My heart

To a optimist

Whole and happy

To a pessimist

Broken and fragmented

To a realist

Merely an organ

I don't know what I am

I can only say now

That you have proved to me

That is isn't always perfectly whole

Isn't broken

And more than an organ

It is the keeper of my soul


Or something more profound

You showed me

That when you holding me

It warms and beats contentedly

Like the purring of a cat

When you laugh with me

It fills with humor and chuckles

When you wake me from nightmares

It stops shaking listening to your deep murmurs

When you tell me of your past

It swells to heal and encompass yours

When you are in pain

It twists and cries out

When I write

It beats a little harder

Reaches out a little farther

So that yours may comfort me

As my writings are rarely that of comfort

You hold me heart now

Cradle it in you caulloused but gentle hands

As it purrs to you

For it beats for you

It may be in my chest

But you are its keeper