"YeeeeeeHAAAAAH!" Dristha cheered, her head poking out the driver's window like a happy puppy. It was ever such fun to completely ignore not only the speed limit but practically every other Road Rule she knew. This was her road now and Dristha could go as fast as she wanted on the wrong side of the road as far as she liked. Vera was vibrating as her speakers bellowed music into the deserted outback. Tufts of dry grass and twisted trees flashed by in a brown and green blur on both sides. Dristha couldn't hear her own voice above the booming music, let alone Gorge's. But that didn't stop her from belting out the lyrics. Dristha didn't even know her speakers could get so loud. Thus it was no great surprise when Dristha didn't hear the moment her joyous singing turned to terrified screaming and the empty, rolling road ahead suddenly and unexpectedly filled with traffic.

Where there had been empty road, there was now an 18 wheeler. Dristha didn't take the time to count the tires to be sure. She was too busy screaming. It had appeared with a sudden and silent POP only meters ahead of Vera. Charging almost as as fast as Dristha was hurtling back at it. The truck's horn was louder than her music. Dristha thought she was having a heart attack as she screamed again and swerved back into her own lane to avoid head on collision. The truck, with no time to correct simply kept hurtling forward. Horn blearing past Dristha's open window. Unfortunately for Dristha, the lane she swerved into was also dangerously occupied. Narrowly, Vera missed swerving into a Ute that had magically appeared in her blind spot. Dristha screamed again, throwing the car in to 2nd and spinning the wheel. She needed to get off the road before she died horribly. That was the new plan. Kicking up a wall of dust and barely in control Dristha veered off the road. The car fish-tailed for a moment and Dristha wrestled with Vera and physics. Trying to stop the car without rolling. A string of breathless swearing ran from Dristha's mouth as she tried to stop the car without locking the breaks. "Shit. Shit. Shit." It was all she could do not to hyperventilate or pass out. The car finally came to a halt only a few meters from roadside.

Dristha put the car in park and turned the ignition off in one swift motion. With Vera trapped inside a dust cloud, Dristha allowed herself a few deep breaths and clutched the steering wheel very tightly. Now would be a good time for making sure she was still alive and all in one piece. Sometimes, Dristha knew, it took people a moment to work out their insides were on their outsides. She needed to know how bad the damage was, even if she didn't want to. She didn't remember hitting anything, but that didn't mean she hadn't. After a quick count of limbs Dristha was fairly sure that the only damage she'd sustained was a thick layer of dust over everything. "That's what you got for open windows." muttered Dristha. The dust she'd kicked up getting off the road had bought visibility outside the car down to useless. She could just make out the road and what looked like a lot of movement.

Once Dristha was sure she was alive and unharmed, her brain began the awkward process of trying to recap and make sense the last few moments. This proved quite difficult. "What the hell just happened?" Said Dristha, once she had stopped being terrified she started getting angry. "Trucks don't just pop up out of nowhere." It wasn't as if she hadn't been paying attention to the road. She had seen the exact moment the truck had appeared. "You can't make something from nothing!" She was ranting, Dristha knew this. But ranting helped her cope. "It doesn't make sense. There has to be an order to things!" So far Dristha had found none. Then the dust began to settle and Dristha got a proper view of the situation.