kayla.

30 minutes later…

Dennis woke up and get off of his bed and stretched his body. Suddenly, a mist of a body figure appeared in front of Dennis and he gasped, "What's going on here?"

Then the mist turned into a transparent form of a person in a white robe with a mask in front of her face. It was a female ghost and she spoke, "Dennis, remember me?"

Dennis gasped and then fainted on his bed.