Author's note: Just thought of picking up the writing spirit once more and I came out with something like this. Not sure whether the story is good or not but I hope you guys enjoy this.

Case 01: Blue coat (Part 1)

Today started off like any other day. Arthur and Vivien were as usual flirting in class while Martha and Josh were quarrelling over the food at the canteen again. There hasn't been one thing that has gone right for the teacher since the beginning of the class. I feel a sense of pain from her.

"Hey! Alex!"

Somebody was calling my name. I however ignored it. Most likely it would hinder my concentration all together anyways.

"Alex! Can you hear me!"

Now she was practically shouting in my ear. I let off a sigh and turned to her. That horrible white and blue striped sweater came into view.

"What is it Janet?"

I questioned, trying to look at dull as possible to move her away. But knowing Janet, it takes a lot and I mean a lot of dullness to actually make Janet move to another table. Her hazel brown eyes flickered in the sunlight. My seat was the closes to the window anyways and it always brought in golden coloured sunlight.

"Did you hear? There is going to be a transfer student coming to our class again!"

She took a chair from the seat next to me and placed it across my table. Sitting down and letting her huge locks of hair jump. It was fire red, that hair of hers. To note too, her lips had a lighter shade of that colour though, which proved one thing, she was wearing lipstick and nobody noticed. Not even the school system which was supposed to prevent such 'accessories' in school.

"Transfer student? What about it? It's not that rare."

Janet smiled at me.

"I heard she is hot stuff from what the male teachers were saying."

At this point, I really couldn't care less and I turned back to my book. Fascinating thing was it was on the exact page explaining the functions and traits of the male hormones. One phrase came into view immediately. 'Controls the erection'. I slammed the cover of the book down.

"What is the point of telling me this again?"

"Nothing much, just thought a looker like you would be the one to get her."

"I don't get love. All of you here are just in heat anyways."

"24 confessions all turned down. Will she be your next?"

"Let's hope not, huh?"

I was willing to uphold the conversation until that point of the subject when all of a sudden Janet let out a gasp and then her lips moved.

"Speak of the devil…"

I turned up. Heads turned towards the entrance of the class. Entranced by her was us all. Elegant yet powerful was the aura the figure portrayed. A young girl, no older than all of us with a huge red ribbon on top of her head. The boy's in the class were becoming rough houses. As I call them, dogs in heat.

I looked at her, there was indeed an aura of power and yet there was something deeper within the aura that told me she was not normal. Not that normal of a human.

"Today we have a transfer student all the way from Europe. Treat her nice now."

Miss Burgley said to all of us.

"Good morning, I am Eliza Freeman from England. Nice to meet you all, I hope we can have a fun school year together."

Spoken by a true leader you can say. The class erupted into a flurry of claps and woos. I did not show much of any interest and turned back to my book. Flipped it open and started to read the first line on page 198.

"Eliza, you can have the seat right at the back. Next to that boy there reading the book."

Which table was it again? The empty one? A map of the class was drawn out in my mind. That table had to be the last one on row four, second table on the left. And the first table of the left of the last row of row four was my table.

True, the table next to me was empty, but it has been quite unheard of for a girl to be seated right next to a guy. I felt as if the burden of introducing everyone around us would be on my shoulders. How I dread such a feeling. Now, I'll be the center of attention for quite some time along with this girl.

I saw strands of silver hair floating towards the table next to me. I sat dove deeper into my study. Trying to lock out her presence. Then a sharp friction of the chair's legs and the floor. A heavy bag laid down on the floor. A flipping of a skirt to sit. She was now officially beside me. I was planning to just shut her out and get her to switch places with somebody else. But my plans were futile to say the least.

"Hey there! Nice to meet you there Eliza! I'm Janet! This guy here is Alex!"

To look more welcoming than a creepy shadow. I had to say some words of welcome.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Alex."

That was practically complementary. I frankly have no intention of playing friendly with this girl sitting next beside me.

"Nice to meet you too. Sorry if I am bothering you guys here."

She sounded timid. Much more timid than we would ever think. Her self-portrayal and current portrayal was worlds apart. Either way, it wasn't a really knee jerk reaction for me to stand up and tell her how her presence wasn't bothering us at all.

"Don't worry about it! In any case, silver hair is rare to come across now a days! How did you get it?"

Frankly I did not want to partake in the conversation however. The burning question was too good to pass up.

"It's a condition, Janet. Usually hereditary in the family. You don't get it very often even if you consider the whole world as your overall statistics. Also, it's rude to talk about such a topic. It's practically discrimination."

I added the 'discrimination' part just to make her feel a tad bit guilty. Janet might have been prom queen, might have been the 'queen bee', might have been the school's 'idol', but one thing that made her who she is, is the extremely sensitive guilt feeling she often gets. It made her 'cute' as some of her fans would say.

"Don't worry about it! I'm not offended! It's more of a praise if you ask me!"

And this silver haired beauty just made everything all better for the fair and gracious Janet. A smiling glow started to reflect off Janet's face for that matter. It was practically beaming in my face. A cold look came over from Eliza all of a sudden.

I turned to her. She had a slick pink pair of lips, a sharp nose and tanned smooth skin with silvery hair behind her. Hair so long it reached her hips. But one thing that was out of place were her eyes. They were somewhat black but then in the midst of all the darkness was a glow. A glow of ember red. But not really. It was more of a glow of…

…crimson blood.

I had the coldest chill behind my neck as if someone of something was breathing down my spine. Her eyes seemed to lure me deeper and deeper into the abyss which were two pools of blood that resonated with each other. We stared at each other for a moment.

"You have the exact same problem as me. Don't you?"

I couldn't really understand what she was getting on at. I ignored and turned back to my book.

"I don't know what you mean."

And with that all conversations ceased. Janet was looking at her then at me and then back to her again. She was worried of what happened. Her hair started to flap in the wind. She looked at both of us in one glance. We were clearly ignoring each other. Not knowing what to do, she left us be.

The day passed just like that, sitting through class after class, next to Eliza. No conversation was made between both of us. I felt as if although we did not speak, something was going through our minds. Something that tied us together. A striking similarity, one not physically seen but something much more deeper within.

Something not many people know about me.