Hate that I love you

Chapter One

Bright and sunny were the words to describe the recent change of location that the Quentin's embarked on. In the little town called Wakefield, a moving truck and red van passed by all the big houses on the street. The Quentin family consisted of three people; Joyce, Pamela and Amelia. Joyce was mother to both Amelia and Pamela. She has also recently divorced her husband, because of his constant cheating, hence the sudden move to Wakefield. Joyce had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender body that she never hid away. Pamela looked exactly like her mother and was excited to move into a town, so much that she hadn't stopped smiling since she got in the car. Amelia, on the other hand, was quite the opposite of her mother and sister. Her hair was black, her eyes chocolate brown and whatever body she did have, she hid behind her clothes.

As they drove further down the street, Amelia leaned her head on the window and sighed. Hearing the exasperating sigh Amelia let out, Pamela turned to look at her still smiling.

"Hey what's wrong? You should be happy to be moving somewhere new" Pamela muttered.

"You're mistaken. I'm quite happy, moving somewhere new. Somewhere away from home, in a new school where I could possibly commit suicide, couldn't be happier" Amelia replied.

"Stop talking like that. We're going to have a blast here" Joyce chimed in.

"Whatever you say, Joyce" Amelia said.

"Hey! It's mum to you."

"Sure. Are we there yet? I'm getting sick looking at the houses one by one."

"Would you relax? We're here now" Joyce mentioned. They pulled up to the house and they all looked on at their new home.

"What do you think?" Joyce asked.

"It's great" Pamela excitedly answered.

"What a dump" Amelia stated. Pamela nudged her arm slightly.

"What? It looks like tramps lived here before us" Amelia pointed out.

"I knew it could do with a bit of work, but-"

"I'm sorry; a bit of work? This place looks like a bomb went off and caused a ripple effect" Amelia interrupted.

"Well I guess I should start helping unload our stuff. I mean it's not going to do it itself" Joyce pointed out and got out of the car. Pamela nudged her arm again, but with more force.

"Would you stop nudging me?" Amelia muttered.

"I wouldn't have to nudge you if you didn't be such a butt bucket" Pamela blurted out.

"Butt bucket? That's not even a phrase people use."

"Well if they were to use it, they'd be talking about you."

"Wow, you got me there" she sarcastically replied. Just as she was about to exit the car, Pamela yanked her back by her arm.

"Listen, Mum's trying really hard here to make us happy…" Pamela began.

"If she wants to make me happy, all she has to do is drive me back to our old home."

"Ok I know you miss your friends, but maybe a fresh start is what we need and you could always make new friends here."

"You can't be serious; this place is like the suburbs. They're all smiley and happy…well let's face it, they're all like you" Amelia pointed out.

"Ok fine no friends. Could you just try it out living here?" Pamela pleaded.

"Fine, I'll give it a shot. I'll go help mum unload our stuff" she mentioned and left the car. Walking around to the back of the truck, Amelia caught her mother staring over the road with a smile on her face. Amelia looked in the direction her mother was looking and saw a man staring back.

"Oh my god, please tell me you're not already flirting with the neighbours?" Amelia moaned.

"What's wrong with that? I'm single now, have to start looking" Joyce replied.

"Well look somewhere else and possibly at someone with more hair" Amelia said as she pushed her mother inside the house.

Over the road, the man who gave Joyce the hairy eyeball walked back inside his house after collecting his newspaper. As he made his way to the kitchen, he saw his wife baking as per usual.

"Hey honey, did you see the new neighbours who moved in over the road?" he asked.

"Now honey, how could I do that? You know I've been cooking all morning" she replied.

"Well I think we should go over and welcome them to the neighbourhood."

"Sure I could give them one of my legendary apple pies. I'll just take an already made one and you need to get Mitch to come with us."

"He in his room again? I swear he never comes out of there!" he shouted and stormed up the stairs. Outside a room the man turned the handle, but it wouldn't budge so he started pounding down on the door.

"Mitch! Open this door right now!" he ordered. In the room, Mitch was sat at the window with the window open smoking a cigarette. As soon as his dad hit the door with his fist, he chucked the butt out of the window and sprayed air freshener.

"Mitch!" his dad shouted again.

"Yeah, just a second!" he shouted through the door. He sprayed the last of the air freshener and opened the door.

"What's up dad?" Mitch asked.

"You been smoking again?" his dad quizzed.

"What? Why would you ask that, dad?"

"I don't maybe it's a sixth sense or maybe it has something to do with leaving your ashtray in clear view" his dad muttered. Mitch turned to see that he left the ashtray on the window ledge and he winced.

