The Prison

I am trapped in a prison of my very own design,

something more powerful you'll never find.

The walls are not made of steel or stone,

you'll never hear others grunt and groan.

The walls are so strong no bomb can break,

no gun can shatter nor tidal wave shake.

I wish to be free, to see the sun again,

to dance with music and lay under the stars,

to do all these things and more.

You may be shocked to find, my friend,

that I can do all these thing 'til the end.

I can run and jump and hop and skip

and camp and sing and dance and tip

my hat or head or whatever it be

to those fair ladies walking near me.

"What?" you say, "How can this be?

You are in prison, you said to me."

Now I must tell you what I tell to all,

about this prison so big yet small.

I am trapped in a prison of my very own design.

I am trapped in the prison of my very own mind.