Chapter Eight

Later on in the day, Amelia was called into work. As she entered the locker room to change, she bumped into Kevin who was less than happy to see her.

"What are you doing here?" he snapped.

"Take a hint genius. I'm here to work. They needed someone in and I just so happen to be free" she answered.

"Oh what a relief that you happen to be free, I guess we have nothing to worry about now that you're here" he said sarcastically and budged passed her. Rolling her eyes, she continued inside the locker room.

Not long after, Amelia came out of the locker room and tied the back of her apron as she walked along. As she went in the front to start working, she bumped into Kevin again. They scoffed at each other and moved out of each other way. It was a relief for them that the place was packed, that way they could have as little communication with each other as possible. However, every now and then they would occasionally bump into each other throughout the night. When they did, they just scoffed at one another and moved on. It wasn't strange that someone would witness this display and it was Wanda. She continued to watch them give each other dirty looks and move away, until she decided that she had to fix it.

"Hey watch the bar while I go in the back" she ordered to one of the waiters as she came out from behind the bar. The waiter nodded in response and took her place behind the bar. Wanda knocked on the office door; she couldn't wait for Bill to give her permission to enter so she swung the door open. Bill looked up from the mountain of paperwork on his desk and a puzzled expression formed on his face.

"Wanda, what are you doing in here? You are supposed to be at the bar" he wondered.

"It's fine; I put one of the waiters there until I got back. I need to talk to you" she reassured him. He suddenly put down his pen and leaned back on his chair.

"Ok, what's so important that you couldn't wait for me to grant you permission to come in?"

"It's about Kevin and Amelia…" she started as she sat down on the chair opposite from him.

"What about them?"

"For starters, they don't seem to be talking to each other and they are constantly giving each other dirty looks. I thought that if customers saw what I had just witnessed, they would complain and leave to go somewhere else. People come here for a nice, peaceful meal, but if these looks escalate into a big fight it might lose you customers. They don't come here to see waiting staff fighting with each other like children" she explained.

"Ok, I will have to a word with them both and I'll sort this out. Thanks Wanda." She nodded in response and took off out the door.

A few minutes later, Amelia came in the back and knocked on Bill's office door. She heard him call through the door inviting her in and she opened the door slightly, poking her head through the door.

"You wanted to see me?" she asked.

"Yes please come in" he replied. She did as he asked and sat down on the chair Wanda was sat on not long before.

"I wanted to ask you if everything is ok."

"Everything's fine. Why wouldn't it be?" she curiously questioned.

"Well it's just that someone mentioned to me that you and Kevin don't seem to be on good terms with each other lately and I'm a little worried."

"Don't worry, we are fine. There is nothing wrong with me and Kevin."

"You're sure?"

"Absolutely, couldn't be better" she reassured him.

"Ok, just as long as you are fine."

"Is that all?"

"Just one more thing; would you mind doing some extra hours tonight doing inventory?"

"Sure" she said with a smile and left with Bill following her. He stopped at the bar and looked around for Kevin. As soon as Bill had him in his sights waiting a table, he waited until he had finished. Kevin was making his way over to the bar to go get the customers drinks, when he saw Bill out of his office and he started to motion him over.

"Hey Bill, what's up?" Kevin asked as he went over.

"How would you like to do inventory tonight?" Bill asked.

"Sure I could do with the extra hours. Who am I going to do it with?"

"I don't know yet. You are the first one I have asked" he said.

"Ok, is that everything you wanted to say to me?"

"Yeah that's pretty much it." Kevin nodded and got back to work.

"Did you talk to them?" Wanda asked as she appeared at the side of him.

"I've got a better idea. Trust me I'm going to fix this" he replied and left to go back into his office.

It was soon closing time at Bill's café. Wanda was behind the bar cleaning up, Bill was in his office doing more paperwork and both Amelia and Kevin were wiping down tables. When Kevin was done with his side, he went into the locker room and Amelia had a sigh of relief realising that she wasn't going to be stuck doing inventory with him. Assuming it was Wanda, she sat down on one of the bar stools waiting for her to finish. Bill came out of his office rubbing his neck from constantly looking down at paperwork.