"Don't let you mother find out" his dad warned. "Now I want you to get ready to meet the neighbours."

"I don't know dad, I mean I have plans" Mitch replied and sat on the bed.

"There are two teenage girls there. They look kind of cute."

"How cute is cute?" Mitch asked.

"Let's just say if I was younger, I would definitely consider pursuing one of them."

"I suppose I could change my plans" he quietly replied.

Over the road, Pamela and her mother were unpacking all the items needed in the kitchen. Joyce was unpacking the cups and plates and put them into the corresponding cupboard. Pamela was over by the draw they were planning to put the cutlery in. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door causing them to stop in their tracks.

"Are you expecting anyone already?" Pamela asked her mother.

"No. How about you?" she replied.

"No one I can think of."

"I'll get it. You just keep unpacking." Pamela nodded as her mother went to answer the door. As she opened the door, she saw the man she was eye flirting with just a few seconds ago. On either side of him was a woman with a pie in her hands and a teenage boy.

"Hello. We here to welcome you to the neighbourhood" the woman spoke first.

"Hi. This is my wife Paulette, my son Mitch and I'm henry" the man introduced.

"Oh thank you, would you like to come in?" Joyce asked.

"Why thank you. We would love to" said Paulette and they all came inside.

"Sorry for the mess. We haven't had much time to clean up" Joyce mentioned.

"Oh don't worry about it" Henry said. Soon, they were all quiet and staring into space. They were quiet for a while before Joyce broke the silence.

"Oh you should meet my daughters. Pamela, could you come in here please?"

As soon as Pamela entered the room, Mitch's jaw dropped to the floor in shock. He was more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen. His father was not wrong about her being cute; in fact she was that and more.

"Pamela, this is our neighbours. Henry, Paulette and their son Mitch" Joyce introduced. She shook hands with all of them. When it was time for Mitch to shake hands with her, he wanted to hold onto her hand forever.

"Amelia!" Joyce suddenly shouted throughout the house, but there was no answer. "I'm sorry, it's seems my other daughter has taken off somewhere" she mentioned.

"I'll go find her" Pamela offered.

"I'll help you" Mitch finally spoke.

"Ok, you can look outside and I'll look inside." Mitch didn't protest and did as she asked, but among admiring her he forgot to ask what her sister looks like.

After wandering around the front garden, Mitch had been looking for Pamela's sister for ten minutes now and he still hadn't found her. He'd almost lost hope, when suddenly he heard music that had just started to play. Trying to follow the sound, Mitch managed to make it into the back garden and the music started to get louder. Walking around the garden, he noticed a ladder leaning against the house wall leading to the roof.

"Hello? Is anyone up there?" he called up, but there was no answer. Figuring that whoever was up there didn't hear him because of the volume of music, he decided to climb up. As soon as he reached the top, he saw Amelia sat down with music blaring out of her IPod docking station and a blanket wrapped around her. He moved towards her and she saw him out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey" he said. Turning towards her docking station, she clicked the pause button and turned to face him again.

"Hi" she muttered.

"You must be Amelia."

"And you must be crazy roof guy." He let out a little laugh at her joke.

"I'm actually Mitch. I live over the road from you."

"Oh well in that case, take a seat" she said while patting her hand down on the space next to her.

"Are you being sarcastic or do you actually want me to sit down?" he quizzed.

"What do you think?"

"I don't know that's why I asked" he pointed out.

"Just sit down Mitchy" she ordered.

"It's actually just Mitch" he replied as he sat down next to her.

"Is it too soon for nicknames?"

"Ok I guess you can call me Mitchy, but if I have a nickname you have to have one too" he decided.

"Alright then, let's hear it."

"How about A?" he suggested. Amelia started to give it some thought before she responded.

"I like it. It's short and straight to the point."

"Well, A it is then" he muttered.

"So, I take it my mother's looking for me or do you usually climb up to strangers roofs?"

"Come on, you've known me all of five minutes. Do I look like the kind of guy that would do something weird like that?"

"Yes" she said causing a smile to spread across Mitch's face. Suddenly, someone started to call her name as they could hear someone coming up the ladder. Both turning around, they saw Pamela on the top of the ladder.

"Hey you found her." Mitch shot to his feet as soon as she spoke and cleared his throat.

"Um yes…I guess I'm a natural at uh…finding people" he mumbled.

"Ok, Amelia come on down and meet Mark's mother and father" she ordered before she took off down the ladder.

"It's Mitch" he whispered. He sighed and looked down at Amelia to catch her glare.

"That was smooth. Tell me something Mitchy, do you like my sister?" Amelia asked.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Of course not, I mean I'm sure you meant to mumble like a buffoon as soon as she appeared" she replied.

