Chapter 12 Whispers of the Past

Dennis struggled and tries to restrain, "No, don't kill me."

Kayla ignores him and then moves the knife towards at him. Dennis felt weak and then he tries harder to get out of this table. He intangibly gets off of the table and phrase through the floor and disappears in her sight.

She growled in frustration, "NO!" then she disappeared.

15 minutes later...

Kyle, Danny, and Jazz returned from the trip to find the green blood blossoms.

Jazz wiped a sweat off of her face, "Phew, that was tough to find that flower."

"Yeah," Danny chuckled, "I can feel this flower is giving me so much power, but it's for Dennis only."

Kyle goes along with him, "Uh huh, in no time, we turn the flower into a potion quickly and give it to him."

Suddenly, they heard a muffled noise from somebody in the room. It was a familiar one to Danny and Jazz only. When they both turned around, they saw their parents were trapped on the wall. Next, the red net disappeared on them and they jumped down.

Jack stomped his foot in frustration, "Darn, that ghost is gone."

"That's okay sweetie," Maddie calmed him down and then turned to the kids, "So kids, how's the search?"

Kyle turns enthusiastic and smiled, "Great, we found 10 green blood blossoms and they are ready to be turn into a potion."

Maddie smiled back at him, "Good and I almost forgot everyone."

The kids said, "What?"

"Dennis is gone," Maddie answered. To the kids' reaction, they were shocked and then Kyle falls down and fainted, but Danny caught him.

Danny nervously smiled at his mother, "Okay mom, we'll find him in no problemo and also get the potion to be done on time when we return from searching him."

Maddie and Jack both nodded, "Okay, we're on it."

Maddie took the ten blood blossoms from Jazz and then puts on the lab table. Jack sets up the equipment that can turn the blood blossoms into liquid or goo. Danny was still holding onto Kyle and then slapped his face. Kyle woke up and questioned like where was he. Danny answered him frequently and then goes ghost without saying his signature call. Jazz decided to stay here to help her parents, besides she is human and helpless to fight without of the ghost weapons. Danny "accidentally" destroyed the weapons. Kyle transformed into his ghost form and then turned to Danny if he's ready. They both nodded each other and then intangibly and invisibly flew away to find Dennis somewhere in the big city of Amity Park.

While the two halfas boys were on search rescue, Dennis weakly ran away from his nightmare, Kayla. Dennis coughed and then collapsed a few time. No people looked at him and decided not to bother him. Then Dennis made a left turn to the alley to hide in the darkness of the shadows. He finally sat down in the dark corners and continues to breathe frequently to survive.

Suddenly, Kayla found him sitting in the corner of the darkness and she can be able to sense him by her revenge. She slowly raises the knife in her hand and floated slowly towards to him. Dennis saw her and then tried to back away, but there's no way out. Also, he's too weak to go intangible to get out of here. Dennis looked at her and tears were coming out of his eyes.

Dennis pleaded softly, "Kayla, you don't have to do this to me."

Kayla whispered back, "I have to for me to rest in peace. Besides, you are lucky to have a family the lives, but now if you die, your family dies of heartbroken."

"Kayla, I'm sorry for what happened to you and it's not me," he stopped and his mind was screaming for help.

"You better be, I died of a murderer and everyone in my party is a murderer," she said and growled in a low tone.

Dennis was speechless. He has nothing else to say. He wished someone would know how she died, but no one. He questioned himself how her parents died in the fire and they must have known something, but not her.

Kayla asked and evilly smirked behind the mask, "Ready to died?"

Dennis closes his eyes and prepares to die. Immediately, Kayla stabbed him in the arm with her knife between the elbow and the shoulders. She lets go of the knife and leaves it there. Dennis screamed in bloody murder and cries in tears. The pain is like a thousand of fire of hell. He collapsed and continuously cries like mourning. His arm bleeds a lot of blood from the knife.

Kayla stepped away from him. She said for the last time she has spoken to him, "Good luck dying. I hope your family is sad to see you being ashamed and suffering from me," she disappeared.

Dennis didn't hear what she was saying, but he continues to cry for help. Cry for pain. Cry for his friends. Cry for his parents to help him. Cry to go home.

Up in the air, Kyle and Danny both heard crying.

Kyle and Danny gasped, "Dennis?"

Kyle put his hands on his hips, "Okay, why would he be crying this time?"

"I don't know, but quit wasting time," Danny said and grabbed Kyle's wrist and follow the sound.

