6 years ago ,i lost my memorey. i woke up in a house that was burning down ,in the second story, i barley managed to get out. i dont know if i had family in there, but i couldent find anybody , i then spent my life running from people i didnt even know who, or why the were chasing me all i knew is they had guns, and they werent very social. i found a girl named erica when i was 24, she started trying to help me remember who i was, my name was, Griffin welsher and i was some kind of mercenary for the black market trade. everything was going fine me and erica even started dating , we were happy and even mangaging, until they showed up one day when i was gone. i still didnt know who they were. they took erica ,and they left more at our house, they tryed taking me too but i managed to get away but one of them did too. i atleast stole his wallet while he was trying to get a hold of me , i thought i could get a liscense or somthing. i did, his name was Klaus Verdibrick. i spent 3 weeks practicly stalking him, i figured out he worked for some guy named Jack michado. i had no clue who this guy was or what he wanted neither expected of me. i figured out he goes to some bar called the Vas Priate. no clue what it meant ,didnt care. and thats where the story begins.

POV: Griffin Welsher.

as soon as i walked into the bar i was trying to spot Klaus. i saw him get up from the bar stool and start walking. as soon as i started watching where he was walking, some guy, about 6 foot 3, dirty blonde hair, probably the smallet guy in the bar, but seeming how it was practicly a biker bar, that didnt suprise me bumped into me i looked away to look at him, somthing seemed so familiar about him, i couldent place it. he just looked like i knew him, he turned his head as he walked passed me and looked at me and as soon as he did my stomache turned , i felt some sort of hate for him, instantly. the guy had the most pale blue eyes ,they were almost white. they dialated as soon as he saw me. he had the same look i did ,maby he was wondering who i was..maby he knew me? i didnt know , he walked passed me and finaly took his eyes off of me walking towards the bar. i turned my head to look back at klaus, and he was gone. i walked in the direction he walked, and looked ahead , i saw him shake some guy's hand that was standing by a door to the back room and walk in the room. i figured ide just wait till he got out.

i sat down at the bar to wait, they had some crappy singer on some what of a stage in the corner of the room, everybody was stairing at her. mostly because it was a bar full of middle aged bikers ,and she was the only one with breast in the entire bar other then the bar tender. i glanced over the back room door and saw the guy standing by the door acting like some renta-gaurd, talking to some girl with bright red hair in a small black dress. so he was pretty well distracted it just made it ten times better for me when she grabbed his hand walked out the side door into the alley way with him. i went to get up and walk towards the door ,as that same blonde guy walked through the door before i did. i figured ide be caught if i walked in instantly, plus the renta-gaurd would be out there for a bit, so i waited about ten minutes. nobody came out, somthing was going on, i got up and walked over there and opened the door and walked inside i could here sombody muttering , i closed the door as fast as i could so nobody was alarmed ,then i start looking as soon as i turned my head around i saw, the window open and some huge latino guy strangling the same guy i saw earlie with his hand over his mouth mussling him. i grabed the lamp on the desk near the door and run at him ,he already relised i was there as soon as i started running at him , still didnt stop me from hitting him over the head with the lamp, well...there went silent.

the big man grunted as he fell down letting go of the familiar one. the guy looked in his twentys griffin asumed after all he had a stubble and no gray hair had to be somwhere in that category. he fell down on his knees gasping for air. "oh wow that turned out horrible!" the younger man said coughing quite a bit still catching his breathe. "whered klaus go!" griffin shouted grabbing the young mans jacket collar and pulling him up. "okay one..thats rude..i almost died. i apriciate you helping me and all but dick move man...dick move." the young man said gaining balance panting a bit. "who the hell are you." griffin said not releasing him. "Troy clark." the young man said putting his hand up. he seemed suprisingly calm for being restained. griffin didnt remember him like he thought he did. he still looked familiar though.

"wheres is he!" griffin shouted at him. "calm yourself ,jack bauer. he's gone, went out the window." troy said putting his hands on his arms and pushes them off of his jacket. "why are You here?" griffin said asking troy crossing his arms. "what..do i not look like i belong in a biker bar." troy said sarcasticly crossing his arms. although the joke did inply most of the people in the bar looked like they were jacked up on steroids, and he was more lean then anything. "im not in the mood to joke around." griffin said with a blank expression on his face. "realy.. i just almost got strangled and im happier then you are." troy said looking at him like he was stupid with his arms crossed. "try figuring out that the creepy mercenary guy that kidnapped your girlfriend just got away cause some blonde little shit let him get away. And im stuck in a room with him." griffin said growing even more angry. "...i hate when that happens." troy said cockily dropping his arms looking at him with a blank face. as griffin shoved him out of the way and looked out the window. "its an straight shot down a street. ,if you dont see him, yeah, he's gone." troy said looking at griffin who was stairing out the window.

"you know who this guy is right." griffin said turning around looking at troy. "yeah." troy said crossing his arms. "so you know who this, jack michado is, right?" griffin asked him. "yeah, and the way you say it makes it sound like you Dont know he's a black market king pin owner." troy said a little confused. "you want to get your hands on this klaus guy ,right?" griffin said to him not taking his eyes off of him. "yeah and." troy said still confused. "help me find jack michado , and ill help you find Klaus." griffin said to him. "oh sure,while were at it ,lets find atlantis, sounds like a hell of a time. but maby we should take a unicorn when we go find him. cause i here teradactols arent trust worthy in this day in age." troy said sarcasticly "are you fucking high?" troy added stairing at him like he's an idiot.

griffin rolled his eyes at the comment, "i just made you a deal , take it or not." griffin said. "yeah that a great plan and all buddy , but how about we help eatch other find klaus ,figure out some information i want. and if your a Reeeealy good boy, ill let you in on it." troy said cockily. "fine ,slow me down, ill leave you behind. so i better not have to do shit like that again" griffin said pointing at the latino guy uncounious on the floor. "dirt and nails, my friend." troy said putting his hand out. "that expression dosent fit there" griffin said shaking his hand. "hell it dosent." troy said as he smiled and griffin sighed.

thank you for reading...if you did read all of it...go suck a muffin :)

just kiddin er-body, hope you enjoyed it , i know it moved slow but its the pilot episode , this happens to litarly EVERY pilot episode for Anything in history ,just bare with me while i get things started , episode two should be better, and yes i skipped a lot ,but i felt it was already explained and completley unnesesary to write , yeah ..im lazy like that :P

episode two will be up somtime this next week. or sooner; i dont know.