"Can I ask you something? Are you always this…?" he paused as he tried to figure out the word to describe her.

"Witty, charming, fun?" she suggested.

"…Sarcastic?" he blurted out.

"Yes I'm like that pretty much all the time. Just ask my sister, oh that's right you can't without acting like an idiot."

"Very funny, but just you wait until you find a guy you like that gets you all tongue tied and I'll be there to hand out sarcastic comments."

"That's never going to happen. I'm immune to that stuff."

"What do you mean you're immune to that stuff? Do you mean love?" he asked with a puzzled expression.

"Oh so you love my sister now do you?" she teased.

"You're changing the subject" he mentioned.

"You're very observant, maybe you should think about becoming a detective. You could be a modern version of Sherlock, minus the pipe and cloak" she muttered.

"And the hat, don't forget the hat" he pointed out.

"Ah yes, we must not forget the hat. It's what makes Sherlock…Sherlock." A wide smile spread across his face and a slight smile started to form on hers.

"So, are you coming down or are you going to stay up here forever?" he questioned.

"I don't know. Forever is a long time and a girl has to eat."

"And use the bathroom" he added.

"Yes, I don't have the reproductive organ that allows me to go over the side like guys."

"Right you don't….do you?"

"Are you trying to ask me if I'm a he/she?" she asked.

"What if I am?"

"I definitely have to know you a lot more before I tell you something so personal" she replied.

"I guess you're right."

"I suppose it's time to face the music then" she said and stood up letting her blanket fall down from around her shoulders and onto the roof. They both walked over to the ladder and Mitch motioned her to go first.

"Ladies first" he muttered.

"Careful, you don't whether I'm fully a lady yet" she said as she made her down the ladder. Mitch let out a slight laugh and followed her down.

Amelia and Mitch slowly made their way into the living room where Mitch's parents, Amelia's mother and sister were sat. Amelia looked straight at Mitch's dad remembering him from earlier this morning, the one who eye flirted with her mother. As soon as she entered the living room, she was welcomed by a woman with a toothy grin. Amelia looked the woman up and down to see that she was wearing a pink apron tied around her waist with food marks on it. Her hair was short, brown and curly with a head band to hold back her fringe.

"It's so nice to meet you. I'm Paulette, my husband Henry and I believe you've already met Mitch" she said while pointing out her family.

"Nice to meet you too, tell me how are all the other Stepford wives?" Amelia questioned.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh it doesn't matter. Anyway I would love to stay, but I have to go out."

"Go out, what do you mean go out?" Joyce interrupted.

"I want to go to see what the town of Wakefield has to offer. Don't worry, I'll be back home before the sun goes down" she assured her mother.

"Oh why don't you let Mitch show you around?" Paulette suggested. She glanced at Mitch who was staring at Pamela.

"Actually I'd like to go on my own, but how about Mitchy shows Pamela around instead?" Amelia suggested. As soon as she suggested it, Mitch fell out of his trance and looked towards Amelia confused.

"I can't. Someone has to help Mum unpack the rest of the stuff" Pamela chimed in.

"Ok, Mitchy could help you. He's really handy, aren't you Mitchy?"

"Uh, yeah I guess" he mumbled.

"Well, I guess it's settled then. Mitchy will help Joyce and Pamela, Paulette will get back to being mother of the year, Henry will do whatever he does and I will go explore. See you guys later" she said and went to leave.

"You're welcome" she whispered to Mitch before she left. A huge smile appeared on his face and he looked in Pamela's direction.

"Sorry about Amelia, she's just finding it hard adjusting" Joyce mentioned with a faint smile.

As Amelia finally made it to what seems to be the centre of town, she looked around at what surrounded her. She noticed a park down the road with a church next to it, a few small shops all next to each other and a café on the corner. It looked quite busy in the café, so she made her way over. As soon as she went inside, the door slammed closed and everyone stopped what they were doing and turned in her direction.

"Hi there" she said with a wave. They still continued to stare at her, but she ignored them and walked over to the counter.

"What can I get you?" a woman from behind the counter in uniform asked. She looked to the left and right of her to see people still staring at her.

"Oh don't worry about them, they always stare at newcomers" the woman mentioned.

"Can I have a menu?" Amelia asked.

"Sure. Why don't you go and sit in one of those booths? I'll bring one over to you" the woman said. Amelia nodded and took a seat while some people still stared at her.

"Greetings earthlings, don't worry I come in peace" she muttered. Everyone slightly laughed and turned their attentions towards something else. The woman from behind the counter came over and placed a menu on the table.

