walking out of the building and looking around they saw the roman walking acrost the street. as they run to catch up with him.

"hey! you cant just leave like that after holding me hostage ,buddy! who the hell do you think you are!" troy said running up to him. "you realy do not quit ,do you." the roman said still walking looking straight ahead of him. "no and im sure as hell not gonna learn now!" troy said walking next to him sideways looking at him. "what do you want from me." the roman sighed turning and walking on the sidewalk.

"we want you to help us. you know what your doing, and we need more of that on a team." griffin said walking beside him. "yeah cause lets forget about the part of almost murdering me lets just forget that.." troy said rolling his eyes.

"nobody realy cares." the roman said walking. "i reay wanna hate you ,dude...your lucky you have an awsome acsent..cause if you didnt..ide probably hate you." troy said to him. "what exsacly Do you need my help with?" the roman said walking not looking at them at all. "were trying to find Klaus verdibrick." griffin told him. "intresting. you relise your the only two men dumb enough to ask the man who almost killed the bolth of you for help ,correct?" the roman said a bit conserned. "i told you we should have went with the assassination idea!" troy said as he punched griffin shoulder lightly. "we were looking for you anyways." griffin sais ignoring troy.

"ill help. what i find, i keep. agreed?" the roman said stopping the turning around looking at them. "that easy huh.." griffin said a bit suprised. "nobody ever asked after i held them hostage." the roman said calmly. "..your a very morbid man ,my good sir." troy said a bit confused with the anser. "in a way." the roman said nodding his head to the side a little bit. "okay so now that your helping us , i feel theres some body i should tell you about." troy said crossing his arms. "and that is?" the roman asked. as troy ansered with, "theres this guy named Tate Crawford we all call him big eye.-

one day later.

"hey...i have a queston." troy asked as he walked through the door of natasha's house. "and that is?" the roman asked as he walked inside and griffin came in last and closed the door. "how did you ever get that henry moral guys money to realy make a living?" troy asked as he walked to the living room. "i stole it during the transaction paying for the space in the festival , and taking the extra money from the man i stole that money off of, and the rest i just took from his house in africa 30 minutes after he left." the roman anserd following him.

"hm..Classy." troy said nodding his head to him. "gratias." the roman thanked him calmly. "okay i got two people." natasha said walking out of the bathroom, then adding as she saw the roman, as she smiled. "i see you found him"

"yeah. he almost killed me, but then he relised i was useless and let me live. and you said being useless wouldent get me anywhere" troy said smiling. "well your still a dumbass ,so i was right." natasha said putting her hands on her hips. "well roman, thats natasha ,she's a total bitch, but you'll get used to it." troy said staring at natasha. "nice to meet you ,madam." the roman said as he put his hand out and she shoke his hand. "well nice to meet you ,roman." natasha said as she put her hand back on her hip. "please , call me elario." the roman said the most calmly they've heard.

"how come he's nice to her?" griffin said to troy. "she has boobs ,griffin...she has boobs.." troy ansered. "..simple queston , simple anser." griffin stated nodding his head to the side. "anyways, who Did you get?" troy asked natasha. "me and tyrant went to russia and got my brother ,conrad." natasha said as she smiled.

"...All..the easy work.." troy said looking at griffin. "couldent have You went to get , elaro-pathic over here ,and Us go get conrad?" troy asked her. "no, i couldve got hurt , this guy couldve seriously hurt me." natasha said looking at him like he was stupid.

"trust me ,i wouldent have hurt a woman like you." elario said sincerly to her. "realy? cause you were pretty fast to try and kill ,troy." griffin said doubting him. "its the boobs ,griffin. once you learn this..life will be very simple" troy said to him looking at him. "great ,thats decided. moving on to important stuff again." griffin said getting a bit eritated. "i just went to Bangkok..its gonna take a while for to take Anything ,like its important." troy said to griffin.

"hey ,troy..dose it look..like i give..a Fuck." natasha said to him with a blank face. "no it dose not." troy said calmly to natasha. "exsacly.." natasha said looking at griffin. "what is your plan for finding verdibrick?" elario asked them. "well my good sir..we do not Have a plan." troy said crossing his arms and smiling at him and elario looking at him with a blank face.

"i know.. its more lame then griffins back story. but its the truth." troy said to elario. "i do not know what his persona is like..but it sounds disopointing." elario said. "it realy is, man..it realy is." troy said as sincere as he could. "one more thing..say disopointing again.." troy said looking at him questonabley. "..disopointing." elario said wonder why he asked. as troy just stood there and chuckled. "you acsent...is just amazing" troy said trying not to laugh.


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