Once upon a time
Before the rhyme of mine
Before I could think of crime
She was the one there shined
She was the princess
I was the dirty, useless.
Living on dead streets
3 meals a day was a treat
My life has hit rock bottom
5-0 always yelling 'Got 'em'
9.0 blazes constantly firin'
At us and bros are cryin'
Then the princess came
Looked at us the lame,
The deaf, the sinners
Meaner winds, street cleaners
I was nothing but a beggar
Frequent class wagger
My ego was always bigger
Than the fragile reality
But somehow we met
Each other's eyes and had
A small conversation
Beyond my imagination
Then I just fell in love
And this ain't a bluff
My heart raced my blood
So fast, I was plugged
Princess felt much pity
Even for a beggar so filthy
I thought she loved me
I wished even just maybe
But I knew from the start
One day the princess' heart
Will no longer feed the heat
Of my passion and the beat
Though I had a smile on me
Inside nothing but a cry baby
So like that got to see
The cold truth in the irony
One day I'll sure miss
All the things we did
Together but I need
A place where pain can bid
Suppressing all the tears
I am on my way to bear
The scar tissue left on
For I will have to live on

Editor's Note: In the case that you don't know...

5-0: A code for the police

9.0: Slang for a 9mm pistol

May 20th is the day I start the typing up of one of my best friend's poems. I've started to type these up for him, because I think he deserves to have people appreciate the hardships he has encountered. I've had a fair life, so it's difficult for me to relate to. Despite that, life is unfair; I have to see people like my friend suffer, so I'll try to support him in the ways I can.