"I think I have had enough of paperwork" he muttered.

"Well everyone would with the amount you do" Wanda said.

"Yeah they probably would. Are you ready to go?" he asked. Amelia had a sudden puzzled expression on her face.

"Yeah all done" she replied grabbing her coat and came out from behind the bar.

"Wait a minute…" Amelia urged spinning around on the bar stool as they walked over the door to leave.

"…I thought two people were supposed to do inventory."

"Oh there are" Wanda assured her.

"Then who…" she stopped when she realised who she was stuck with. Suddenly, Kevin came back out of the locker room.

"Ok so who am I doing inventory with?" he asked as stood by the bar. Seeing someone out of the corner of his eye, he turned to see Amelia sat on one of the bar stools.

"You have got to be kidding me. Mia? I'm doing inventory with Mia?" he asked.

"Is there a problem with you two working together?" Bill questioned.

"No. No problem, I was just making sure" he assured him.

"Good have a good night guys" Bill said and left with Wanda. As soon as they left, Amelia and Kevin looked at each other like they couldn't believe their bad luck.

Ten minutes had passed by since Amelia and Kevin realised they were stuck in the same place for hours with each other. Inside the storage cupboard, Kevin was holding onto a clipboard and pencil writing down what they needed, while Amelia was stood on a four step ladder looking at what they had in stock.

"Ok…" Kevin began "…have we got enough napkins?" he asked. Rolling her eyes, she came down from the step ladder and moved it towards the other shelving unit to the left of her. Going up onto the highest step, she took a look.

"We're running low, you should put them on the order form" she replied.

"Ok. Have we got pasta shells?" he questioned as he written it down on the form. Every item they needed more of, he written it down on the order form and placed a tick next to every item checked. Amelia gritted her teeth before she got down of the step ladder again and moved it over to the other shelf. Kevin was clearly making it difficult for her and trying desperately to hide his smile.

"Yes we have plenty" she muttered. After he ticked next to the item, he scrolled down the list and tried to find another item which was placed on the top shelf on the left unit.

"Any peanuts?" he uttered.

"Are you doing this deliberately?" she snapped without turning around to face him.

"Doing what deliberately?"

"Oh you know what I'm talking about."

"Can't say that I do" he lied.

"Oh please you are so full of crap. You are purposely making me move the ladder back and forth to get back at me."

"Why would I do that?"

"Maybe it has something to do with you being a jackass! And another thing, why am I the one checking we have everything and you are just writing it down on your little clipboard?" she said.

"Because I'm your trainer" he responded.

"Or maybe you are just too lazy to actually do some work" she snapped.

"Real mature, now go see if we have peanuts" he ordered.

"You realise I'm going to have to get down from this ladder to move it and when I do, I'm going to beat the crap out of you" she warned.

"Oh I'm really scared now" he sarcastically commented.

"Oh you will be as soon as…" she stopped as tripped up over her feet and started to fall off the ladder. She felt her heart stop for a second in the air. Suddenly, Kevin sprang into action dropping the clipboard on the floor and held out his arms catching her. He held her in his arms staring at her and her staring right back. Both hearts beating faster and faster every second Amelia was in his arms. Amelia was the first to snap out of it.

"You can put me down now" she mumbled.

"Fine, you're heavy anyway" he said as he dropped her on the floor.

"What? What are you talking about? I'm light as a feather" she argued.

"Yeah if a feather weighed two hundred pounds" he laughed. As she scoffed at his remark, there was a sudden knock.

"What's that?" Amelia wondered.

"Maybe it's Bill, coming here thinking it was a mistake to stick us with each other" he guessed.

"One can only dream" she stated and got up off the floor to check it out.

Coming out of the storage room, Amelia noticed a short guy peeking through the window while it was raining outside.

"Can I help you?" Amelia asked.

"Oh hi, I'm glad I caught you. My car has broken down outside and I was wondering if you had a phone I could borrow" he said through the door.

"Don't you have a phone on you?" she questioned.