"So, can I get you something to drink or do you need a minute?"

"Well I think it's a tad early for alcohol, so I'm just going to rule that out. I think water or coke will do."

"Ok, water or coke. Which one?" the woman asked.

"Surprise me" Amelia replied.

"Are you sure you want me to decide what you're drinking? You might not like what I give you."

"I'm positive I wouldn't mind either beverage."

"Ok, I'll be back with your 'beverage'" she muttered and left to go back behind the counter. Amelia had only just heard the music playing and started to bob her up and down. Glancing at the booth opposite her, she noticed two children staring at her. She stopped bobbing her head and looked somewhere else. Suddenly, out of nowhere she roared at them which caused both of them to run away screaming and a smile to spread across her face.

"I think we've got another crazy one in town" the woman from behind the counter said.

Meanwhile, back at Amelia's house Mitch and Pamela were carrying her bed from the van outside. Joyce was in the kitchen sorting out which kitchen appliances will go where, so they were all alone.

"Are y-you s-starting school tomorrow?" he stuttered.

"Yeah, my mother wants us to not miss anything."

"So, are you excited about school?" Mitch managed to ask without stuttering or mumbling.

"I guess. Do you need to take a minute before we carry this up the stairs?" she replied.

"Why? Does it look like I need a minute?"

"Well your face is all sweaty" she pointed out.

"It's the heat" he assured her.

"Right ok" she said and rolled her eyes. He sighed and they continued to carry it through the house in silence. Once they had brought the bed in and up to her room, she stroked her chin as she thought where to place it.

"Maybe I should have it against that wall, I might have more room that way" she muttered to herself.

"More room for what?" he questioned.

"Let's see my bed, my dresser, my wardrobe, my plasma TV, my porcelain doll collection, my shoe rack, my make-up table…" she paused for breath before continuing again. Mitch stood wide eyed and shocked at the amount of stuff she mentioned. "…what else is there? Oh I know. My movies, my stuffed teddy bear collection-"

"I'm sorry, you have a porcelain doll collection and a stuffed teddy bear collection?" he interrupted.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing" he quickly said.

"You think I'm too old for stuff like that?"

"Not at all, I just wanted to make sure I heard you right. Let's go get your other stuff" he muttered and left the room.

Across town, Amelia was still sat in the café and she started to look around the café. Noticing a board on the wall over the way from her, she tried to see what was on it from where she sat. All she could see were pictures of people surrounding a cartoon picture of a burger. The woman from earlier suddenly appeared and placed a glass of water on the table.

"There you go; one water. Have you decided what you want to eat yet?" the woman asked.

"What's that?" Amelia replied while pointing to the wall with the board on it.

"That's the famous burger eating contest here."

"What do you have to do?"

"Oh you just eat this huge burger with everything on it and massive French fries on the side."

"What happens if you do it?" she quizzed.

"Well you don't have to pay for the meal and you get your picture on the board. If you lose, then you have to pay for the meal and sing the loser song. The loser song is a song that the town made up. They can be pretty cruel in this town."

"You know you've convinced me to do it." The woman's face looked puzzled as she tried to register what Amelia had just said.

"You want to do the burger contest?"

"Yeah, something wrong?"

"Are you sure you want to do that? It might be a bit challenging for you" the woman pointed out.

"I'll be fine" Amelia assured her.

"Uh…ok I'll go get the cook to whip one up for you" the woman said and was just about to leave when Amelia grabbed onto her arm.

"Wait, do you think we could change the rules a bit?" Amelia questioned.

"What do you mean change the rules?"

"I mean if I lose I will gladly pay for the meal, double the price of the meal in fact and I'll sing the loser song all night, but if I win you have to give me a job."

"I'm sorry, y-you want a job…here? Why?"

"Well it seems to be a pretty nice establishment, it looks like it would be busy all the time and looks like the only place to not be run in the ground from financial issues" Amelia explained.

"Right, I'll just run this through with my boss" the woman said.

"Take your time. I'll be here with my water." The woman flashed a smile and walked away quickly.

In the office at the back a man sat behind a desk was doing paperwork, when a sudden knock on the door distracted him.

"Come in" he called and the woman who was talking to Amelia burst in.

"Hey Wanda, what's up?" the man asked.

"Bill, you will never guess what just happened. I just served this girl and she wants to do the burger contest" Wanda blurted out.

"I guess that's something different today" Bill replied.

"You've not even heard the best part. She wants to change the rules to the burger contest. She said that if she loses that she will pay double the amount of the burger meal and sing the loser song all night, but if she wins, get this we have to give her a job here" she explained.

