Half unheard


When I was small I was an only child. I lived in a good neighborhood with a lot of cool friends. My parents were happy but I wasn't I felt like I needed something like a sister or a brother that I could look after, but no, I'm alone in the house when my parents are at work.

It was 8:47 when the worst thing had ever happened to me. I was 12 when that happened to me. I was sitting on the couch watching TV waiting for my parents to come. When the phone rang from the police department.

"Hello" I answered.

"Yes hello is this Elaina" he asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Well theirs no easy way to say this but your parents are in the hospital right now and they don't have that much time left so could you please hurry over here to the amber hospital ok" he said sadly.

"Wh...What?" I asked.

"I'm so sorry but please hurry" he pleaded me.

Beep Beep Beep Beep.

I was in stock that I couldn't move but I had to go to the hospital so I moved as quickly as I could and ran over there. By the time I got there my father was already dead, tear running down my face. I looked at my mother she didn't have that much time either.

"E...El...Elaina are you there" she told me.

"Yes mom I'm here" I told her.

"Before I go I need to tell you something" she told me

"Yes mom anything" I pleaded.

"You're adopted and you also have a brother, a twin brother his name is Leonardo, please find him and tell him that were sorry… Goodbye my sweet heart" she told when she passed away.

My tears kept on falling down I couldn't stop crying. Until I meet my twin brother I swear I won't stop looking for him. Brother I'm coming for you.