"I do, but my battery is dead. Could you please let me in and I can call someone to pick up my car?" the guy replied.

"I'm sorry. We are closed and I'm not allowed to let you in."

"I'm really sorry to hear that" he said. Suddenly, Amelia felt a gun pressed against her head.

"Don't move" the man with the gun ordered.

"Just what I need" she muttered under her breath.

"Let him in." She did as he asked and went over opening the door.

"How nice of you to let me in on such a horrible night?" the man said as he came through taking a gun from underneath the waistband to the front of his trousers.

"I wouldn't have to if you're friend Lenny hadn't forced me to open it" she pointed out.

"Now isn't the time to give me attitude girly. Is there anyone else here?"

"No" she lied.

"Go have a look around" the short guy ordered to the other guy. Not soon after, the guy had come back with Kevin's arm in his grasp.

"Well look at that. The girl hasn't only got attitude, she's a liar too. What are we going to do about that?" the short guy said. Suddenly, the big man behind them hit both Amelia and Kevin with the bottom to the grip of the gun, knocking them out instantly.

A few minutes later in Bill's office and the robbers had disappeared with the money from the safe, leaving Amelia and Kevin on the floor unconscious. Amelia lay motionless on top of Kevin, her chin resting on his shoulder and her hands tied behind her back. Kevin also had his hands tied behind his back with a slight bit of Amelia's hair on his face. More rope was tied around both of their abdomens and between their arms. Suddenly, Kevin woke up from the feel of hair on his face. He winced and tried to move the hair away with one of his hands, but realised they were restrained. As he was finding it difficult to move his head away, he begun to blow at the side of his mouth, the hair still refused to move. Sighing, he gave up and knew the only way was to wake her up.

"Hey wake up!" he said continuously while nudging her. After the millionth time of trying, she let out a moan and slowly lifted her head. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw she was face to face with Kevin. Trying to get up off him, she realised that she couldn't move.

"What happened?" she asked.

"What do you think? We got tied up by the robbers in the office!" Kevin spat.

"There is no need to yell" she mumbled.

"There absolutely is a need to yell. You were the one who let them in in the first place" he reminded her.

"I didn't let them in; one of them came through the back door and put a gun to my head. Besides if you hadn't hid in the storage room like a little scaredy cat and actually tried to do something, we wouldn't be in this situation!"

"They had guns! What did you expect to me to do?!" he shouted.

"Maybe try tackling them to the ground and take their guns" she suggested.

"That would have just got me shot or worse dead."

"You are such a baby" she muttered.

"Well, why didn't you tackle them to the ground or karate chop the guns out of their hands?"

"Are you crazy? I value my life thank you very much."

"Whatever, we just have to figure out how to get out of here" he mumbled.

"We could try to reach the phone and call the police" Amelia suggested.

"Ok, we could roll over there."

"We wouldn't be able to reach it. We are going to have to try and sit up."

"And what, shuffle over there?"

"It's better than you're rolling idea" she argued.

"Whatever, let's just stop arguing and do everything we can to get out of this as fast as possible" he muttered.

"Nothing would make me happier" she agreed.

"Ok move your legs up so they are at either side of my waist" Kevin ordered. For the first time, she obeyed his orders without any arguing. As she slowly lifted up both her legs to either side of his waist, she winced in pain as the ropes around her abdomen tightened.

"Good, now you pull yourself away as much as you can and I'll push myself up." Nodding in response, they counted together to three and both tried to sit up using all their might, but they immediately fell back down.

"Dammit!" they both cursed in unison. As they tried for the second time, by some miracle they managed to sit up together.

"Ok let's shuffle" Kevin ordered.

"What now?"

"No next week. Of course now!" he said sarcastically.

"Can't I just straighten out my legs? I don't want my knees to get carpet burn."

"No!" he squeaked.

"If you try to do that, it will run the risk of us falling back down and we will probably not be able to get up again" he explained.

"Fine, it would be different if it was your knees though" she moaned.

