The curtain raises,

but no one will see,

still sorrow,

she dances and sings.
She is the one they call sorrow,

her tears are the stars in the sky,

her children denied by the kingdom so,


she cries. Hearken the angels, they call to you

follow their voices,

pure and true ,

but don't be fooled,

for wickedness will try to sway you
Her children they weep left alone at the gates,

and her heart it aches,

for them, she calls her children

but they cannot hear,

so she adds to the stars
in the sky,

as she sings them a lullaby,

hearken the angels voices untrue,

left out of heaven ,

why only you?

Children, children, weep not for me,

your souls are what you should fear for

And she is the one they call sorrow,

not many understand,

but she is the one that guides you,

guides a you in life and in death,

and when the day comes that your life is ending,

shell hope that you come to her show

and as she dances,

and stars splash around,

she will sing you a song
hearken the angels they're calling for you ,

careful my children they call for you,

be wary, be wary,

my heart could not take the pain of losing you,

I am one they sorrow,

but I wish not to be misery