When they flew, they followed the sound of crying, sound of mourning, sound of helpless. It leads them toward to the dark corners of the alley between the apartment. They landed down to the surface and continuously to glow in white.

Kyle asked, "Dennis, is that you?"

Then the light slowly reveals the darkness of the corner and it appeared to be Dennis, who was crying and bleeding in red blood from the ground.

Danny covered his mouth and gasped in fear, "Dennis, what happened?"

Dennis was too weak to respond and then he returned back to breathe heavily from his nose. He was suffering way too much. He stopped crying.

Kyle said, "I bet Kayla did this to him. Come on, we have to take him to the hospital to do something."

Danny spotted a silver object from Dennis' arms and it was a knife. He pointed out, "But wait, there's a knife on him and we need to get that out before he grows more weak and die out."

Kyle took three step closer to Dennis, but then Kayla appeared in surprise, "Not too fast kids."

Kyle and Danny both clenched his fists and growled.

Kayla evilly smirked and feels confident, "You know, I want him to experience the pain and also the sorrow from my heart."

Danny stepped up, "Ok Mask girl, we know and also this is just wrong. You just can't kill people like your friends like him."

Kayla crossed her arms, "Oh yes I can."

Dennis slowly lifted his face and opened his eyes weakly, "Danny...Kyle...don't worry...I'll handle this..."

Kyle refused sadly, "No Dennis, I can't let you lying here and die."

Kayla interrupted, "No way, let him die here for all of his mistakes."

Dennis weakly struggled both of his hands to raise himself up, but then he collapsed and yelled, "Ow."

Danny commanded, "Dennis, don't do anything."

Dennis goes again twice slow and steady. On the invisible side, Dennis saw a black angel next to him and he smiled. It was a dark angel named Nefaria. She had magenta eyes in magenta and black clothes with black wings behind her back. She was helping him to give him the power to move.

Nefaria said, "Don't worry Dennis, your life will be saved by your friends and we are not taking you away yet since I'm your guardian. Your life is not going to be finished by her."

Dennis smiled encourage with the help of Nefaria, "Thanks, by the way," finally he completely stand and straight. One hand on the knife and then he pulled it out of his arms and threw it on the ground without a sound. Dennis can't move his left arm, but he pointed his finger at Kayla with his right arm, "Kayla, you are done with me."

Kayla turned around and wondered how he got up, "Dennis, how did you do that?"

Dennis raised his tone, "With the power of courage and friendship, Kyle," he whistled three times.

Kyle noticed the sound and then Kyle saluted with his right arm, "Okay leader."

Kyle puts both hands in front of him. Around him, he gathers a powerful wind into one place and everyone else can feel it, even Kayla too. Then he blasted at Kayla directly in the chest. The blast flies her backward and then hits her to the wall. Kyle quickly lifted Dennis into his arms.

Dennis really appreciated that, "Thanks."

"You are welcome and let's fly before she regains power," Kyle was in a rush and quickly escaped from the alley.

Danny brought his thermos out, "Okay Mrs. Mask Lady, you are going to jail," he opened the thermos and sucked Kayla inside of the thermos before she can regain consciousness.

Danny broke a sweat and wiped his forehead, "Phew, that was done." Then Danny almost forgot something and he quickly catches up with Dennis and Kyle.

When Kyle, Dennis, and Danny all reached to the lab. Danny's parents with a little help of Jazz made the potion and it was made on time. Dennis was laid on the lab table once again.

Dennis signed and controlled his breathing rate, "Okay, you can do this."

Kyle asked, "Is the potion is ready?"

"Yes," Maddie said and explained, "All that we have to do is to get a needle and injected him with the green blood blossoms inside of his body."

Danny said, "And all that I have to do is put the ghost back into the Ghost Zone," he freed the ghost, Kayla, and flushed her into the portal. Then the portal closes before she could say anything.

Kyle asked Dennis, "So Dennis, what parts of the body that was affected?"

Dennis answered weakly and coughed, "When I first came in contact with red blood blossoms, it exposed to my face and then spreads to the rest of the body."

"Okay," Maddie raised her voice and brough the needle to Dennis, "Ready to be shot."

Dennis added, "Also, I was stabbed in the arm too," he showed his arm to Maddie where he was stabbed.

Maddie smiled, "Okay, I got you and also, I'm going to inject the needle to stabbing part," she quickly injected the needle to his arm and the green blood blossoms came into his body.