"It would, but I wouldn't be willing to risk it. Now shuffle." Counting down from three, they started to shuffle towards the phone, but during the shuffle Kevin got rather excited.

"Stop!" he repeated several times.


"Don't move" he urged.

"Why don't you want-" she stopped and looked down realising what was the problem.

"-Oh my god, is that your-" she was just about to ask before Kevin interrupted by shushing her.

"Just don't talk for a minute" he begged.

"Oh my god, I never realised you were attracted to me this much."

"Oh don't flatter yourself. This happens all the time." As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he winced wishing he could take them back, but it was too late.

"So you're just horny?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Could you just stop talking for a minute while I handle this?" Rolling her eyes away from him, she waited as he closed his eyes muttering the word 'Grandma' numerous times. He kept trying, but it wouldn't go away.

"Could you hurry up? My legs are starting to cramp up."

"If you keep talking it won't go away" he pointed out.

"It's not my fault you can't control little Kevin" she joked.

"You are really not helping."

"Why don't you try picturing having sex with your mum?" she suggested.

"What?" he spat as his eyes shot open.

"Isn't that the way it works?"

"No, that's not the way it works! What the hell is the matter with you?" he shouted.

"It seems to be working to me" she pointed out. Confused by her response, he looked down to see it had gone down slightly.

"I don't believe it. It's working."

"See not so hard after all, is it?" she said with a smile on her face.

"That's not funny" he muttered trying to contain his smile.

"It's a little funny" she uttered. As she giggled at her joke, suddenly without warning she let out a little snort causing her to stop and Kevin to burst into laughter.

"Now that's funny" he corrected.

"Who knew? You snort when you laugh" he said between breaths.

"It's better than having no control over your hormones."

"You know what's strange?" he questioned as soon as he stopped his laughing.


"It's been about a minute that we haven't been arguing with each other" he pointed out.

"Well don't get used to it. I still can't stand you. It's just-"

"Exhausting to fight and with nowhere to go?" he interrupted to finish off her sentence. She nodded in agreement. A few seconds went by before they realised they were staring at each other. Amelia was the first to break her gaze.

"Ok are you ready to shuffle to the phone now?" she asked.

"Uh…I don't think we should."

"What, why not?" she squeaked.

"Well for starters, I don't want to get another problem down below and…well that's all the reasons."

"Are you kidding me? The phone is just right there!"

"Too bad, I'm not doing it."

"Oh yes you are. On the count of three-"

"No" he interrupted.


"I already told you I'm not doing it!" he yelled to get through to her, but she just continued to count.


"Would you stop counting?" he said through gritted to teeth. As soon as she said three she shuffled to the side, but he didn't and caused them both to fall to the floor.

"I told you I wasn't going to move" he muttered.

"Look…" she started with a sigh "…I want to get as far away from you as possible and for me to do that, you need to help me to get to that phone. Now I know you are obsessed with me, but could you just-"

"Whoa wait a minute, you think I'm obsessed with you?" he interrupted again.

"Well yeah" she answered.

"What makes you think I'm obsessed with you?"

"Well for starters, you hit on me when we first met and when I turned you down for the millionth time, you ask out my sister of all people. Plus, you don't exactly act all lovey dovey towards each other" she explained.

"We've been on one date" he mentioned.

"Yes and on that date, you kissed me."

"I think it was you who kissed me."

"Yes, but you didn't have to kiss me back."

"Is that all the reasons why you think I'm obsessed with you? Because that's pretty weak" he responded.

"There's also the fact that you always try so hard to see me every day."

"I only do that to annoy you and its really amusing watching you squirm. Trust me; I'm far from obsessed with you."

"Yeah whatever, I'm going to get some sleep since you refuse to help me."

"Good, I'm tired of hearing your voice" he muttered sounding relieved. She flashed him a fake smile and moved about to get comfortable. Hard to do on a floor and tied up to someone else, but she managed and closed her eyes.

"I hope you're not a snorer, I wouldn't want to have to head-butt you in the night" she mentioned with her eyes still closed.

"Same goes for you" he said with his eyes also closed. Pretty soon, they both had fallen asleep side by side.