I sat and watched, just as every Sunday morning, the parade of pale, emaciated faces with pure glee, this Event was sure to be the best yet. "There really is nothing I love more than the cries of fearful schoolchildren, and watching their weak bodies in a duel is quite entertaining to boot. Don't you agree?"
I looked down questioningly at my young nephew and was greeted with a delighted cry
"Of course Uncle, especially since these particular children are farm children why, they've no right to live anyway."
"Exactly." I said as I was given the usual distasteful glances from the various people around me, ask anyone these days and you'll be greeted with some lie about our local government forcing us to watch the Events but in reality , even the apologists, who scorned them publicly, would eagerly, even greedily gossip about them behind closed doors. The Events were a pillar of our society and anyone who believes they were forced upon us is , quite frankly ,an idiot. We all enjoyed them, including those who denied such in later years, call me sick, twisted, sadistic, whatever you like, Ill not deny that I am such, nor that I quite enjoyed the Events.

In fact, when I was a boy, every Sunday, our family would wake and Mother would prepare breakfast, we would put on our best clothes and head to the arena, gushing over the gossip we'd heard of who would be participating in the latest Event, Afterwards the entire community would come together in a sort of potluck and reflect upon The excitement of the arena, we would discuss any new obstacles or tactics used by the Officers, and even re-enact our favorite deaths.

Yes, the events were a truly important part of life in The Community.

However, the winds of change were ever-present in this era, and even as I sat, eagerly awaiting the starting bell, a revolution was brewing.