Michelle watched the flower soaked cat as it stalked in from outside. There was a definite change in mood since they'd dumped the two kilos of the White Menace on the cat. On two separate occasions no less. She was not a happy kitty. Michelle watched the unhappy cat try to and fail to wake the sleeping Bridget and considered things. Perhaps it was all the role playing getting to her head but Michelle had been developing a feeling. The sort of feeling that said they were meant to be doing something important. Or that they were missing something. Something so obvious and life changing that would set them on a course to... to what, Michelle wasn't sure. It was just a feeling. Perhaps only cabin fever. Vaguely she wondered how long they'd all been sitting around at Bridget's house and if that person who called Caeli was ever going to show up.

Kassi scowled at Michelle, then at Caeli who was in the kitchen trying to catch the tap off guard. Before jumping up onto the bench beside to her food bowel and singing the 'feed me' song. Very loudly. When it became clear that Michelle, the only human currently awake and in the lounge room, was not leaping up to feed her on demand, Kassi lost interest and inevitably headed for the hall.

"Its interesting," Commented Caeli, wandering in from the kitchen. "Even though the destination stays the same, Kassi never does."

Michelle wasn't sure she'd understood what her friend was saying. "She's covered in flour." Responded Michelle, "she's been covered in flower for ages."

"Yeah, but its not a repeat loop." Caeli frowned as if she was trying to explain a thought that wasn't entirely clear, even to herself. "Kassi always enters and exits the same way, but never does the exact same thing twice."

"Yeah, that's because we keep harassing her." Grinned Michelle, then she frowned. That was interesting. "You think if we weren't here..." It was something that Michelle hadn't consciously realised but now that it had been pointed out Michelle wondered how she hadn't ever noticed it before. It was so obvious. But what did it mean? That restless feeling that they were missing something blatantly obvious and vitally important did not abate.

Caeli shrugged and began flipping through the record of the D&D game thus far. Planning the next stage of their imaginative gaming. "She must be going somewhere." Said Caeli absently, already becoming absorbed in the complexity of their written adventure thus far.

"That could be very possible." Thought Michelle aloud. "Have we looked through all the rooms?"

Caeli went an interesting shade of grey at the innocent question. "I thought we'd agreed to never talk about looking in rooms again." Caeli's voice was shaky. She'd not much enjoyed the Matt experience and wasn't at all keen in adding to it.

"To look for the cat." Explained Michelle, "It would be like real life D&D, only in a house and without all our cool powers..." Michelle thought it best to stop while she was still ahead.

Caeli narrowed her eyes at her friend suspiciously. "How are you meant to look for an invisible cat?" Michelle wasn't sure if Caeli was being difficult on purpose or was generally that unnerved about what they may find adventuring through the house. Caeli wasn't sure of that either.

With a snort of someone waking suddenly Bridget roused into semi-conciousness. For a moment she was disorientated as to what day, place and time it was. Then she remembered and wished she hadn't woken up at all. Horrible things kept happening when she was awake. Caeli and Michelle were discussing something nearby. "What did I miss." Bridget asked, peering bleary eyed at her friends. They appeared to be discussing something important. "You didn't start the game with out me did you?" They had stopped at a cliff hanger and Bridget didn't want to miss out.

"Mish wants to snoop the house for Kassi." Caeli dibbed.

"Well, when you put it that way." Responded Michelle, turning from Caeli to Bridget and rubbing her hands "then yes. That's exactly what I want to do."

To Bridget this sounded remarkably like a trap. "That could be a dangerous idea Squishi." Said Bridget slowly, "We remember what happened the last time you wanted to 'do things'" Bridget tutted at her cousin in good if still sleepy humour.

"Really," added Caeli, who took any opportunity to troll, "you should think things through." Caeli shook her head like a disappointed parental. "You'd think she'd have learned by now." Said Caeli sadly.

Michelle simply rolled her eyes, frustrated but determined. Here was a puzzle that they had the potential to solve. One problem to which they could possibly find an answers and nobody but her was interested! Michelle was outraged. The cowards! She thought angrily, then with an internal chuckle. In fact, thought Michelle with a sense of immanent victory, I think I have an idea.
"Well," Said Michelle, as if she had already lost interest in the vanishing cat. "what more can I expect from a pair of cowards like you?" Michelle tried not to cringe, half expecting a violent attack from Caeli. But there was none. When she dared to look at her friend she found Caeli to be standing very still and staring cold hatred at Michelle. Well it was better than being hit.

Bridget on the other hand looked thrilled. "At last!" She exclaimed, stretching and re-arranging her doona for more sleeping. "We understand each-other."

Caeli continued to glare at Michelle. She didn't take well to being called a coward. Especially to her face, and especially from a Michelle. It felt all too much like a challenge.

Michelle grinned. Hook, line and sinker. Sometimes it was almost too easy to manipulate a Caeli.

"I know what you're trying to do." Stated Caeli eventually. Still glaring at her friend.

"Is it working?" Asked Michelle sweetly.

"You make me a coffee." Stated Caeli, "and noms."


"Sold to the Squishi in the sparkly shirt." Decreed Caeli.

Bridget sighed with disappoint. She'd just gotten comfortable. Yet somehow the idea of those two up to unsupervised mischief made her nervous.