The cells took in the green blood blossom's ectoplasm and produces more good green ectoplasm. Then the cure effect took over the red blood blossom's effect. Dennis stopped breathing heavily and his arm stopped bleeding and covering the damage from Kayla. He started to move normally and smiled faster. He stood on his feet to the floor and smiled back at the people who was helping him. He felt better.

Dennis thanked them, "Thanks guys."

"You're welcome," Jack and Maddie smiled.

Danny added, "And that'll be twenty bucks."

Kyle said, "Twenty bucks like these?" he showed twenty small toy figures of bucks of an animal, "Here you go."

Jazz stared at her brother and sarcastically said, "Really Danny? Twenty Bucks?"

Dennis signed, "Oh well, I'll be going home with Kyle and thanks for helping me."

Jazz, Danny, and their parents said goodbye and it was time for them to leave.

Dennis and Kyle both nodded at each other and both flew out of here intangibly and invisibly to the sky.

When they arrived home in San Diego in front of Dennis' home, it was sunset and Dennis' family and his friends were all outside to cheer him that he survived.

Sora stood up and smiled, "Oh Dennis, you're okay," then his son hugged him warmly for longing to see him again.

Ming hugged him too, "We miss you."

Laura shouted, "GROUP HUG!"

Laura, Kyle, and Clara hugged each other with Dennis and his parents. Zarak and Dakini were just wagging their tails in happiness to see him to return. Katelyn doesn't feel like hugging and went back inside of the house. She is not feeling excited, just tired. Then it was a one happy ending for Dennis and the rest of his people that he loved and care about them.

Meanwhile in the Ghost Zone, Kayla was frustrated in the Ghost Zone. She was floating nowhere in the middle of the Ghost Zone. Suddenly, Clockwork came to her and smiled self-confidently.

Kayla looked up at him, "What do you want clock ghost?"

"I want you to come if you want to learn your mistakes and how you die. Are you interested?" Clockwork offered her to help her.

Kayla nodded, "Okay, if it doesn't waste my time here."

Clockwork immediately transported her and himself to his lair. Finally, they appeared in front of the time portal and Clockwork used his staff to set the time where Kayla's sixteen birthday party that was celebrated at her house with all of her friends.

Then, Clockwork scanned down to the gas burner from the basement, "Here Kayla, this is your basement."

Kayla was fascinated and asked, "Wait, you know everything about me?"

"Yes and also I watch over you the past couple of years and I know everything," his form changes to the old man.

"Ah, I see and what's the truth behind my parents and my death?" she asked.

"Well, your gas burner," he played the screen and screen rolled as a movie, "was leaking gas. Your parents smelled it. Your father doesn't know how it happened, but your mother knows first before him. Your mother smelled gas inside of the house and the heat was generated, suddenly the gas lit a fire on it, but your mother tried to put it out, but it was no use for water. Then, your father came down and to see what's going on and your mother warns him to get out, but your father wouldn't leave without her, since the fire surrounded her quickly. Then you came down to ask your parents about what's going on," Clockwork fully explained to her almost clearly.

"All this time my family was killed by some gas leak?" Kayla now realizes it.

"Yes and it's not your friends fault and you should be sorry. Also, this house was like 70 years old and the gas burner is old. Don't blame on them and your parents are safe in heaven," Clockwork said, "But you are not because you killed your old friends from school life and you can't make them live again."

Kayla gasped and sat down and cried, "I'm so sorry, Darla, and everyone else and even Dennis too," she wept, "I wish I never did this to you guys."

Clockwork gulped, "I guess you have to apologize Dennis for what you done, but he's not going to forgive you for stabbing him in the arm."

Kayla wept and removed her mask to wipe off her tears. This is the first time she removed her mask and her face was now transforming from a scar to a neat, smooth gray skin. "I wish I never done this."

"Now that you know your truth and your face is back to normal, you can't rest in peace like the other ghosts, so just stay here and enjoy," Clockwork turned around and face the time screen.

Kayla stood up and nodded, "Okay, I will, but soon I need to find a way to apologize Dennis." She turned around and flew away out of Clockwork's lair. She goes back into her lair and redecorates them. She cleared the mist out of her lair because the mist represents her revenge and sorrow. Her friends' dead body disappeared and her friends' soul talked to Kayla. Kayla apologizes them and her friends forgive her, but they decided to stay with her since they were Kayla's friends in the first place. Kayla now has to find a way to apologize Dennis. Will Dennis ever accepted her again or not?

Next story begins after the Spy Camp Story.