"What, she said that?"

"Yeah, why would I make this stuff up?"

"To get a kick out of it?" he suggested.

"Bill I would never joke about stuff like this maybe other things, but not this" she pointed out. He let out a little laugh.

"You know we could do with another waitress and she definitely had a unique way to ask for a job. I'll go and talk to her, just put a hold on the burger for now" he ordered. She nodded and left the room with Bill following close behind.

As soon as Bill exited the office and made his way to the front of the café, Wanda pointed out Amelia to him. He walked over and sat on the seat opposite of her.

"Hi I'm Bill. I'm the boss here and Wanda has just told me about your request. I have one question though, what made you choose this way of asking for a job?" he quizzed. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I thought why not give it a shot" she said.

"Why is it you want to work here?"

"I thought you only had one question?"

"I did, but I changed my mind after hearing your answer for the first question. You have a problem with that?"

"No, no problem. As I told Wanda, is it?" He responded with a nod. "Well as I told her, I think this café is the only place that will more than likely not go bankrupt."

"Gee thanks. So, you are willing to pay double the price of the meal and sing the loser song all night if you lose?"

"That's right. What do you say?"

"This sounds crazy, but I'm going to agree to it. I want to see how much you really want this job, plus we could do with an extra pair of hands."

"Great just bring me that burger" she muttered.

Sometime later, the whole café was quiet as the burger was placed on her table. The burger took up the whole of the plate and a mountain of fries had been placed on the plate next to it. The plate that the fries were on was the same size of the plate that had the burger on it. Everyone watched in anticipation as she looked at the meal in front of her. Most of them were placing bets on her and from the looks of it; everyone seemed to be sure she wouldn't be able to do it.

"Bill, do you think she has a shot at doing this?" Wanda questioned while they both looked on.

"We will have to see won't we?" Bill replied.

"Hey Bill, do you want to get in on the action?" a man who was holding a handful of cash asked.

"Yeah, a round of drinks on the house if she does it" he stated. "Do you think she can do it Wanda?"

"I don't know, but she looks determined" Wanda pointed out.

"That she does" he muttered. He rang a bell above his head, a bell which let her know that she can start eating. She began by first cutting up the burger into quarters and after she was finished cutting it up, she picked up a quarter of it and flashed a smile at Bill before taking a big bite.

The sun had just set and the moon appeared in its place. Mitch and Pamela had finished sorting out the house, so she walked him out.

"Thanks for today Mark. You really are helpful" she said.

"It's Mitch actually" he corrected.

"That's what I said."

"Well no you called me Mark" he pointed out.

"I did?" she asked.

"Yeah" he replied.

"Sorry about that, anyway thanks for everything" she said about to go back inside.

"Pamela…" he blurted out causing her to turn around.

"Yeah" she said.

"…I was wondering if you needed a lift to school tomorrow. I mean I could take you if you want" he suggested.

"Sure goodnight Mark" she muttered and went inside before he could correct her.

"Mitch. It's Mitch. Is that such a hard name to remember?" he asked himself. Sighing, he began to make his way home when he saw Amelia coming up the walkway.

"Hey, where've you been? You've been gone all day" he quizzed.

"Hey back at you Mitchy. I just had to run a few errands and grab some dinner" she replied showing him the bag of food in her hand.

"What kind of errands?"

"Oh stop with the questions on where I've been. I want to hear more about what happened between you and Pamela" she said.

"You're sister has a porcelain doll collection and a stuffed teddy bear collection, did you know that?"

"Yes believe it or not, I have lived with her for some years now. Please don't tell me that you don't like her after knowing that?"

"I know this sounds creepy and weird, but I've never liked her more than after hearing that" he mentioned.

"You're right."

"Right about what?" he questioned.

"It does sound creepy and weird" she joked.

"Funny. By the way, I offered Pamela a ride to school tomorrow and I was wondering if you wanted a ride too."

"Sorry I can't. I don't get in the way of lovebirds. It's a very strict rule of mine." He laughed slightly at her response.

"I don't think I'd call us lovebirds just yet. I mean she doesn't even know my name. She keeps calling me Mark" he stated.

"Well maybe you look more like a Mark to her. I wouldn't worry about it. Now when you go to school tomorrow, I want you to cease every opportunity to charm the pants off of her."

"This is your sister we are talking about here" he reminded her.


"There is something wrong with you. You're offering up your sister to the first guy you've talked to."

"I'm failing to see your point here."

"Forget it, I'll see you tomorrow" he said and walked passed her.

"Night Mitchy" she called from behind as she turned around.

"Night A" he called back leaving her with a little smile on her face.